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Notes on Old Scandals

Written May 2024

This week the country is reacting with understandable shock and horror to the findings of a report into the infected blood scandal of the 1970s, 80s and 90s, in which over 30,000 patients were given blood contaminated with Hepatitis C or HIV. Unsurprisingly, the report highlights failings and outright coverups by the NHS and government. The PM has said he is ‘truly sorry’, meaningless words that I’m afraid ring particularly hollow. But then, hollow words are one of Sunak’s strengths, alongside his ability to load a dishwasher, apparently. Matt Hancock, a man of equally low integrity, has had the audacity to wade in, and praise the ‘full compensation’ to be provided by the government for the victims of the blood scandal, and their families, who were so ‘horrifically impacted’, a sickening statement of hypocrisy on his part. Judgement awaits you, Hancock: Midazolam. While the victims of the blood scandal deserve recognition for the suffering and deaths that have been caused, one cannot help but feel ever-rising fury that the same PM, and the disgusting ‘government’ he leads, and those MPs in supposed opposition, (let’s face it, two cheeks of the same arse), refuse, still, to acknowledge the very current, very real, and ever-growing scandal of those being injured and killed as a direct result of the Covid vaccines. While these victims and their families struggle to come to terms with the horrendous loss and irrevocable life changes that have been wrought upon them, MPs like Eliot Colburn continue to dismiss their suffering as a ‘baseless, bizarre and inaccurate load of conspiracy theory nonsense’.


Compensation for those affected by the infected blood scandal has taken decades to come to fruition, and has only reached this too little, too late conclusion after the unending fight brought by the victims and their families. Much like the scandal of Hillsborough. Immediately following the devastating events of April 1989, when 97 Liverpool FC fans were killed in a chaotic crowd crush shortly after kick-off at the Sheffield Wednesday ground, the authorities responsible for the tragedy immediately set about pushing a narrative, supported by media, where the victims were blamed. Their own appallingly careless, reckless mishandling was covered up, and instead the fans were accused of having been drunk, and of jumping turnstiles without tickets. It took an incomprehensible length of time for the families of the victims to receive recognition and justice for their dead. The youngest victim was just 10 years old when he died. The reprehensible fashion in which they were treated was finally acknowledged 32 years after the disaster, and the 97 who died can now finally rest in peace, their names cleared of the disgusting slurs to which they were initially subjected to. Kelvin MacKenzie – shame on you.


And who could forget the victims of the thalidomide scandal, who also endured decades of fight before their plight was recognised, and they were eventually compensated. In the 1960s, thalidomide was put onto the market as a miracle drug to help women with morning sickness, an unpleasant but common side effect of pregnancy. By the time it became clear that the drug caused severe birth defects in newborns, many thousands of children had already been born with deformities, and many more died in late pregnancy, or upon birth. Shockingly (or not), the manufacturer of this poison, Chemie Grünenthal, knew early on, indeed prior to its mass rollout, that severe birth defects and infant mortality were side effects, and chose to cover up the information so that the successful sales campaign could continue apace, and they sat back and watched as the profits rolled in.


Of course, we use the word compensation because it is all we have. The reality, though, is that nothing on earth can compensate for a life afflicted by HIV or Hepatitis C. Nor for a child taking his last breath on the pitch of an FA Cup semi-final. Nor for a life lived in a body left deformed by the ‘treatment’ prescribed to a mother. But the acknowledgement of what has been perpetrated to these innocent people is what matters, and what they deserve.


