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The Cass Report - Bursting the Trans Bubble

Written April 2024

I wrote once before that human beings are often poor at anticipating the consequences of their actions. Short term gain is appealing, whether in financial form or by winning popularity. Or both. But the bubble can and often does burst. I hope with all my being that the publication of the Cass Report marks the bursting of the sinister and hugely damaging bubble that is the hold that trans ideology has had over modern society in the last several years.


Of course, as expected, the usual suspects are out in force, using the Cass Report for their own martyrdom. As are the celebrity ‘allies’ who made hay while the sun was shining on the trans issue. They are attempting, not very successfully it must be said, to discredit the report. But their empty words reek of desperation. They are merely stubborn, arrogant bullies, unable to admit that their actions supported the mutilation of children, the eradication of women’s rights, and the championing of men displaying their fetishes in real life. For that is exactly what this movement is. A fetish. Autogynephilic men who concocted a scam that allowed them to display and live their fetish in plain sight, without the need for cover. The thing is, the scam involves the sacrifice of children, because it needs the ‘trans child’ to exist in order to succeed. More on this here.


It has been clear to anyone with judgement unclouded by the blue-and-pink brigade’s propaganda that the reason for the explosion in gender distress amongst children and young people has been that gender ideology has been advertised and promoted, dangled like candy in front of them by the fetishists. And it infiltrated every aspect of life; schools, hospital trusts, councils, shops, all jumped on its bandwagon, desperate to display their trans inclusive credentials. Transness has been literally celebrated, and dressed up with rainbows and glitter, to appear far more exciting, superior even, to boring, old-fashioned normality. It has become, in short, the definition of a social contagion. Sadly, many of the adults in the room who should have known better and acted as gatekeepers to this ideological nonsense, were themselves captured by their own fears of being seen as dull and un-progressive, and so instead became the parents who just could not say ‘no’. They loaded the kids up on Haribo, McDonalds and Frosties until they became morbidly obese, because they wanted to be popular. Tragically, though, unlike excess weight, mutilation is for life. Amputated penises, testicles and breasts cannot be returned. And arrested puberty causes a host of lifelong health issues.


There will surely be a special place in hell for those doctors and surgeons who have allowed vulnerable children to be medicalised and mutilated in the name of “gender affirmation”. That place sits right alongside the one for the most staunch “allies” of the trans community who wielded enormous power, such as the CEOs of organisations like Mermaids and Stonewall, and journalists who refused to do anything but go along with the madness. I hope they are trembling at what lies ahead. Because of these ‘experts’, thousands of children and young adults are now pharmaceutical patients for the rest of their lives, many infertile and unable to ever achieve orgasm. Some have been left with rotting wounds, after being promised ‘neo vaginas’ and constructed penises, neither of which will ever function correctly. Some are left with horrendous problems with urination and excretion. All to “affirm” something that can never, ever be. A boy cannot become a girl; and a girl cannot become a boy. Fact. No matter how much they think they want to. Could anything be less caring and kind than carving up healthy bodies, on the promise of something that is, and always will be, impossible?


One such candidate high on the list for a place in the new level in Dante’s Inferno is Sidhbh Gallagher, MD, an Irish medic who now has a lucrative private practice in Miami Florida, specialising in “gender affirming surgery”. Her particular marketing strategy is straight out of the groomer’s playbook. She has enormous followings on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram, all platforms used extensively by young and impressionable people. Gallagher uses these platforms to promote her butchery, sharing jazzy little videos of herself talking in non-surgical terms about the procedures she offers, with pop music backing tracks, clearly and blatantly targeting the young. In one video she waxes lyrical about how the whole process can be set up by just texting the practice. She has even coined a nickname for herself - Dr Teetus Deletus – yeah, I vomited a little when I read it the first time.


