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‘Reject The Evidence of Your Eyes and Ears’

In this ever-more-dystopian world in which we find ourselves, we are being asked to accept and participate in some bizarre untruths, across ever-increasing areas of life. Cowed into submission, the masses are jumping through hoops trying to navigate the complicated landscape that speech has somehow become, frightened that should they forget themselves and utter a perfectly usual word, but one which is now deemed deeply offensive to a fringe group of people, they will be either shunned, publicly shamed, lose their job, or even be arrested. In other words, we are all living with the constant threat of being ‘cancelled’.

This is certainly not a healthy environment for anyone to live in. To be perpetually in a heightened state of hyper-awareness and fear is exhausting, and it is no wonder that we are all feeling acutely stressed. But how have we got here? I believe that there is a psychological explanation as to why so many are so quick to buy into the latest ‘thing’, and to throw themselves full body behind each ‘thing’ that comes along. Using psychological theories which take advantage of ‘group think’ mentality, it is becoming ever more apparent that there are a group of people with some very nefarious agendas directing the populations of the western world to behave in predictable ways, which are not conducive to cohesion, but rather force division. The tactic is as old as the hills – divide and conquer – and unless the puppets who are marching to the tune of these masters have an epiphany of realisation, conquer us they will.

Some years ago, the phrase ‘political correctness’ entered the lexicon, to describe certain old-fashioned, out-of-date opinions or terms, which in the modern age felt somewhat inappropriate, and which absolutely deserved to be dropped from everyday language. The term ‘political correctness’, or ‘PC’ for short, of course became hugely over-used, and the extended phrase ‘political correctness gone mad’ came eventually to stand for the over-zealousness of some of the schemes hatched in its name. However, the movement did undoubtably serve the progression of society. Many phrases or names that were used until then have now, evolved to become unacceptable, and rightly so. Over time attitudes change, and what was once deemed perfectly acceptable can evolve into something unacceptable, for entirely legitimate reasons. The ways in which people of colour were once sometimes referred to, for example, are now deeply offensive, as over time our society has become more diverse, and so our cohesion and understanding has broadened, something which is obviously to be applauded. Similarly, attitudes to women, particularly in the workplace, have been brought into the modern age, and it is now, rightfully, seen as deeply offensive to sexualise women and make inappropriate comments in a work environment. Gone are the days when a male boss might expect to give his secretary a slap on the bottom, and not receive a slap in the face in return. And hurrah to that.

Sadly, though, as with so many progressive developments throughout history, ‘political correctness’ trod a fine line, and eventually it lost its balance of equity. The ideas and changes which were conceived with noble intentions came full circle, and ‘PC’ went through a metamorphosis, from which it has emerged as a dogged ideology of the most fascist and aggressive nature. The ‘politically incorrect’ movement is now sporting a more up-to-date name since its emergence from its cocoon, and we are now living in Orwellian territory. The caterpillar of ‘political correctness’ has emerged as ‘social justice’ – and it is toxic.

Any rationality that existed at the outset of PC-ness has not just been lost, it has been sent to a remote yak farm in Outer Mongolia, never to be found again. What has risen in place of logic is the monster of wokeness, running rampant and wild, and trashing humanity. Societies across the western world are entangled in the ever-further-reaching tentacles of this beast, and sensible, dissenting voices, those trying desperately to awaken the ones hypnotised under the spell of wokeness, are being choked into silence, cancelled by mainstream media tv channels, radio programmes, and newspapers, and censored across social media platforms. Even eminent scientists are not impervious to this treatment.

Social Justice sounds like a noble idea; the phrase evokes ideas of equality for all, fair pay, inclusivity, and indeed, human beings are, on the whole, genuinely desiring of such ideals (cabinet ministers, royalty, Tony Blair, Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates aside, of course). But the reality is that the social justice movement is proving to be anything but ‘just’, and the reasonable goals set out in my description above of what social justice suggests are far from what its proponents are propagating. Instead, their messaging is brimming with toxic ideologies, and the pushing of these is causing rampant division in society, with the social justice warrior (SJW) leftist woke brigade in one corner, and the so-called conservatives (in attitude, rather than political persuasion) in the other. But what is so interesting about these two groups, is that the SJW crowd, who bill themselves as all about liberalism, are behaving in the most illiberal manner conceivable. The whole movement seems to be built on the psychological phenomenon of othering: you are either with them, which involves agreeing with every single one of their demands, bar none, or you are against them and are fair game for their toxic brand of hate. And many of the demands they are making are, frankly, completely bonkers.

