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'Target'ing the Children

Written May 2023

The old adage ‘give an inch, and they’ll take a mile’ has never been truer than in the case of trans ideology. In the last few years, there has been a monumental push towards ‘acceptance’ of trans people, which has been confusing for most of us, who had never been ‘unaccepting’ of them. Indeed, the overwhelming majority of people the world over hold a ‘live and let live’ attitude. The way a person chooses to live their life is nobody else’s business. Nevertheless, proving the inch / mile adage to be true, acceptance has quickly snowballed into aggressive demands for massive changes in society, in order not just to accommodate trans people, but to make them feel ‘included’ and ‘safe’. Of course, this narrative implies that, without these concessions, trans people are ‘excluded’ and ‘unsafe’, but this is nothing more than a carefully weaved web of perceived trans hate, that in reality never existed. However, what has got people riled, and turned ‘none of our business’ into ‘very much our business’, apart from the radical and irrational demands that society has been forced into yielding to, is the way that the trans ideologues have succeeded in an enormous widening of the trans net, a net which now captures children from the very earliest stages of their lives. The ideology is now so entrenched in our society, that schools are imposing confusing and anti-scientific messaging on children, and parents have, understandably, become alarmed. This movement has gone far beyond mere acceptance – it is waging war, and dressing it up as peace.

The corporate world, as is their way, have greedily embraced the unfolding trans push as a window of opportunity, and marketing departments across the western world have swung into overdrive, clamouring to find ways to show the world how much more progressive and accepting their brand is than the next. There is not a brand left who has not displayed a version of their logo incorporating the LGBTQ+ flag. (Of course, not in their Middle Eastern branding, though – that would be brand suicide.) Coca Cola, Nike, Adidas, Amazon, Starbucks, Disney, Sky, Volvo – you get the picture – are all proudly displaying their trans credentials at every opportunity (but not in the Middle East, obviously). They stand with trans people and are ‘speaking up for trans equality’ (but not in the Middle East, obviously).

This corporatisation of the trans issue has made it much more difficult for those who have genuine and valid concerns to get heard, especially as the ideology has also been adopted under educational and governmental banners. The trans ideologues have been emboldened by this, and it is now almost impossible to go about your day without being confronted at every turn with some kind of trans messaging, despite the relatively tiny number of people the movement represents.

Target, America’s seventh largest retailer, has just launched its ‘Pride’ range of clothing and accessories, because ‘Being true to yourself and your community is something to celebrate, all year long’, so says the marketing department. One might, upon viewing the range, suspect that those behind the Target campaign are stress testing the bar once again, by pushing that little bit further to see if it breaks. The range includes clothing for babies and children, sporting LGBTQ+ slogans, as well as a range of books, including ‘Bye Bye, Binary’, which carries a suggested reading age of 4-8 years. The blurb for the reads ‘Is it a boy? Or a girl? "WHAT'S IT TO YA?!" Our little bundle of joy has arrived--to dismantle gender norms!’ The irony is that the hypocrisy of the whole movement can be summed up by that one word: binary. In an attempt to convince the world (but not the Middle East, obviously) that gender is fluid, and nothing more than a social construct, they have at once insisted that a man in a dress and make up is a woman, and a girl with short hair and men’s clothing is a man. So, whilst arguing that clothes do not maketh the man (or woman, boy or girl!), they are also arguing the diametrically opposite – that if a man wears women’s clothes, he is a woman, and if a woman wears men’s clothes, then she’s a man. Hmm, sounds quite, erm, binary to me. There are those who identify as non-binary, though, and feel neither man nor woman. Fair enough. But then, the LGBTQ+ community also boasts those who identify as cats, too (male or female cat, I wonder?), so I’m still lost.

There has been a plethora of books in the same vein as ‘Bye Bye, Binary’ published in the last few years, aimed specifically at very young children. This type of material is hugely confusing to children, the vast, vast majority of who will never experience any kind of genuine gender dysphoria. Introducing these ideas to children at the most impressionable of ages is psychologically damaging, and risks causing a child to question something they would otherwise have given not a single moment’s thought to. This can be upsetting for a child, and disorientating, and undermines feelings of security and groundedness.

But fear not. If your little boy has read these books since age 4, while simultaneously being indoctrinated at school about the myriad of apparent genders, and masturbation techniques, and is now feeling insecure and paranoid about his own body, and whether he likes his penis or not, Target have got you covered. The ‘Pride’ range includes a swimsuit, fashioned in the traditional ‘girl’ style, but with a crotch area of ‘Tuck-Friendly Construction’, so your confused young boy can tuck away with ease that unsightly cock and balls he just can’t bear to be seen with. The swimsuit is not marketed in the childrenswear section, alongside the sloganed t-shirts and baby grows, no doubt in an attempt to avoid the difficult questions this would prompt. Instead, the swimsuit is available in a size XS, which the size guide informs us is for a 32” chest, a 26” waist, and a 34” hip measurement – comparable to the size guide for the 12/13/14 age category boys’ clothes.