That decades have always elapsed between a scandal taking place, and the time of its uncovering, is not because it takes this inordinate length of time to examine the facts, nor to identify the culprits. It is rather that the facts are deliberately hidden, and the culprits are enabled to cover up their crimes, for a suitably long period of time. After which they will either be dead themselves, or too old to be meaningfully prosecuted and punished, and no longer in their positions of power, so able to leave the blame at the door of their professional post, while taking no personal liability. Of course, said culprits and their enablers will often have accrued tremendous personal gains from their criminal acts, either by wealth, or career progression, for example. So, when Sunak stands up and says ‘sorry’ for a coverup committed by those no longer in government or positions of power within the NHS, it is nothing but lip service, an attempt to make for good optics, as they say. He knows that one day, some other suited-and-booted Eton boys will stand up and apologise ‘on behalf of the government’ for the crimes perpetrated by himself, Johnson, Hancock, and the rest, during the Covid era. By which time, they will have had years of enjoying the fruits of their crimes. There will be no personal punishment for these evildoers.   


However, before the Covid vaccine scandal becomes one of these burned-in-the-memory cases, right now it is playing out for us in real time. Anecdotally there are endless, day after day reports of ‘died suddenly’ cases, of heart events on football fields, strokes, blood clots and cancers diagnosed at late stage. But we are being gaslighted into believing that there are other causes for these unprecedented occurrences. Newspapers report daily of the most ludicrous new ‘scientific studies’ showing an increased risk of cardiac events being caused by such routine, day-to-day mundanity as sleeping with the blinds open, laughing too hard, and having a lie-in on the weekends. One could be forgiven these days for thinking every day was April 1st. In what is turning out to be the saddest, most unwanted ‘I told you so’ in history, the injuries and deaths have begun in earnest, and continue apace. Guillain Barre Syndrome, early-onset arthritis, Lupus, and other autoimmune conditions. Miscarriages and still births are skyrocketing. And all the while, the ‘vaccine’ continues to be pushed, by companies whose track records of fraud and malfeasance are unparalleled. Let’s take a look at the Pharmaceutical industry’s top ten:


2021, GlaxoSmithKline are fined $3billion ($1B criminal / $2B civil) for criminal, off-label promotion of 11 products, and for failing to disclose safety data; and of paying kickbacks to doctors.


2009, Pfizer are fined $2.3billion for off label promotion of 4 separate products, and for paying kickbacks to doctors.


2013, Johnson & Johnson are fined $2.2billion for off-label promotion of 3 separate products, and for paying kickbacks to doctors.


2012, Abbott Laboratories are fined $1.5billion for off label promotion of a product.


2009, Eli Lilly are fined $1.4billion for off-label promotion of a product.


2001, TAP Pharmaceutical Products are fined $875million for Medicare fraud, and for paying kickbacks.


2012, Amgen are fined $762million for off-label promotion and paying kickbacks.


2010, GlaxoSmithKline are fined $750million for poor manufacturing practices in relation to 4 products.


2005, Serono are fined $704million for off-label promotion, paying kickbacks, and monopolistic practices.


2008, Merck are fined $650million for Medicare fraud, and for paying kickbacks.


2007, Purdue Pharma are fined $601million for off-label promotion.


Ok, that’s elven, not ten, but this list could have run for pages. These legalised gangsters, these crooks, are the companies providing assurances that their products are ‘safe and effective’. Oh, and for good measure, they have been provided, by your government, with immunity from legal liability for any injuries or deaths the Covid vaccines are responsible for. You’re welcome.


It is hard to know the precise numbers of injuries and deaths from the Covid vaccines, not least because they are not publicised the way the alleged Covid virus deaths were. There are no running tickers on Sky News, or front-page headlines in the dailies. The Yellow Card reporting system, however, is perhaps a good place to start. It is widely accepted that the numbers reported via the Yellow Card scheme are massively under-stated, and account for around just 10% of true numbers. Many people are unaware of the existence of the Yellow Card scheme, as it is deliberately hardly promoted, meaning many who may acknowledge that they have been victims of the Covid vaccine go unrecorded as such. Many others, however, do not even attribute their loved one’s death, or their own injury to the vaccine, and so would not report to the Yellow Card system either. With this in mind, it is shocking to note, that even at these under-reported numbers, the system already records over 2,688 deaths from Covid vaccination across all brands, and over 360,000 serious adverse reactions.