The wider the net is cast, the more souls it drags in, as if individual thought and opinion is just too much trouble, and the lure of being safe in the net, along with millions of others is too hard to resist. Rather label yourself a victim of some kind of oppression, or purport to be championing those victims, and group yourself with others of the same ilk, and shout and scream at anyone outside the net, who refuses to play the game.

One of the most extreme causes which shelters under the ‘social justice’ umbrella is the Black Lives Matter movement, which has caused huge division and controversy since its explosion after the killing of George Floyd in the US. The BLM movement has managed to infiltrate the worlds of sport, fashion, music and movies. Celebrities queued up to be seen to be supporting the movement, so as to be on the ‘right side’ of the apparent issue. The problem, however, is that like the umbrella term of ‘social justice’, the name of this movement ‘Black Lives Matter’ is loaded with emotion, and although the phrase itself sounds like an unarguably reasonable statement, the demands and practices of the group do not match this ideal. Of course, black lives do matter – because all lives matter. But Black Lives Matter is an organisation that has amassed billions of dollars in the last few years, much of which has been used for some extremely questionable purposes completely unrelated to the not-for-profit’s supposed objectives and activities, such as huge salaries for its top bods, and a mansion, to name but two. But wealth brings power, and BLM now has its fingers in many political pies. So political has their position become, that it is now deemed a racist act to not actively support the group, or to take the knee when you are told, and woe betide anyone who dares question the morality of the organisation itself. By sleight of hand, supporting BLM has become the ONLY way in which you can support anti-racism – they have corporatised a personal value, and made it a team sport. Football associations, huge corporations like Coca-Cola, Banks, and retail groups have all jumped on the band wagon, and proudly display the BLM logo across all their branding, so terrified are they of being labelled racist.

All rational minded individuals would wish for a world free of racism, and for all people regardless of colour or creed to be treated with decency, respect, and equality. However, so hugely embedded in our culture the Black Lives Matter messaging has now become, it is dangerously snowballing towards absurdity, and we are being asked to accept that ALL white people are inherently racist. Bolstered by Robin DiAngelo’s book, White Fragility, whiteness has become a scarlet letter, to be worn with shame and embarrassment, and bizarrely, swathes of white people are themselves buying into this ludicrous notion. There are thousands upon thousands of TikTok videos made by white people, condemning themselves, explaining to their unfortunate viewers that being born in their own skin has made them a racist, how they are the beneficiaries of white privilege, and proudly describing the gargantuan efforts they are going to make as reparation for this sin, and lecturing us that we should be doing the same. It is hugely uncomfortable to watch these people performing some kind of modern form of medieval self-flagellation – you can almost feel the horsehair shirt pricking into their skin. The desperation these people feel to be in the group they perceive, because of the careful manipulation that has been woven, to be the virtuous one, is causing them to literally hate their own skin. And, worse still, these notions of ‘white privilege’ and inherent racism are making their way into schools, and children are being taught these divisive beliefs as facts.

There are voices calling out the craziness of the situation, people of all skin colours in fact, but finding a platform from which to get these voices heard is becoming more and more difficult. The most shameful thing to be in the current landscape is a straight, white man.

Another of these ever-growing number of ‘causes’ whose agendas and ideology we are being forced to participate in and conform to under the ‘social justice’ umbrella, the ‘trans movement’ (I use this broad term to encompass the so-called spectrum of genders that the activists insist exist), is arguably one of the most aggressively pushed, but it is also one in which the stakes are too high to ignore.

In the last piece I wrote on the subject of gender ideology, and the harms it is undoubtably causing both on a wider, societal level, as well as to individuals unwittingly caught up in its dogma, I asserted that it feels as if we, as a society, are being ‘stress-tested’, as if whoever is directing this farce is testing our limits. Just how silly, ridiculous, and debased does the agenda need to become before society as a whole joins forces to call out, like the child in the famous tale, that the emperor is naked? Well, a short, excruciating exposure to a music video for Sam Smith’s new song is telling me there’s a way to go yet.

