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Erasing Gender

Written January 2023

There has been an alarming global explosion in the number of children presenting to clinics as transgender in the last few years, with those mostly affected being young adolescent birth females wishing to transition to male. Unlike gender dysphoria of old, which mostly affected birth males – and in far fewer numbers than we are currently seeing – onset in these more recent cases seemingly comes out of the blue, which has led experts in the field to add the words ‘rapid onset’ to the term gender dysphoria when labelling the condition. Current trending ‘treatments’ include social transitioning, puberty blocking drugs, and at the most extreme, surgery. Given the finality, or at least irreversibility of these ‘treatments’, it would seem prudent, if not outright obvious, that serious urgent academic questioning should be taking place, using rationality and proportionality, to find the causes of such a massive rise in a recognised mental illness, and to determine whether such drastic interventions are necessary, and indeed, whether they are ethical. However, instead we appear to be on a slippery slope into an Orwellian nightmare, where not only are we to accept, unquestioningly, that ever-increasing numbers of children are being born in the wrong bodies, but where also simply stating the biological and indisputable fact that there are two genders, male and female, is now completely socially unacceptable, and can land you in very hot water. Perhaps a label other than ‘gender’ would have been helpful at the outset of the movement seemingly seeking acceptance for their difference. But then again, the origins of the movement are akin to that of many other ‘movements’, in that it seems hell bent on division, and the destruction of any cohesion in society.

Trans ideology is being pushed hard, in all areas of society, despite the fact that it ignores some immutable truths. As an adult, a person is, of course free and perfectly entitled to live any way they wish, and there are few people, bar some true bigots, who would seek to remove that right, or to interfere with such decisions. But the most fervent pro trans lobbyists, a group which includes in its ranks politicians, teachers, judges and lawyers, are asking us all, as a society, to redefine the truth, and to reframe our whole lives to support these untruths. Not satisfied with being accepted and welcomed however they choose to live, the trans community and its supporters insist that we must all buy into their altered reality, and as such, that we must learn every detail of the complicated myriad of words and pronouns, that we always remember to use the correct one (or risk being screamed at – check out some of the angry folk who feel ‘misgendered’ and like to post about it on TikTok), and that we allow our children to be taught that biology means nothing.

What cannot be ignored in this debate is the correlation between the onslaught of trans ideology (as opposed to trans acceptance), and the shocking rise in numbers of children coming out as trans. Increasingly draconian tactics are being employed by lobbyists in the trans community, supported in no small way by councils, governments, teachers and celebrities, to force these ideologies on children practically from birth. Our children are being taught bizarre untruths as if they were facts, and, worse than this, are being encouraged to examine and challenge their own feelings about their gender, whether they have expressed any discontent or not, with an eager emphasis on them to identify as something other than their biological sex. In this frightening current parlance, a person’s biological sex is termed as nothing more than a label “assigned at birth”, the inference being that this is something chosen on a whim by parents and doctors present at the birth. The reality, of course, is that sex is a biological truth of male or female, and it is the existence of these two genders that enables continuity of life.

Of course, there have always been rare cases of children suffering with deep and troubling gender dysphoria, a recognised mental health issue. The correct and rational response to this used to be to help them to try to understand why they are feeling this way, with a view to guiding them through this often transient illness, until they come out the other side and find comfort in their own skin. Instead, a completely irrational approach is becoming the norm, pre-pubescent children are being prescribed puberty-blockers, to halt progress of their human development. This is celebrated by TikTok “influencers”, who insist that this is the absolute pinnacle, the desire and right of all young trans-identifying children, in complete denial of child developmental realities. The adolescent brain is a maelstrom of confusion. For time immemorial teens have acted impulsively, recklessly, and pushed boundaries set by the adults around them. This is because of the hotbed of hormones that is crashing around inside them, and is a perfectly normal part of human development, a stage in the body’s journey towards adulthood. It is why parents and other adults around adolescents act as gatekeepers, ensuring they do no serious harm, nor make decisions that will have repercussions later in life. It is why we do not permit children and younger teenagers to smoke cigarettes, have sex, vote, or purchase with credit, amongst other things. And, although inevitably some children will engage in smoking and sex, it is not encouraged or praised, or affirmed, by the adults around them.

To introduce the notion of gender fluidity, trans-identities and non-binary identification to children and adolescents at such crucial stages in their development in this new way, not merely teaching acceptance, but demanding participation in new truths, as is becoming the norm in educational settings both in the US and here in the UK, is abhorrent. And there is not an ounce of ‘phobia’ in this view, despite the fact that this will no doubt be painted as such. Everyone’s choice is their own and I fully respect everyone’s right to make the choice right for them. The issue is about catapulting children into a world of extremely adult information, when the reality is, children must be allowed to be children. Acceptance of differences is, of course, to be encouraged, but a delve into the trans education that is currently being used goes far beyond acceptance.

