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From Pantomime to Tragedy: Trans-ing Children

Written March 2024

This week saw the welcome news that NHS England will no longer be prescribing puberty blockers for children who ‘identify’ as trans. Only time will tell if this is the first step in a general trend away from the ‘affirmation’ model of care for children presenting as trans. We can, at least, hope. It followed the leaked files from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), which confirmed the long-held belief of gender critical commentators, that children are being medically treated and transitioned, despite informed consent being entirely lacking. Predictably, X has been awash with trans adults and their so-called allies decrying NHS England’s move as immensely cruel, and seeks to eradicate trans kids and cause them further torture and pain. It is, of course, the very opposite. The move has even caused many to assert that we will now see a spate of suicides, from children who simply cannot bear to go through the puberty of their natal sex. That this trope has been disproven time and time again does not bother the predatory types who seek to push the sinister trans agender.


Predatory people have always employed stealth tactics in order to trap their prey. An abusive man will rarely punch a potential future wife in the face on the first date, just as a manipulative woman is unlikely to insist on viewing a potential future husband’s texts and emails until the relationship is well established. Instead, such people use charm and charisma, and often vulnerability, to gain trust, admiration, even sympathy from their victim. And so, it is this tried and tested behaviour that the trans ideologues initially tried to emulate, as they sought to dominate and control the entire population, and make criminals of those who refused to participate in their fetishes and delusions. It started with ‘we just want acceptance’, and insistence that they were being persecuted at every turn. Since most rational people could not give a monkey’s arse how people dress, or what name they choose to call themselves, there was for the most part no issue anyway, so asking for acceptance seemed unnecessary. But many, including corporations and institutions, were drawn in by these endless stories of oppression, and fell over the cliff, accepting the most unfathomable dogma, and incorporating the ‘trans’ emblem into all of their logos and branding. Trans flags and banners adorn buildings, public transport, and pedestrian crossings. Councils are falling over themselves to illustrate their ‘acceptance and celebration’ of all things trans. This capture of organisations that hold incredible sway over our lives has been bolstered by bodies like WPATH, which, despite sounding like a legitimate, medical association, is in fact made up of a high number of trans activists, and does not follow an evidence-based approach, but instead is firmly wedded to an affirmational model, no matter the consequences. This is perhaps unsurprising, given that its President, Dr. Marci Bowers, makes a lucrative living from performing gender-affirming surgeries. Frankly, we are in all manner of messes with this shit, and the extent of the demands made in the name of inclusivity is mind-blowing.


By the 1980s, gay and lesbian people had suffered decades of very real persecution. It took gargantuan efforts to cause a sea change in society, and dispel of the notion that sexuality was the foundation of a person’s character, and that being gay, lesbian or bisexual rendered someone inferior to a heterosexual. But thanks to those brave gay rights campaigners, draconian laws against homosexuality no longer exist, and for the most part, homophobia is thankfully rare. Disingenuously, the trans “community” have grabbed on to the coat tails of the lesbian, gays and bisexuals, creating the ridiculous TQ2S+ (and more!) suffix, and demanded that the protections, so rightly afforded LGB people, be applied to them also. In fact, the same protections, and then some. What they appear to be missing is that they are not being discriminated against in the first place, despite their own desperate assertions to the contrary.


In any case, sexuality and a person’s gender confusion are not remotely the same thing, and it is insulting to suggest that they share any kind of affiliation. In fact, the only connection appears to be where dubious parents and clinicians are persuading apparently non-conforming children, who may likely grow up to be gay, that they are instead ‘trans’, a move which surely fits anyone’s definition of homophobia. Susie Green, ex-CEO of Mermaids – say no more – and Jazz Jenning’s mother, Jeanette, admitted as much in regards to ‘trans-ing’ their probably gay sons, see my previous article here.


Of course, the trans movement itself is a completely divided beast, and should be viewed as such. Every sympathy should be extended to vulnerable children and adolescents suffering with gender dysphoria, but the same should not be allowed for the adults using ‘trans’ as a cover for their fetishes. And it is these predatory adults who are fuelling the crisis of the increasing number of youngsters ‘coming out’ as trans. The reality is there is a social contagion amongst this age group, in much the same way as has happened in the past with anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and self-harm. But it should be responded to with gentle, rational kindness, and appropriate non-surgical, non-medical therapy, to identify the underlying cause of the dysphoria. That this particular mental health issue has exploded is perhaps unsurprising. Smartphones, tablets and laptops have been standard equipment for most children for a number of years now, exposing them to all kinds of content online. Parents of this generation were caught unawares by the explosion in this technological threat to our children, and were therefore ill-equipped to know how to manage it. Throw in years of lockdowns and confused messaging about a “pandemic”, and “killing granny”, and the result is that children have been left adrift, without a sense of security and stability, and with evermore time on the devices that have become their babysitters. Online platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube are brimming with ‘trans influencers’, gushing about how HRT, testosterone (T), top surgery (double mastectomy), bottom surgery (castration and penile inversion / phalloplasty) have made them super-happy, and allowed them to become their ‘authentic selves’. The irony, it seems, it completely lost on them, that their authentic selves would be, erm, their authentic selves – the selves they were born as. To add to the confusion, bereft of any real interests in their lives, the self-obsessed narcissists engaging in this distorting of reality are obsessed with ‘pronouns’, and expend extraordinary levels of energy on tying themselves, and everyone tuning in to their online ramblings, in knots, insisting on being addressed as he/him, she/her, they/them, zim/zey, cat/kitten, dino/dragon, and any number of bizarre combinations, and which may change on a monthly / daily / hourly basis.