The ‘trans’ movement’s particular brand of deliberate disharmony involves pushing ludicrous, anti-scientific lies out to the world, and insisting that these be told, and taught as fact, to the very youngest in our society, via the curriculums of primary schools. And, should you put your head above the parapet, and call what they are saying lies, you will be brandished a hater, screamed at, shouted down, and labelled a phobic bigot. So, unless you agree that five-year-olds should be taught that gender is not a binary, biological fact, and that in fact, anyone can be anything, including no-gender, or gender fluid, whereby gender changes by the day, the week, even the hour, you are a bigot. Unless you suspend your disbelief and go along with reciting the doctrine of trans-acceptance with massive enthusiasm, you are a bigot. If you speak out and raise concerns that children are being allowed, indeed encouraged, to make life-altering decisions which can include blocking their puberty with dangerous medications, and at the most extreme having surgery to remove perfectly healthy breasts or penises, you are a bigot. It seems to have not occurred to those writing the manual on gender ideology that one of the very things they purport to be opposed to – that of the ‘construct’ of gender – is in fact what they are also apparently fighting for! If it is mortally offending to call a person ‘female’, because that is such an offensive term which they consider to have been ‘constructed’, then how is ‘non-binary’ not viewed in exactly the same way? Surely someone ‘constructed’ that term too. And given that biologically the two actual sexes, male and female, are identifiable, where does that leave terms such as non-binary? They cannot be identified other than by what the person tells us. Logic, it seems, is what is seriously lacking on the agenda, and they have pushed the world into a game of linguistic Russian Roulette.

There is also an almost maniacal obsession amongst the trans community with ‘pronouns’. There are packs of angry activists, chomping at the bit to catch out individuals who ‘misgender’ them, or who refuse to participate in the lunacy of referring to a person as ‘ze’ / ‘zir’ – a pause here to allow those very people to shout that I have spelt these wrong, or used the wrong example - as opposed to ‘she’ / ‘her’ or ‘he’ / ‘him’. The list of pronouns grows by the day, and some of these people choose to swap from one to another, depending on their mood, so even if we do try to humour them and participate, whichever pronoun we choose will be a stab in the dark at best.

There are two prominent groups that make up the bulk of those claiming to be trans, and the reasoning for both is not difficult to understand. At one end, we have an over 4000% rise in young, vulnerable teenage girls, unhappy that they don’t live up to the ideals of women in porn, or the influencers that are streaming to them 24 hours a day via their phones, seeking gender reassignment to become men. At the other end, there are adult males, most likely with fetish traits, who are so emboldened by this new ‘acceptance’ that they can now live out their fetishes in the mainstream, and present themselves as women, or more troubling still, often as ‘girls’, and be praised for it as courageous and wonderful. Worrying in the extreme are the numbers of male prisoners who are now claiming to be trans women, which entitles them, funnily enough, to be transferred out of the scary, violent male prisons, and be reassigned to a female prison – regardless of the crime they have been convicted of. This means that there are rapists – men who have raped women – now identifying as women, and being locked up with women. Fucked up does not even cover it.

Gender dysphoria is a recognised mental illness, in the same way that anorexia is diagnosable, but look at the difference between the two conditions, in the way they are now being treated. We are in dystopian territory indeed, when a mental illness, rather than being treated as such, is instead celebrated and affirmed, and healthy body parts are lopped off, and the sufferers are made celebrities for suffering from their illness! The research of Dr Zucker, (who until recently was regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on gender dysphoria in children and adolescents, and who has decades of experience), showed that, treated with psychotherapy, and left un-medicated and without surgery, 88% of children or young people with gender dysphoria will end up choosing to live as the gender they were born as. In other words, they will outgrow the condition. By interrupting the process with the modern ideas of puberty blocking and surgery, we are not allowing them the time and space to heal in this natural way. Incidentally, when the explosion in recent years of cases of ‘trans’ identifying children erupted, Dr Zucker advocated his massively successful ‘watchful waiting’ approach, but was lambasted by trans activists, and eventually lost his job. The power of these movements is immense.

If the two examples so far are not enough to persuade you that societal attitudes are being deliberately directed and controlled on a higher level, there is a third recent event that adds further weight to the argument. During Covid, many were rendered incapable of independent thought, and this became clear by the way that they were so easily influenced by the propaganda-style ‘information’ that was pushed hard, despite the fact that much of it made little, often zero, sense. A cursory examination of what we were being asked to believe should have been enough to reveal that we were being played – but the majority of people simply accepted, and complied. And, like good soldiers, these compliant people became the mouthpieces of those seeking to divide us, yet again. Mask-wearing people developed deep, intense hatred for those who said that masks were pointless. Lockdown proponents (safe and happy for the most part in their large, comfortable homes, with jobs unaffected due to ‘working from home’, coffee machines primed and ready, and large gardens for the children to play in – just saying) found themselves ready to rage at anyone who left their home more times than the government had deemed acceptable, and shouted ‘Covidiot!’ at anyone who came within two meters of them on the street. (Two meters one centimetre? All good. One meter and ninety-nine centimetres? You disgusting human get away from me!!! It’s science, right?)