Next up we have Dr. Blair Peters, whose butchery takes place in a “progressive” Portland, Oregon hospital, and he too enjoys making videos of himself discussing the disgusting “affirmational” care he provides. In a now deleted video, he made the arrogant error of admitting that much of the surgery he performs is experimental, and that they have not a clue what the outcomes will be for the patients in the future. Although he does also admit that he is aware that these patients will be infertile and unable to achieve orgasm. Nice work. Give that man a medal.


The next place goes to Susie Green, former CEO of lobbying group, Mermaids. Mermaids are responsible for pushing unscientific clap trap regarding trans children into schools and NHS trusts. Susie Green transed her own son, rather than admit that he was likely a gay boy. For his 16th birthday, she served him up a very special gift: a trip to Thailand to have his balls surgically removed. That’s right, castration. But not just that. While they were at it, the surgeons inverted his penis, pushing it into a cavity inside his body, to create a poor imitation of a vagina. I mean, I can’t think of a more fitting way to let your child know you love them for exactly who they are, than taking them halfway across the world to have a fundamental part of their biology altered beyond all recognition, and fashioned into non-functioning genitalia. What mother could do more? No doubt the brainwashing was so complete that the poor boy thought this was exactly what he wanted. Munchausen parenting at its finest, and yet Green faced no legal ramifications for this crime. More on this here.


It's already getting pretty crowded in this circle of hell. Let’s throw in Dr. Polly Carmichael, next. Former director of GIDS (Gender Identity Development Service) at the Tavistock, Carmichael was responsible for the rolling out of puberty blocking medications to children as young as 9 years old. This monster experimented on other people’s children, and framed it as care. Puberty, one of the most important processes in human development, blocked. How does that not sound like complete and utter insanity to these people?


I reckon James O’Brien, of LBC, deserves a place, too, and not just for being a pompous, arrogant oik. He is also guilty of perpetuating the nonsense of being “born in the wrong body”, a lie so insidious that it is hard to believe there are those like him who believe it. And what of Stonewall’s Peter Tatchell? A man who openly admitted that he thinks sex between children and adults is not always a bad thing. He has been one of the most vocal advocates of “trans rights”. While we are on the matter of Stonewall, Ruth “No Debate” Hunt, former CEO deserves a mention too. She led Stonewall away from protecting gay rights, and marched it into battle for the trans ideologues.


There are so, so many more names that will be entering this pit of hell one day, too many to name here. But there have, conversely, been some absolute heroes of this issue, who have bravely put their heads above the parapet, and thrown light on the abuses being carried out. JK Rowling, legend of the pen, makes mincemeat of those activists who arrogantly go up against her in Twitter rows. She is funny, and so very sharp with it. Also, comedy writer Graham Linehan, who lost everything, including his marriage, to stand up for women’s and children’s rights, has been unflinchingly brave as he has fought for this cause. And the fabulous James Dreyfus has proved himself more than just a brilliant actor. He is also a warrior against this hideous cult, and rejects the bullying of the trans activists, not least by way of some hilarious responses on Twitter. James Esses, who lost his job at Childline for refusing to back the madness. And, of course, all the brilliant feminists, including Julie Bindel, Helen Joyce and Kathleen Stock. They, and many others, are all legends who deserve vindication for the abuse they have suffered for this cause.


I found myself frustrated writing this piece, as I felt so much anger which was hard to contain. Because of the fetish of a group of bullying men, children and youngsters have been lambs to the slaughter, collateral damage in a war against common sense and truth. What has been done to these children and young people is a scandal, a crime, a travesty on a scale rarely seen. It is surely right up there with thalidomide and lobotomy. Those who promoted and supported this crime against humanity should at the very least be hanging their heads in shame. But they should, too, be prepared to do jail time. Blinded by their own pomposity, they encouraged and celebrated the industrial scale ruination of many children and young people’s lives. They may be posturing and trying to wriggle off the hook right now, but their time to face judgement will come.  The Cass Report has exposed the lies and shattered the illusion. An analogy I have used before, but which is perfect: the Emperor is stark bollock naked.   

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