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The fetishist's ultimate climax

Written July 2023

Those in the radical division of the trans army have proved time and again how far they are willing to go to impose their ideology on the rest of us. Just this week footage emerged of activist (and convicted kidnapper, torturer and attempted-murderer) Sarah Jane Baker, a biological male, dressed as a woman, on a stage urging a crowd of trans cult members that, should they see a ‘TERF’ before them, they should ‘punch them in the fucking face’. Welcome to 2023 Great Britain, where a man is allowed free reign to incite and encourage others to assault women who believe in biological truth. These are the darkest of days indeed. But I bring even grimmer news. In a new low in the ignoble quest of these fascist rabble rousers, it is becoming ever more common for some males who ‘identify’ as female to ingest a concoction of drugs which result in making their bodies mimic lactation, so that they can ‘breast’ feed their adopted babies. Read that again, and again, and again. In the debauched world of 2023, men are latching tiny, vulnerable babies onto their ‘breasts’, to suck on their nipples and ‘feed’ on the drug-induced secretion that is leaking from them.

I have used the word fetish in many previous articles on the subject of biological adult males who now ‘identify’ as female, but this is truly one of the most horrifying examples of all. As with the many other outrageous behaviours these bullies have been given licence for, yet again they are pissing all over the rights of everyone else, including tiny, helpless babies, and they are being allowed to do so with impunity. This is yet another example of the innate selfishness of these despicable people, who have been enabled to such a degree by their every demand being conceded to, that they now feel they can do whatever they please, regardless of consequences, and order the world to praise them for doing it. There is nothing ‘stunning and brave’ about this frankly disgusting practice, and any so-called health professional who aids and abets in this by prescribing the needed medication should be struck off for enabling child abuse.

To facilitate the production of the discharge which these poor babies will ingest, the biological male must take several hormone medications, alongside anti-sickness medicine, heart medication, sedatives, and an anti-psychotic drug. Domperidone, used off-label, is the preferred anti-sickness component of this George’s Marvellous Medicine because it causes fewer side effects (to the taker) than other types, despite the fact that the FDA specifically warns against using it for this purpose, due to the ‘unknown risks on breastfeeding infants.’ So, it is the poor baby who takes one for the team, and is burdened with all the risk! Unbelievable disregard for the health of the poor child. But as we know, what a trans person wants, a trans person gets – sod the health of the baby.

Incidentally, this method of inducing lactation, known as the Newman-Goldfarb protocol, has been used in some cases of adoptive mothers who wished to breast feed their adopted babies, something I am equally sceptical about, given the unknown risk to the child. I see no reason for the health of the child to be put at any level of avoidable risk, simply to appease an adult’s desire. However, the reason I am so disgusted by a biological male engaging in this, has more to do with the fetishism that is so clearly being ignored in such cases. It surely seems obvious to anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of human sexuality that, in the cases of trans identifying adult males, there is a clear sexual motivation for their ‘transition’. By dressing in women’s clothing and underwear, wearing make-up and feminine hairstyles, these men are displaying all the signs of autogynephilia, a fetish behaviour where a male is sexually aroused by imagining themselves as a woman. Somewhere along the way, lumped in with the rest of the alphabet soup that is the LGTBQ+ label, autogynephilia has managed to rebadge itself, and these men have found themselves able to play out their fetish fantasies openly. This fetish, once the domain of darkened nightclubs, or suburban bedrooms while the wife was out, is now ‘out and proud’, and coming to a children’s library near you. It is deeply concerning that, with the protection afforded them under the LGBTQ+ umbrella, these fetishists are now being allowed, openly and without challenge, to take their fantasies to the absolute ultimate climax, and perform, in real life, the most fundamental of female acts – breastfeeding a child.

There have been no studies that I could find into the composition of this male ‘breast milk’, nor the impact of its ingestion by infants. Given that it is entirely chemically produced, there should certainly be call for alarm. A woman is biologically programmed to produce this life-source, and her entire body is primed to facilitate the process of feeding. Not so for a man. One can only wonder what the long-term implications might be for a poor child forced to ingest this substance. When women are unable to breastfeed and so feed their baby formula, they are scrutinised and criticised, and made to feel guilty by health professionals and fellow mums. But along come the fetishists, with their unknown stockpile of synthetic hormones, suckled by an adopted child from a fake breast without the complex, miraculous biological structure for delivery, and it is all hail the stunning and brave.

This is yet further eradication of natural, human biology, by this group of highly influential people, and is yet further normalisation of paedophilia. Be under no illusion – a biological male having a baby suck on his nipples is sexual abuse. The abusers are being prioritised over innocent and helpless babies, because those who should be stopping it are too fearful of being labelled ‘transphobic’. We truly are through the looking glass. Please, God, help us find the way back.

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