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Women's Sport - A Bastion of Hope

In a week when Nike have decided to pay a biological man to promote their women’s wear, specifically leggings and sports bras (how am I even writing such a statement!), we have also learned of the horrendous treatment of American college swimmer, Riley Gaines, who has been physically and verbally attacked, and held hostage, by deranged trans activists, for daring to speak the truth. What in the world is going on? It seems now that up is down, and black is white, and we are left with a perpetual feeling of what next?

The attack on Riley Gaines came after she spoke at a ‘Saving Women’s Sports’ event at San Francisco State University, where she described the distress that she and other female athletes are experiencing, as they are forced to compete against biological males who apparently identify as trans. Women like Riley Gaines have dedicated their lives to their sports, training hard, sacrificing so much to achieve their goals of success. But rather than reaping the rewards of their dedication, in this upside-down world, they are instead left frustrated and understandably angry as they face losing to trans ‘women’, who have a distinct advantage courtesy of their male biology. William Thomas is a biological male American swimmer, who did pretty poorly in competitions. So, William decided to 'identify' as female, changed his name to Lia, and is now permitted to swim against female athletes, including Riley Gaines. Unsurprisingly, Lia Thomas enjoys far greater success in the female competitions than the male. Proving their seriously woke credentials, faculty members at the University of Pennsylvania, whose team Thomas swims for, nominated the trans athlete for the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s ‘Woman of the Year 2022’ award.

To add insult to injury, Thomas, who has not undergone surgical transition and therefore still has full male genitalia, is permitted to change alongside her teammates, who must endure the deep discomfort of being confronted by a naked, biological male as they prepare for a competition or wind down afterwards, in what should be a safe space, the female locker room.

An eloquent and dignified Gaines spoke these truths at the university event this week, but rather than receiving support for her sensible words, she was screamed at, chased, and physically assaulted. The toxic group of activists shrieked their slogans ‘trans women are women’ and ‘trans rights are human rights’ over and over again dripping with hate, and Gaines was personally called names such as ‘fucking bitch’, as she was forced to flee the baying mob and barricade herself in a room, where she remained for several hours. As if this incident were not shocking enough, the university’s Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrolment Management, Jamillah Moore, subsequently sent an email to all students, in which she asserted that she was proud of the protestors, who, she said, had ‘participated peacefully’. The shocking video footage of the event prove this to be patently untrue. Western universities have become some of the wokeist places on earth, but even so, the fact that a senior staff member would not just side with, but actually condone this disgusting behaviour, begs the question: where will this end? The fear of backlash is so great, it seems, that a trans person cannot be criticized ever, at all, full stop. Not even for violence and bullying. This is a dangerous position for any society.

The issue of fairness in sport is not just about taking first place, but also incorporates the serious question of safety. In October it was reported that a college volleyball player in North Carolina was left with a serious head injury after being hit by a ball thrown at approximately 70mph by a trans player on the opposite team in the all-girls match. There were reportedly injuries to two female soccer players in New South Wales caused by clashes with a trans player, who is, incidentally, the top goal scorer. And MMA trans fighter Fallon Fox broke a female opponent’s skull. However, the obvious advantage of male biology is apparently lost on trans activists, who see any concerns that are raised, including safety, as nothing more than blatant transphobia. Rationality and reality elude these people like light bending around a dense object.

The claim that allowing biological males who identify as female in women’s sports is all about inclusivity, and not about winning is disingenuous to say the least. If that were true, we would be seeing female to male trans people demanding to compete alongside the males. But they don’t. Because they wouldn’t win. Recently, World Athletics has taken the sensible move of announcing a ban on trans athletes in the female competitions – there has been no necessity to impose such a ban in the male competitions.

In a previous article, I wrote about the erasure of womanhood and girlhood, and this must surely be how female athletes are feeling right now. After all, if anyone can be a woman, as the trans activists insist, then all the lines are blurred, and the motivation to become the best in a chosen sport is tainted by the likelihood that you will be pipped to the post, or have your skull broken, by a biologically advantaged competitor. So, when Nike, and other brands, jump on this trans bandwagon, and shamelessly use trans ‘women’ to promote women’s products, they deserve to be boycotted. This is a blatant, cynical attack on women, and brands like Nike are culpable in enabling the continued erosion of the uniqueness of womanhood.

The hope is that rationality will win the day. The sporting world is by its very nature dominated by physical realities, and one of those realities is the biology of gender. Despite the lies propagated by trans activists, women do not have penises and testicles. If women’s sport becomes the wokeists’ latest casualty, it will be a travesty. The lunatics really will have taken over the asylum.

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