And then, the vaccines. Good grief, the vaccines. Anyone who chose not to take the vaccine, in a rational world, would be seen to simply be exhibiting a healthy scepticism of a medical treatment that was, by any standard, rushed and untested. But in this world of enormous irrationality, and prescribed rampant division, they were instead painted as selfish, ignorant people, who were not ‘playing their part’ in society. There it is again, you see. That group thinking, group mentality, that runs through all of these issues plaguing our society, and it is truly terrifying. There is ample evidence now that being a vaccine refusenik was indeed a smart move – a life safer in many cases. The number of people who have been injured and killed by the vaccine continues to rise, and the evidence is there for all to see – but as it is not being reported on the mainstream news, those hardliners are refusing to accept that they were duped, and are still calling those of us trying to get that information out there ‘conspiracy theorists’. This, of course, is a further slap in the face to those who have been injured, or lost loved ones, yet who cannot get their stories heard. How many deaths does it take for people to admit that ‘conspiracy theory’ has shown itself to be ‘reality’? Genuine question.

For good measure, those who lost most during the ‘pandemic’ were, yet again, the children. There is a theme here: children are the sacrificial lambs for a fearful, angry, disenchanted society of adults, who are overly entitled, and narcissistic in the extreme. It is children who are bearing the brunt of the consequences of each and every one of these ‘movements’, and those who are using them in this way should be hanging their heads in shame. There is a plague of narcissism infecting the western world, individuals are feeding the beasts of their own selfishness, while being given the cloak of social justice to hide beneath.

What has been surrendered in the pursuit of ‘social justice’, ironically, seems to be humanity. People are no longer judged on the decency of their character, as a human being, but on their willingness to accept various aspects of society, in exactly the way that they are told to – tick all the boxes, or you fail. When did nuance get erased? I suspect that herein lies the point, though. If those directing these movements cannot keep stoking anger using black and white division, then the game is over. If the anger is diffused, and understanding is reached, society becomes less divided. If the trans community was not so riled up by the apparent hate they receive, rationally they would see that nobody is in the least bit concerned with their life choices, but simply wish to protect children from irreversibly damaging themselves. And if the pharmaceutical companies had not done such a good job at convincing millions and millions that their products are ‘safe and effective’, then the truth about the damage their vaccines are causing would be public information, so people would be able to make informed consent decisions, and anger towards the unvaccinated would abate.

It is no surprise, therefore, that educational institutions, from primary schools up, are the target for pushing these agendas. University campuses are now some of the most ‘woke’ places on earth, students are no longer mavericks willing to challenge authorities, but instead cowed youngsters, terrified of using the wrong pronoun. It would be impossible to know how many of these students truly believe what they are being forced to go along with, but it is somewhat immaterial anyway. They have already been browbeaten into submission. Imagine what it will be like by the time the current primary school cohort reach their age, after a lifetime of brainwashing.

There are many further examples of ‘social justice’ issues, such as ‘Me Too’, the alleged ‘Climate Crisis’, and ‘Russia / Ukraine’, but I will aim for a conclusion here by urging readers to think before jumping on any of these bandwagons. Be in no doubt that all of these movements being pushed in the western world right now are linked together, and are engineered towards erasing reality. They are designed to bamboozle us into being unable to recognise truth anymore. Most of the actors caught up in the activism probably do believe that they are righteous, virtuous, and liberal. But they are anything but. They are the absolute opposite of any of these qualities. The danger of what is happening seems to escape them. The fact that their modus operandi is identical to that of every fascist regime in history seems to go over their heads. Demanding everyone uses only approved language, takes an experimental medication, or genuflect your adherence to an organisation – these actions all fit neatly under ‘fascist’, by any standard.

I want to finish with a word of hope, though. Truth has a way of triumphing. And although outlets like the BBC, Sky, ITV, and others the world over, seem to have forgotten what the word means, there are millions of sensible, truth loving people in the world, who will not stop speaking it, no matter what. Never be cowed into fear of speaking it, and share it with all people you encounter. Never be tempted to slip into the doctrine of these purposefully divisive movements, which operate like cults, and ensure to keep thinking freely, and critically. And lastly, keep as your mantras: Masculinity is not inherently toxic; Whiteness is not inherently racist; Refusing a vaccine does not make you inherently selfish; And last, but not least, biology is a truth, male and female genders exist.

Our children need us.

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Jolyon Williams
Jolyon Williams
14 feb 2023

I could not agree more with your analysis of the situation that you succinctly describe to the reader. These are valid points, which I too can relate to. When each of us finds the courage to speak out and share our truth, we can overcome such diversity together and be able to face the fear that is holding us back.

Mi piace
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