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Pride Must Fall

Written June 2024

Today’s episode of ‘What the F*ck Has Happened to the World’ features UK charity Ovarian Cancer Action, who posted perhaps the most brainless tweet ever (although competition is high). The tweet read: ‘Did you know that anyone with ovaries, regardless of gender identity, can be at risk for ovarian cancer? Let’s raise awareness by asking: can men get ovarian cancer? #PrideMonth #OvarianCancerAwareness’. To say that it infuriated me is an understatement. It just about boiled my piss. Replies to the post were quickly turned off, presumably when the halfwit in charge of the charity’s X account noticed the flurry of disparaging responses, but I was glad to be able to respond before they shut comments down. I pointed out that I would have shown my Mum this tweet so that we could laugh at how dumb it is, but I can’t because she passed away almost two years ago from ovarian cancer. I believe I called them cretins. I was employing some considerable restraint.


My Mum’s journey through the monstrous disease that took her life was brutal, and involved the most invasive and intrusive tests and treatments. She faced it all with such incredible courage and dignity, and a determination that was humbling. And what was ever-present throughout this horrendous time was an unavoidable sense of the fact that her femaleness, her biology, was part of what was killing her. The two sexes – and there are only two – are unique in so many ways, and as such, women and men face medical challenges exclusive to their sex – this is not controversial; this is simply fact. Our bodies are entirely different, in myriad ways, and it defines so much of not only our joy, but also, conversely, our suffering. In the same way that my Mum suffered a tragic illness rooted in her sex, so a man who suffers testicular cancer experiences one rooted in his.


However, the cultists of the trans variety have discombobulated the very institutions whose job it is to maintain logical and coherent thinking for those who are enduring cancers, and other illnesses, since the patient is understandably at their most vulnerable and irrational at such a time. They have, unbelievably, created an atmosphere where tweets such as the one posted by Ovarian Cancer Action, are not simply laughed at wholesale, but are taken seriously by some sections of our communities. The mania has extended to NHS trusts, many of which have seen fit to remove ‘gendered language’ from such departments as maternity units, replacing ‘mothers’ with ‘birthing people’, as if there were any other kind. I have written more on this here.  A charity which used support women with all things breastfeeding, Laleche, has also been captured, and now offers support to ‘transwomen’ – that’ll be men, then – to ‘chest feed’ their poor, helpless infants. I have written yet more on this extremely questionable practice here.


Where is this madness going to end? How has an agency such as Ovarian Cancer Action, whose fundamental characteristic involves an inherent relationship to biological sex, so easily capitulated to the ideologues, and surrendered its own values? The answer lies simply in the cult of transgenderism, so thoroughly steeped in misogyny, whose tactics have been to bully, threaten and brow beat anyone who stands in their way. Allowing bullies to simply have their way never ends well. And this is why we have landed where we are today. Because governments, and all the agencies that flow under them, did not stand up and say ‘no’. And, as is their way, corporations saw a window of opportunity, and used it to boost their profits. Trans bullies have been enabled to plough ahead with their outrageous demands, all under a shield of victimhood.


Not content with robbing women of their sexed spaces, sports, and even cancers, the trans army marches on. No lawn is safe from their stilettos. They have proven time and again how homophobic they are, too, with ‘transwomen’ demanding straight men and lesbians date them, on pain of being pouted at and labelled a meanie should one politely remind them that they do not have a sexual attraction to those with penises.


So, it stands to reason that they have stolen something that belonged to gays and lesbians, too: Pride. Here we are again, in the month of June. There’s not a shop window left without a trans flag hanging limply in the window. Not a brand, organisation, educational authority, police force, or charity, like Ovarian Cancer Action above, has refrained from hash tagging the shit out of #Pride. Those of us wanting to just go about life unhindered by perversion are having to endure the nauseating displays of ‘trans joy’, which roughly translates to ‘perverted displays of fetish’. I know because I speak trans. By which I mean I have seen enough autogynephiles posting on X and TikTok to be absolutely certain that I am right. The level of perversion is off the chart. They post unbecoming photographs of themselves dressed in the most fantastical outfits, that most women would never dream of wearing, clearly convinced they look glorious. They post Tolstoy-length pieces about their ‘euphoria boners’ (erections, in case you have not had the misfortune yet to be immersed in the lingo), at the very sight of themselves in bra and panties. They even admit to some unbelievably sinister methods employed to replicate a period – frozen tomato paste inserted into their orifices – I kid you not. Some have even admitted to stealing used sanitary products from the bins of public lavatories. And they wonder why we don’t want them in our spaces! Frankly, given the tomato paste business, I think I will struggle at the stove next time I’m whipping up a Bolognese.


What began in the 1970s as a celebration of the hard-won rights of gay and lesbian people, who had suffered very real oppression, Pride marches of old were a demonstration of triumph, and of joy, a carnival of freedom of expression. But since the hijacking of the Pride movement by the trans lobby, they have become soulless campaigns of bullying every June, and a chance for greedy corporations to profiteer from the latest bandwagon. They have allowed the worst of the trans perverts to parade the streets in near-nakedness, twerking at children, and displaying their fetishes for all to see. Since the events around Pride are billed as family affairs, small children become witnesses to this debauchery, often with parents whooping along, caught up in the delusion that this is simply ‘inclusion and diversity’.


I won’t be playing along with Pride, and I shall do my level best to avoid any businesses who are shamelessly supporting it, and I will continue to call out the madness of this movement at every opportunity. We must withstand the pressure of being fooled into ‘being kind’. It is a false kindness, and one that involves sacrificing your own safety, and that of your children. And I will remember with love, and pride, in its real sense, my beautiful Mum, and what she endured as a woman. No greedy pervert can steal womanhood away from us. We are warriors, and we will win.   

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