The evidence is mounting, then, that flies in the face of the assertions of the trans ideologues, who insist that they are not targeting children. Trans activists are on every platform, waxing lyrical about so-called ‘anti-trans’ legislation being passed in some states in America. Do not be fooled. The legislation they are referring to includes the banning of highly-sexualised drag shows for children, and of affirming care for individuals under the age of 18. This is not ‘anti-trans’ – this is pro-child safeguarding.

In what could be described as an own goal, the over-enthusiasm the trans radicals have shown for drag shows for children has acted as a canary in the coalmine, and has woken many up to the sinister side of so-called trans acceptance. Despite recruiting a surprising number of celebrities to their cause (or perhaps, unsurprising – Epstein Island, anyone?), including Kevin Bacon and Charlize Theron, drag shows for kids have spurred many parents into action, and prompted protests and a great deal of criticism of the practice. While Theron gave up her time to take part in a telethon raising money for a cause named ‘Drag Isn’t Dangerous’, she made the somewhat bizarre statement that she would ‘fuck anyone up’ who opposes drag shows for kids. I would point out to Theron that there are perhaps far more worthy causes to give your time to in the name of altruism. Indeed, it is difficult to defend a position wishing to expose babies and very young children to a show consisting of grown men in highly sexualised, female outfits, discussing gender and sex, and even in some cases ‘twerking’ their almost-bare bottoms at the confused young audience. But defend it they try. Using the usual tropes of ‘inclusivity’, and ‘diversity’, these shows are billed as fun and educational. I suggest sinister and perverse as more suitable adjectives. Likewise, the argument for gender-affirming care, which entails hormonal disruptive medications, and life-changing surgery such as double mastectomy and castration, for under 18s would seem impossible to defend. And yet the ideologues do. The most radical in the trans movement are all in favour of this mutilation of children not yet old enough to consent to a tattoo, and whose bodies are not even finished developing, let alone their brains. Trans radicals will spew the line that unaffirmed trans children are at an enormously raised risk of committing suicide as justification for their position, but this is entirely conjecture, and there is absolute no scientific data to back this ludicrous claim. They also lie with impunity about the ‘minute’ numbers of detransitioners, those who regret their surgery and transition back to their birth sex. The numbers are far from minute. It is, in fact, difficult to put exact numbers on this, for many reasons, including that the ‘trans community’ are extremely hostile to those who detransition, and this means many are reluctant to publicly speak about their regret. However, a Reddit group where detransitioners and their loved ones exchange stories and support has over 47,000 members, and posts have some heartbreaking titles, for example ‘the regret is insurmountable’, and ‘is it possible to regain lung capacity after quitting binding?’ (binding is the process of binding breasts to hide them and have the appearance of a masculine torso). Be under no illusion – children’s lives are being ruined.

But these disturbing facts are for the birds, as far as the corporate world is concerned. They shamelessly use the trans issue to sell products, ignoring the enormous and irreversible damage that they may be complicit in causing for confused and impressionable children. Marketing products such as the ‘tuck-friendly’ swimsuit is deplorable. It normalises something which should not be normalised. A child who is confused about his or her gender deserves compassion from rational, calm adults, including medical professionals. This is not a fashion – it is a mental disorder. The recent example of Bud Light may be a beacon of hope, however, and is perhaps a sign that the tide is turning. People have had enough. Bud Light became one of several brands who in recent months have made what has turned out to be in technical terms, a bum move. After partnering with famous trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney, the brand has lost a huge customer base, and sales continue to decline. Nike made a similar misstep when they used the same male influencer to promote their women’s wear (but not in the Middle East, obviously), a move which enraged many women. Clearly not keeping up with the public feeling turning somewhat cool towards these disingenuous and misogynistic tactics, this week Adidas also turned off many of their customers by using a male model to advertise a women’s swimsuit (but not in the Middle East, obviously). Businesses like Bud Light, Nike, and Adidas would do well to note the mood of their non-trans customers, who, let’s face it, will always make up a much, much larger portion of their customer base than the trans ones. Women are not enjoying the attempted erasure of their gender in favour of male replacements, no matter how much makeup those men put on, or how many tampons they carry in their clutch bags. Take note, Target. If you ‘target’ our kids, consumers will make you their next ‘target’, and your profits will suffer.

The gravy train has come to a crashing halt for Bud Light, they are the Holly and Phil of the corporate world. And the brakes are screeching for Nike, Adidas and Target. Wise up, corporates. Go woke, go broke.

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