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Safe with who, exactly?

Written September 2023

Safeguarding of old has been unceremoniously dumped. Apparently, it is completely old hat to warn children of “stranger danger”. The new world order is this: if someone is sporting a natty little rainbow badge with the words “you are safe with me”, then they are unquestionably trustworthy, and you should take them at their trans-ally word. Especially if they have purple hair. The modern-day “Charlie Says” appears to be “if someone approaches you and asks if you want to see some puppies, make a quick scan of the lapel of their jacket, and search for the badge of virtue. If you see it, thumbs up, all good, clearly you are safe with them! If not, run for the hills, they’re probably a TERF”.

Of course, there are no specific qualities needed to qualify for said badge, no DBS checks or proof of one’s ability to help a vulnerable person in distress. Those sporting these little symbols of allied morals have simply handed over their £2.50, to Amazon, or Etsy, or any other virtue-signalling outlet. But no problem. It is not as if paedophiles have ever used cunning guises to seek out victims in the past – what a ludicrous suggestion!

If the purpose of the badge is simply to signal a person’s lack of transphobia, then where does that road end? Must we wear badges of various hues and emblems to signify all of the bigoted views we do not hold? This is yet another creeping step in the pile on of fear mongering surrounding transphobia. We are told repeatedly that transphobia is rife, yet evidence to support this statement is hard to find. The badges along with all the other tacky trans supporting merchandise that has popped up everywhere one turns, are simply props to propagate the notion that trans people are oppressed and need unending sympathy, praise and support.

The message on the badges, however, is somewhat more alarming than a limp flag or a rainbow pen. “You are safe with me” implies that young, confused, vulnerable children, who may be grappling with an identity crisis, can trust a person, purely on the basis of their wearing the badge. These people may be outside of their own families, may even be strangers. Creepy trans influencer, Jeffrey Marsh, has made a living off the back of this behaviour, I imagine he owns one or two of these badges. He encourages young, confused people to “go no contact” with their families, and to reach out to him privately through his Patreon. He uploads countless videos of himself telling these vulnerable kids that he loves them, and that he can be a replacement for their family. Jeffrey does not let the fact that he is neither a qualified psychologist, or therapist of any kind, put him off; he churns out advice on his various platforms, all sparkly eye make-up and five-o-clock shadow. It is baffling that the tech companies running these platforms allow him to continue his online grooming – sorry – advisory service – but then again, child safeguarding appears to be one of the lowest priorities of these billion-dollar companies.

“Here we are, children, come and get your lollipops”, cries the Child Catcher, with his brightly coloured cloak and jolly hat. I’m afraid it is all I can think of when I see the “you are safe with me” badge. Perhaps the trans ideologues need a new marketing team.

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