This starts to paint the picture of the smorgasbord of ‘identities’ sheltering themselves under the umbrella that once belonged to gays, lesbians and bisexuals, like cuckoos in the nest. The demographic within this group that are perhaps most disturbing are the grown men who ‘identify’ as women, and even more alarmingly, girls. A more obvious expression of fetish one would be hard pressed to find. Autogynephilia is a known paraphilia, characterised by men who are aroused by thinking of themselves as a female. It makes for a complete muddying of some already murky waters. And it is proving itself to be a deeply misogynistic movement, working hard to eradicate all things female, including pregnancy, women’s sports, spaces and language. More on that here and here.


Many of the most prominent in the ‘trans’ influencing community are the very definition of AGP. Dylan Mulvaney, a 27-year-old man who rose to giddying heights of fame off the back of his ‘Days of Girlhood’ TikTok videos is a prime example. More sinister still is Jeffrey Marsh, a 45-year-old man who, while maintaining a perfect stubbly beard, dons dresses and high heels and larps as a non-binary character, encouraging confused children to follow him, and to chat with him on his private channel. He wants to talk to children about their insecurities and gender confusion, and especially promotes the idea of going ‘non-contact’ with families who refuse to affirm gender ‘queerness’. Eddie Izzard had his nose well and truly put out of joint by these young pretenders. He’s been wearing frocks and high heels for years. Still, it’s never too late, as they say. He hopped on the bandwagon and came out as Suzy. He even appeared on the cover of Vogue. If any further proof were needed that the world has been captured and is living in fear of repercussions from this sinister group of AGPs, this is it. Headline after headline, magazine cover after magazine cover, fawning over ‘stunning’ men in dresses, even the ones who look like the back end of a bus. Sam Smith, for example, apparently ‘stunned' in a women’s tennis outfit recently. To me, the vibe was more Rab C Nesbitt than Emma Raducanu.   


It is grifters like Mulvaney and Marsh who have paved the way for all manner of fetishists to claim refuge under this ‘rainbow’ banner, and who now feel validated that they may show off these fetishes to the world, unashamedly, and demand respect and protection from judgement. This now extends to an alarming array of behaviours, many of which, prior to this madness, were rightly consigned to the annals of ‘things to be ashamed of’. Alas, not in the 2020s. These include behaviours which, it is not an exaggeration to say, are nothing short of paedophilic. One only needs to look at those who attend the many Pride events, dressed in bondage gear or outrageous drag outfits, parading themselves in front of children. In February 2023, Sophie Labelle, a transgender artist from Canada gave a talk to children at a library in Sheffield, UK. Sounds innocent enough, right? Wrong. ‘Sophie’ is a man in his mid-thirties, and a dangerous one at that. He has a fetish for ‘nappy art’ – oh what fresh Hell is this? I had to Google it. Oh dear. This particular perversion involves drawings of anthropomorphic animals, or ‘furries’, in nappies, in comic book stories with sexual overtones. Labelle also openly describes how he indulges in ‘little’ behaviour, an accompanying perversion where adults dress and act as toddlers, for sexual gratification. So, nappy art and toddler sexual fantasy. ‘Sophie’ sounds like a perfect candidate for a job presenting kids shows on the BBC.


This example merely scratches the surface of bizarre behaviours that this frightening group of individuals are trying to normalise. Call me old fashioned, but sexual behaviour should never, ever, cross paths with toddlers or nappies. And a person who indulges in such activities should at the very least be kept a very close eye on. The very last thing they should be given is a platform specifically talking to children! It is madness on another level. But then, in my far-right extremist view, so is blocking children’s puberty and lopping off their healthy body parts.


What should be crystal clear to all by now is that the fetishists driving this trans collective madness currently infecting the world are using the confusion of children to give their own position legitimacy. If it is universally accepted that children can be trans, then these supposed poor, oppressed adults who never had the chance to transition as children become victims. And, at the same time, heroes, guiding young people along the path to true happiness. Tragically, what you will not hear from these sinister groomers are the stories of the growing number of detransitioners, who deeply regret the permanent, life-altering changes to their bodies, from puberty blockers, cross-hormone treatments and surgeries. Those girls who no longer have breasts to feed their babies someday. Boys with fake vaginas, that need dilating every single day for the rest of their lives. Far from being a ‘pause’ button, as those who promote them insist, puberty blockers are powerful, dangerous drugs, and almost all children who are put on them go on to take cross-sex hormones. You can read more about the effects of these ‘treatments’ in another article here.


The children falling prey to this nightmare and being captured by this ideology are in many cases already diagnosed as autistic, and often have other mental health issues such as depression. No wonder they are so susceptible to the powerful idea of a fix-all. Having a reason to hang their loneliness and insecurities on is powerful, and having a solution that promises to make them feel ‘authentic’ is a dream. But, as difficult and uncomfortable as they are, the feelings these children are experiencing are normal. Most children and adolescents feel awkward, confused, and insecure during puberty. Does anyone actually enjoy that journey? Of course not. But that should not make it optional. Puberty takes the body on the journey of maturation, but it is also behind many other complex changes, to the brain, hormones, the nervous system. It is an essential process for health and mental wellbeing. Blocking it is absolute insanity.


The main tactic employed by the trans army has been blunt: they dictate the acceptable rules, and attack those who object, and blast any opposition as transphobia. And up to now, given how many organisations have been cowed into submission, they have been winning. The NHS England news this week is a first step towards sanity, however, and can perhaps offer hope for a saner future. Hope that parents will again be trusted to know what is best for their children. Hope that children will be taught rational truth, that it is not possible to change sex. And hope that captured health services and sinister organisations like WPATH get the message: LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE.

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