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All Hail the Munchausen Mums

Written September 2023

I recently watched the now-deleted Ted Talk by Susie Green, and my horror at what is happening with the transitioning of children was piqued anew. Susie Green was, until December 2022, the CEO of the controversial charity, Mermaids. She joined after seeking help from the charity for her own child.

When the Ted Talk was first released, Mermaids was flying high on the back of the craze for celebrating transgender people, and had garnered support from some of the most high-profile virtue signallers, like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And, during this first wave of newly-found support, those #bekind folk, hung on every word of the charity, and indeed of those parents who were telling the world that they had a child who had been ‘born in the wrong body’. No fault could be seen in the messaging that was being pushed, since surely parents know their children best, right? The entire issue was presented as if it were a scientific reality, that some children were born in boy bodies, but had girl brains, and vice versa. The fact that none of this was based in science was largely ignored, for the subject was fast gathering a status as a trendy issue to lend one’s support to.

It is unsurprising that the video of Susie Green, pontificating to her audience as if she were an expert, has now been deleted. Since those heady days, a semblance of sanity seems to have reared its head, and questions have been asked of the charity, and the practices it endorses. But these voices are still drowned out by the ideologues, and there is an uphill battle still to fight. The last three years have seen an explosion in the ideology that surrounds this mental illness. It is now an undeniable and uncomfortable truth, that many of the children who are falling prey to this terrifying cult, especially those little ones whose parents are calling the shots, are, in fact, simply showing signs of being gay. Susie Green, in relating her family’s experience during the Ted Talk, admits that their little boy was particularly effeminate, enjoyed playing with ‘girl’ toys, and that her and her husband both felt that he was probably a gay male. Shockingly, she says without a hint of embarrassment, or self-awareness of what she is openly admitting to, that while she was fine with this, her husband was most definitely not. And so followed their son’s ‘transition’ into their ‘daughter’, culminating in her taking him to Thailand for castration at the age of 17, something that is illegal in Britain, and is now, interestingly, illegal in Thailand too.

Since nothing is off-limits in today’s world of reality TV, one family in the US saw an opportunity for a shot at fame and fortune, and sacrificed their young son to the cult of gender ideology. Securing an interview on 20:20 with Barabara Walters in 2007, when their son was just six years old, the parents of Jazz Jennings paraded their beautiful child like a show pony to a world audience as a transgender child. Their only evidence of this apparently unshakable desire that their son had to be a girl was that he was ‘gravitating to girl things’, and that at eighteen months old he would unsnap his onesie, which, in a shocking leap, is interpreted by mum as his wanting to wear dresses. They go on to make the ridiculously hard to believe claim that at just two-years-old, their son, Jaron, had asked ‘mummy, when is the good fairy going to come with her magic wand and change my genitalia’. Any honest person who has known children would have doubts as to whether this bizarre statement was uttered out of the mouth of a toddler. But it is the story the parents told proudly to Barbara Walters, and like a process of osmosis, Jazz has heard the story told so often for her entire life, that she now tells it herself and professes to remember saying those words to her mother. And it is the story which, a few years down the line led to the family having their very own reality TV show on TLC, I Am Jazz, running for several seasons over many years, earning the family, and the network, a big chunk of change. Jazz’s entire life has been laid bare on the show, even to the sickening finale, where her sex reassignment surgery (or castration, and genital mutilation) was filmed and broadcast, up close and personal. A surgery, by the way, that was botched, and needed several revisions.

Jazz is the ultimate victim, of abuse, exploitation, and gaslighting, all by a beastly Munchausen mother. At age eleven, so bamboozled by her parents’ constant insistence that she was a girl, Jazz was put on hormone blockers to prevent her male puberty, a ‘treatment’ that trans ideologues repeatedly contend is completely reversible. However, this is patently untrue. Not only is it not the simple ‘pause’ button that they claim, but what is openly admitted by the surgeons working in the field is that if a child’s puberty is blocked at such an early stage, they will never in their lives be able to achieve orgasm. As an eleven-year-old pre-pubescent biological male, how could Jazz, or any other child in the same situation, possibly have known the enormous impact of such a life altering decision? The answer is, they cannot.