Course material used to train staff in Scotland’s ‘Gender Friendly Nurseries’ initiative asserts that children and young people experience “pressure” to “conform to binary gender definitions”. This statement is patently untrue, and deeply damaging, unpopular though this may be to the trans community and those seeking to push their agenda. Almost all children will be perfectly happy and comfortable in their biological gender, boy or girl, particularly at nursery age, and will not even give thought as to whether they are conforming to any kind of definition, unless directly confronted with the confusing and uncomfortable idea that they may not be. Insisting that they must learn about these ideologies at such a young age – at nursery – is akin to planting the seed of confusion in their minds which may easily grow into anxiety and disorientation.

Yet another disturbing reality is that the desperate push to uphold trans ideology seems to be feeding a wider, very frightening trend towards the sexualisation of children. In a move which is incredibly contradictory to the message that sexuality and gender are not related, we are seeing the introduction of curriculums that include teaching children as young as 6 about masturbation, to mention the least offensive on the schedule. In a programme titled “All About Me” taught in schools in Warwickshire, children in year 2 were taught about “self-stimulation”, and were told that “lots of people like to tickle or stroke themselves as it might feel nice”. Parents were understandably upset, and the programme has since been withdrawn pending review, but this is an example of the way that parenting is being undermined where subjects surrounding sex and gender are concerned. Parents are not being asked permission, or being shown content prior to the roll out of such material to their young children.

Material still being used in some secondary schools, produced by The Proud Trust, for ages 13 and up, includes descriptions of oral sex, anal penetration, rimming, felching, fisting, and fetishes. Beware before Googling – some mind-boggling stuff indeed. The messaging could not be more mixed for our adolescents: on the one hand, they are being warned of the dangers of pornography, and of the unrealistic ideals viewing pornography can lead to, and on the other, they are learning of some pretty extreme sexual practices while in their place of education.

And while you may be asking what the sex education curriculum has to do with trans ideology, this material is taught in the same lessons and alongside the confusing gender messaging, and is apparently all in the name of inclusivity. It is discussed in terms of acceptance of non-typical relationships, and support for ways that non-typical partners might like to have sex.

You see the problem? Without the permissiveness that surrounds the trans movement, this type of “education” would never have made it on to the curriculum. I feel sure that there are plenty of questionable people on the boards of places approving of such curriculums, who must be literally rubbing their hands together with glee that they have the shield of liberalism and inclusivity to use for the purposes of bringing such inappropriate material to the innocent ears of our children, and corrupting them in such a hideous fashion. This sexualisation is all cloaked as a desire to simply help children understand their own feelings. There is absolutely no psychological basis for such an assertion. In fact, early sexualisation of children is a recognised form of abuse, and can have devastating consequences on mental wellbeing.

The internet, TikTok and YouTube, and all the other apps children and adolescents spend so much time on, are awash with videos made by trans people who, if they were talking on any other subject, would be accused of brainwashing, or using indoctrination practices like those employed by religious cults. The message is always clear – that life was unbearable, but as soon as they “came out” as trans, life was great. The TikTokers themselves thrive on the likes, the comments, and the praise heaped upon them for what is touted as their bravery, and this in turn feeds their desire to keep producing further content. The psychology behind this is not difficult to understand. For girls who are suffering from normal teenage shame, confusion, angst, insecurity about their developing teenage body, this can all be erased by simply deciding that they are, in fact, a boy. Or boys, who don’t fit in with the sporty lads, or the cool lads, or the geeky lads? Simple solution, decide you were assigned the wrong ‘gender’ at birth, and become a girl.

Disturbingly, much of the content put out by these trans influencers contains messaging to young, vulnerable people who find themselves the unwitting consumers of this content, that their parents cannot be trusted to have any understanding of what they are experiencing, and thus, if said parents are not fully supportive, (i.e. should they dare to question the often life-changing journey their child has decided to embark upon, or express any concern about such a decision) they should be shunned. There is a somewhat sneery attitude towards such parents, which fosters a disrespect from child to parent, and breaks the bond that exists by nature for the very purposes of a parent being able to guide their offspring, and nurture them through the tumultuous teenage years, so that their impulsive behaviour is kept in check.

Not only is affirmation of the new identity fully expected from parents, it is now usually fully supported by teachers and doctors, regardless of whether any assessment has been made of the child, and the state of their mental health. Any failure of a parent to affirm will often result in withdrawal of the child from the parent. Parents are told that they must accept and affirm their child’s new identity, and that they risk losing the child to suicide if they refuse to do so, something which there is absolutely no basis for.

