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Welcome to Critically Thinking!

A brief introduction to the 'why' I created

Critically Thinking






This is a place where you can read rational and measured content, which does not fit into the narrow box of the current 'group thinking' that has infected our world. My content seeks to show truth and reality, as opposed to the terrifying lies of the 'new normal' which most  mainstream media seem hell-bent on pushing, and which governments are trying desperately to legislate us into accepting.  


I began writing while I was studying for a degree, and initially wrote about psychology and criminology issues. When we went into the first lockdown, in March 2020, I was immediately sceptical about the situation, and the motives of our not-so-esteemed 'leaders'. 

The way that the large media corporations responded shocked me, as they appeared to delight in ramping up fear and division, and there was a total lack of any kind of investigative journalism. 

It was my frustration at the mainstream media, and the willingness of so many people to instantly believe and not question their propaganda, no matter how ludicrous and provably wrong much of the content was, that led me to start writing about the situation as I saw it, in what I hope is a balanced and rational way. I believed then, and do now, that the truth needs to be told. 

The process has been cathartic, and as I started to share some of my pieces, I received some really inspiring feedback from readers the world over, who had enjoyed what I had written, and appreciated the logical analysis, as a contrast to the fear-fest that the legacy media companies were churning out. It is reassuring to know that there are so many of us, who don't accept the bullshit, and who will keep exposing the truth: the emperor is stark-bollock-naked! 



I'm just an ordinary Mum, who wants to keep life free for my daughter, and all the other children growing up in this frightening world, where truth is being rewritten before our eyes. 

So I dedicate this site to all those brave people who have continued to fight this battle against tyranny: the protestors, the academics, the doctors, the scientists, and the independent journalists and researchers, who have spoken out and fought for a future free of oppression for our children.

Sarah xx

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