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Trigger Warning: Woman

Written February 2024

‘Our NHS’. An institution still falsely hailed as the ‘envy of the world’, when in fact, it is no secret that the system is broken, filled to the brim with fat-salaried managers, wastage, and errors. The result of this dysfunctional system is that patients are suffering, from missed diagnosis, to exceptionally long waits for treatment, and everything in between. But not to worry. There is an area they are excelling in: Inclusivity and diversity. Take comfort in the knowledge that the NHS has a passion to ‘encourage and celebrate diversity in all its forms’. They even published a 26-page document, the ‘NHS equality, diversity, and inclusion improvement plan’, a how-to guide for staff on how to be their wokest selves, full of buzz words and phrases such as ‘identities’ and ‘lived experience’. Far be it for me to question such virtuous use of taxpayer money, but just a radical thought: how about prioritising patients’ healthcare?


One particular NHS trust has excelled itself in the art of patient neglect in favour of inclusivity. The University of Sussex Hospitals Trust (USHT), in 2021 – apparently in the midst of a pandemic, remember – took the time to produce Britain’s ‘first clinical and language guidelines supporting trans and non-binary birthing people’. Well, thank goodness. A noble use of taxpayer money, far more important than, I don’t know, caring for elderly patients and sick children. The guidelines assert how ‘proud’ the trust is to support trans, non-binary, agender, bigender and genderqueer people in pregnancy and childbirth, and to ‘celebrate and affirm their journey to parenthood’. Silly me. I thought that a health service’s role in any pregnancy was essential medical care, not celebration and affirmation of a man who thinks he is a woman or a woman who thinks she is a man.


Disturbingly, the guidance also extends to the promotion of ‘chest feeding’ for ‘trans women’. With unwarranted authority, the trust wrote to campaigners asserting that ‘milk’ produced by ‘trans women’, so biological males, is ‘comparable to that produced following the birth of a baby’. So that would be actual breast milk, produced by women, then. But ‘women’ is apparently too dirty a word for these inclusivity maniacs. With flimsy references to dubious studies, the best assurance they could give was that ‘”milk testosterone concentrations”’ were under 1 per cent with “no observable side effects” in the babies’.


I wrote a previous article on the horrors of this practice – you can read it here – where I described, as follows, the process involved in the production of this so-called ‘milk’:


To facilitate the production of the discharge which these poor babies will ingest, the biological male must take several hormone medications, alongside anti-sickness medicine, heart medication, sedatives, and an anti-psychotic drug. Domperidone, used off-label, is the preferred anti-sickness component of this George’s Marvellous Medicine because it causes fewer side effects (to the taker) than other types, despite the fact that the FDA specifically warns against using it for this purpose, due to the ‘unknown risks on breastfeeding infants.’ So, it is the poor baby who takes one for the team, and is burdened with all the risk! Unbelievable disregard for the health of the poor child. But as we know, what a trans person wants, a trans person gets – sod the health of the baby.


A dizzying array of chemicals, then, and the effects to the child unknown. Sounds like the plan of a maniac, in my opinion.


There is also the other enormous elephant in the room, the one that USHT are ignoring with all their might. A biological male forcing an infant to suckle from his nipples is a perverted fetish, and in times past, when the world was a little saner, would have been acknowledged as child abuse, because it is. I explore this further in my previous article referenced above, but to summarise, the NHS are supporting men to live out their fetish in real life, at the expense of the health and welfare of helpless infants. The autogynophiles must be laughing as they reach the arousal they can only achieve by seeing themselves as women, while so-called healthcare professionals are aiding and abetting them.


Like many institutions, the NHS has been completely captured by insidious trans ideology. The feelings and desires of the selfish and self-obsessed people who insist they are trans, non-binary, agender, bigender or genderqueer trump the rights of women and children at every turn, and the enormously over-paid top brass in the NHS applaud it. There appears to be a refusal at the top to curb the march of the radical army of trans activist and supporters, and instead a structured, orchestrated and funded plan to support and promote it. As of October 2022, the organisation was spending £40m a year in salaries for 800 ‘diversity officers’. Little comfort to those whose names are sitting for months, if not years, on NHS waiting lists.


Still, the important thing is that the service is not full of right-wing bigots. Now they have spent these enormous funds on training the staff, you can be sure you will not be misgendered as they tell you that your treatment will have to wait another year. And you can rest assured that elderly gentlemen going in for prostate checks will, of course, be asked if they might be pregnant. Oh, and the helpful pamphlet you might receive explaining your cervical cancer diagnosis will not contain any of that awful, triggering, gendered language, like ‘woman’. Phew. What a relief. It’s ‘people with cervixes’, and don’t you dare forget it.   

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