A small chink of light has appeared in the UK, where just last month (October 2022) the NHS scrapped the affirmative care model which had been in place, and have finally acknowledged that most cases of trans-identifying children in fact require psychotherapy. It is perhaps one of the most unsettling elements to the trans movement, that doctors were so quick to abandon rational diagnosis, and instead jump headfirst into an affirmative care model. We can only wonder how many young people’s lives have been ruined by such troubling and unscientific methods.

It would have been inconceivable in times gone by for, say, a woman who had suffered breast cancer and had to undergo double mastectomy, to go into a school, and describe to children in the minutest of detail the procedure to which she had been subjected. Yet here we are today, with Tik-Tokers and YouTubers, unabashedly furnishing young children and adolescents with all the gory details of these life-altering operations as if they were nothing more than a new haircut. The almost insanely upbeat attitude with which they regale their viewers with these stories makes light of the situation, and belies nothing of the seriousness and permanence of the alterations they are making to their bodies. In most cases, any side effects or post-surgery issues are either totally played down as necessary minor inconveniences, or are sometimes used to prove the bravery of the trans person who is experiencing them. The fact that there is growing evidence that many, many people who transition end up trying to transition back, and therefore that these extreme and dangerous surgeries are often done without medical reason and are completely unnecessary, is being hidden, censored in the most aggressive fashion. So-called ‘de-transitioners’ are exiled from the community, ridiculed, persecuted, and bullied, so that many are afraid to speak out after their reversion to their birth sex.

It is also worth noting that many of the effects of the procedures are irreversible, so ‘de-transitioning’ is not as simple as it sounds. Persistent use of testosterone over a prolonged period will leave the person with permanent feature changes, such as a deeper voice, masculine face shape, and may cause sterility. Not to mention that a fully transitioned female to male will have had the ‘top surgery’ – a double mastectomy.

The lie that puberty-blocking medication is harmless, and that puberty can be “switched on” again should the individual so prescribed go on to change their mind, is repeated so often that it is now believed by so many to be true. The truth is that these drugs are far from harmless. They are dangerous, and can and often do cause terrible side effects, some irreversible.

Of course, even if “switching back on” the puberty progression could be successful, this is only possible if you have managed to reach the age where you realise you had made a mistake by thinking you are trans without having had your perfectly healthy breasts removed, or having had some flesh removed from an arm or leg to fashion a penis, and had this grafted on to your body – a procedure which has varied levels of success, and has caused some very traumatic bodily damage to some. And what of the age discrepancy? What effect would it have on the brain development as well as the physical development for someone to go through puberty much later than their body had biologically intended, and at a time when their peers will have long since experienced this rite of passage?

There is a bizarre childlike quality to many of the trans “influencers”. Take, for example, the actor, Dylan Mulvaney, and the insanely inappropriately named series of videos entitled “Days of Girlhood”. In the series, the actor, who is a biological male, is apparently documenting the journey of transitioning from living as a grown man, to living as a girl – not a woman, a girl. Far from portraying a person making a rational, dignified transition, these videos instead present us with what can only be described as a parody of a female – in fact, on first viewing, I felt sure this was a parody. Dylan, and whoever is behind this with him – it has to be a wider production – are mocking women, and we should be in no doubt of that. If you have not seen one of these videos, I urge you to watch at least one, and I challenge you not to see this as a mockery of womanhood, or girlhood, as Dylan has decided to phrase it. Dylan giggles, wears heels to go hiking, runs away from bugs, and tells us, in a sing-song high pitched voice, that on day one of “girlhood”, they cried for no reason, and told a friend they were ok, even though they weren’t ok. Total caricaturing of what it means to be a woman or girl. Dylan even tells us that they are now carrying an array of sanitary products every time they are out, so that they can really fit in in the female bathrooms, if a woman / girl needs a tampon. Think I’m joking? Please go and check this out. Frighteningly, Dylan was chosen to ‘represent’ the trans community, at a visit to the Whitehouse, to meet President Biden, who praised them for their “bravery” at producing the videos. This nonsense is being taken seriously, and we are being urged, in fact forced, to participate in the open ridicule of real women. To make this worse, Dylan’s journey, if we must call it that, is taking place entirely on the platforms of TikTok and YouTube, where children spend a huge amount of time, and are so easily influenced.

In another of Dylan’s offerings, after being stared at in a public ladies’ bathroom, which he used while wearing skin-tight leather hotpants, which showed his very much still in place, pre-surgery manhood, Dylan proceeds to regale us with a song he appears to have made up on the spot, the lyrics of which are “normalise the bulge, we must normalise the bulge”. No thanks, Dyl, I would prefer my daughter and other children not to be assaulted by the sight of a grown man’s genitalia barely concealed in a pair of leather shorts. That kind of behaviour is actually obscene, and your ‘new normal’, where such indecency is passed off as merely accepting and integrating, will not become mine.