In the later seasons of the Truman show that has been Jazz’s life, we see that Jazz has become an obese, depressed adult, who speaks of ‘just wanting to feel like myself, I never feel like myself’, and who has struggled to form any kind of meaningful romantic relationship. She is confused as to where her attraction lies, and, thanks to her parents blocking her puberty and convincing her to have her genitalia mutilated, does not appear to experience any sexual desire. In a very uncomfortable segment of the show, we see her mother, who has an unhealthy interest in her children’s dating habits, discussing with a friend over drinks the possibility that Jazz may be asexual. How about if you had just let your little boy be as a toddler, and allowed him to grow into an intact, adult male, who may well have been a gay man? How about that, Jeanette? Imagine doing this to your son, simply because he liked ‘girl things’, and unsnapped his onesie as a baby. It is mind boggling.

Heartbreakingly, one episode shows Jazz attending a past-life hypnosis session, where under hypnosis, she reveals that she is a man, struggling to be accepted in life, and that this man is gay. You would have to be enormously stupid not to think that there is a high probability that this hypnotic revelation is, in fact, Jazz revealing her true self.

It would seem that the Jennings family were trailblazers, and a glut of these Munchausen mums, and sometimes dads, have sprung up, dangling their own ‘accessory’ trans children on platforms such as TikTok and YouTube. This side of the Atlantic, there is one family who have been particularly successful. Anna Saccone and Jonathan Joly, aka The Saccone Jolys, make a living from ‘vlogging’ their entire family life on their YouTube channel, with hours of footage of their four children. However, rating must have taken a slump around 2022, as it is at this point that a slew of cringeworthy TikToks were put out by the family of dad, Jonathan, revealing that the couple’s eight-year-old son, Eduardo, was in fact a transgender child, and would now be wearing girl clothes and going by the name Edie. The usual tried and tested formula was applied, with ‘Edie’ growing long hair, professing to the camera how happy ‘she’ now is, while twirling and dancing, with mum and dad clapping like seals and cheering ‘her’ on.

While these #bekind families celebrate their trans children, and use them to earn the big bucks, the scientific fact that it is impossible to change sex, and that there is zero evidence of being ‘born in the wrong body’ is being completely ignored. The parents of said children, while enjoying their celebrity status, talk as if they are experts in the field, without a medical qualification between them. In fact, until very recently in the UK, a process of watchful waiting was employed when children presented at clinics with gender dysphoria, and, in over 85% of cases puberty resolved the dysphoria, and the children would become healthy and happy as their biological sex. So why has blocking puberty become the go-to course of action? Follow the pharmaceutical dollars for the answer.

One can only imagine the level of confusion and trauma that it must cause a child who reveals to a parent that they think they are in the wrong body, for their parent to affirm and agree, that yes, they are a mistake, their body is all wrong. It goes completely against the gender ideologues’ narrative of loving them for their ‘true selves’. In any case, I have huge doubt as to the nature of the ‘coming out’ of the children who are stars of their parents shows. Having a ‘trans’ child is the latest trend, and every wannabe celebrity parent wants one. What are the odds that so many of these children should exist in showbiz hopeful families? Genuine question. Of course, the trend was set by ‘real’ celebs, who are always looking for ever-edgier ways to exhibit their own virtue. Megan Fox, Charlize Theron, David Tennant to name but a few proud celebrity parents of trans kids.

I have no doubt that there are many genuine families dealing with this emotionally traumatic mental illness, whose children can rest assured that their parents will not be taking to YouTube, TikTok or Instagram to document it to millions and pocket the cash. Children deserve the privacy, delicacy, and support that it requires, and to be treated with dignity and love. And, with luck, a clinician or therapist who does not immediately affirm and prescribe a life-changing medical pathway, but instead allows them time to think.

It is a tragedy that society is not condemning these blatant and lurid cases of parents monetising their children’s lives, and very likely in many cases, trans-ing away the gay. Susie Green and Jeanette Jennings practically admitted it. How many more effeminate little boys or tomboy little girls will be sacrificed in the name of this monstrous ideology? An ideology that is so confused, that it argues against itself. If being a girl is not about having a vagina and ovaries, and being a boy is not about having a penis and testes, then how is it that liking ‘girl things’ and dresses makes a boy a girl, and liking ‘boy things’ and short hair makes a girl a boy? How entirely depressing and f**ked up this business is. God help the future generations.

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