When it seems that the levels of stupidity could not be raised any higher, we are now being asked, by the trans community, to smell our own faeces when we go to the toilet. According to these awful people, trans people who have undertaken certain procedures have some kind of ‘hole’ down there, which wafts the smell of faeces up to them when they go for a wee. A ‘cis’ woman, (or as I prefer to call myself, a woman – please do not create a prefix for me) cannot apparently relate or know what a trans woman is going through, so they are asking us to smell our own poo, so that we can feel solidarity with trans people, and have a deeper understanding of what they are going through. Er, no thanks, I’ll pass.

What is being completely eroded by this ridiculous and forceful movement is dignity. It now seems the norm for a person to jump onto TikTok or YouTube, and gush about the most intimate, personal of matters, matters that by any previous standard would be absolutely private.

I have no doubt that the world over there are some dignified and gracious trans people, who are mortified at what the ‘movement’ is doing, and the reputation it is lumbering them with. My sympathy is with them, as I can only imagine how awful it would be to find yourself associated with a group whose values are in complete contrast to your own.

There is an additional fallout from the adoption of the trans agenda, and this is the furthering of the already alarming rise of young people living their lives almost entirely online. Exacerbated by Covid, when we were forced to stay apart from other human beings, and school took place only online, young people became accustomed to only seeing others, apart from immediate family, on a screen, as pixelated images. This makes it more difficult to engage, and to feel a deep, real connection to someone, and leaves them vulnerable to the disturbing idea that human contact, real touch, physical presence, is unnecessary. This could not be further from the truth. And yet, the trans way of thinking implies that our physical bodies, our biological make-up, are irrelevant, superfluous. Put forward instead is the idea that we are all somehow ethereal beings, living our own truths, and not conforming to an old fashioned ideal. But what does that mean? Does this negate the fact that for millennia, men have been turned on by women, and women have been turned on by men? Of course, there are also homosexuals, men turned on by men, and women turned on by women. But the physicality is important here. To disperse with the physical realities of what is a sexual turn on, biologically hard-wired into humans for purposes of propagation (as well as joy) is to suggest that real touch, and physical contact is unnecessary and unimportant in the very emotions that make us tick.

Fundamentally, the qualities that are lacking so often now in society are calmness and rationality. Too quickly, because a group shouts loudly and quashes any dissenting voices with cancellation and accusations of “phobic” behaviour, society falls into the trap of accepting and conceding to positions held by those in these “movements”, despite the fact that they are often completely irrational, to the point sometimes of absolutely absurd. It is the witch craze of modern times. Using classic bullying tactics, relatively small groups manage to whip the wider society into a frenzy, and a completely illogical idea can become accepted and propagated, with anyone who questions the line being taken to task.

As we have seen with the so-called educational materials, the fact that the lobbyists maintain a disconnection between trans lifestyles, and sexuality, is not supported by their actions and demands, and by what is becoming the norm in our society, and this should be deeply troubling to everyone. Those who will portray what I am saying as “trans-phobic” appear totally unaware that their own position is, in fact, a fascist one - zero liberalism is exhibited from such people. They appear to have no concept of the exclusivity of their supposed fight for inclusivity. In fact, their “battle” seems almost to be the point for some of these people, they want to hate us ‘cis’ or ‘basic’ types for our apparent unacceptance of them, despite the fact that most of us could not care less how they identify.

Trans ideology, propagated by the likes of Dylan Mulvaney, is inherently anti-feminist, and until it is recognised as such by the liberals who are buying into this extremism, it is a danger to women and girls everywhere. Our rights are being eroded, and we are being forced to accept self-identifying ‘female’ trans people in our bathrooms, changing rooms, competing in sports against us, and even in our prisons. They may still be the size of a rugby player, and sport a full beard, but if they say they are female, we must accept them as such. The implications of this are enormous. Safe spaces are no longer safe, and women’s sporting achievements are threatened as they try to compete with biological men.

I cannot escape the feeling that we are being stress-tested, by being asked to accept, agree and participate in the most ludicrous of unrealities, to see just how far we can be pushed before we say ‘no’. How long will we continue to allow online influencers to replace us as parents, and to keep feeding this stuff to our children? How long will we continue to allow so-called authorities to pass ludicrous laws which are eroding our freedoms one by one? Gender, and in particular womanhood, is on a precipice, and is fighting an enemy who wants to erase it completely. Truth is being re-defined before our very eyes, and it is time to stand our ground, and accept this no longer.

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