Why, then, with such devastatingly high occurrences of serious adverse reactions and deaths, are more people not furious at what has been perpetrated? The answer, sadly, is psychology. After being conditioned by the relentless marketing campaign of fear, by way of the 24-hour news channels and their tickers of doom, and the psychological damage of lockdowns and social distancing, the public were primed to believe that the holy grail, the vaccine, would be the way out of the pandemic. They waited with bated breath for news of the vaccine with all the eagerness of a Jehovah’s Witness awaiting the second coming. And so, when the moment arrived, trusting the government and healthcare professionals who assured them that the new potions were ‘safe and effective’, and that taking it would ensure life returned to normal, many people celebrated and rolled up their sleeves willingly. Psychology was shamelessly used to increase the hype, with a hierarchy of those eligible for their jabs drawn up, meaning people had to wait their turn, envious of those ahead of themselves in the queue. And so, when confronted with the horrifying truth that their own injuries and deaths, or those experienced by family, friends, and neighbours, are likely the direct consequence of the vaccine that was supposed to save the world, people are understandably hesitant to get on board. Human nature dictates that they would rather accept any other explanation, no matter how preposterous, than accept the truth.


Predictably, the age-old trope of ‘conspiracy theorist’ was levelled at anyone, layperson, doctor, or scientist, who dared to voice fears or concerns around the vaccines, so hastily concocted, so rapidly distributed, and so ruthlessly administered. With mainstream outlets still holding that line, it is perhaps unsurprising that the Covid vaccine injured are struggling to elicit support from much of the public. To acknowledge the validity of those who report such devastating consequences, those who also took the vaccine must admit to themselves that they too may be at risk of developing similar problems, today, tomorrow, or a year from now. They may have celebrated the rollout of the false saviour, and shamed others who chose not to take it, and so may be feeling a peculiar blend of fear, regret, and guilt.


AstraZeneca this month took the unusual decision to request that the regulator withdraw the authorisation for their Covid vaccine, citing ‘commercial reasons’. They did acknowledge that the product was known to cause blood clotting issues, but the news story came and went. But amazing work done by Ehden Biber has exposed that the real reasons behind the jab being pulled have nothing to do with commercial viability, nor its propensity to cause ‘rare’ blood clots, but everything to do with data that has revealed the horrific rates of adverse reactions, both with their own product and with other brands’ products. By pulling their product from the market, these figures are no longer under scrutiny, and the data is buried. In other words, AstraZeneca are acting as the patsy, the one taking the fall so that the other manufacturers, of the new-fangled MRNA variety of Covid vaccine, can be victorious.


But why? Well, as concisely explained by Dr. Ahmed Malik on The Freeman Report, they are employing the ‘limited hangout’ principle. By dangling the ‘oh we accept that our product might have caused blood clots in VERY RARE cases, so we withdrew it, aren’t we the good guys’, the public are tricked into thinking, ‘great, they have acknowledged a problem, that was VERY RARE, and they have done the right thing’. What is implied, therefore, is that only the AstraZeneca product was a problem, and all others are still ‘safe and effective’. What this suggests, then, is an extremely sinister collusion. That Big Pharma are acting as one, in concert with each other, with governments, and with regulatory agencies, to discredit the old-fashioned style vaccine, i.e. AstraZeneca’s products, and to push forward with great force the wholesale acceptance of the new-fangled mRNA vaccines as miracle products, from which they will all prosper. We have seen in the last few months a celebratory tone in newspaper stories about trials of mRNA cancer vaccines, for example. And Bill Gates has been anything but shy in interviews promoting the idea that in the future we will have ‘vaccines for everything’.


Far from altruism, this all reeks of profiteering. At the expense of our health and lives, these Bond villains will stop at nothing to turn the entire population of the universe into repeat customers of their pharmaceutical poisons. And there it is. The reason for the Covid plandemic in a nutshell. The success of the Covid vaccine rollout relied entirely on the world accepting that we were in the grip of a deadly pandemic, and that pharmaceutical intervention was our only hope. It was the reason for the billions spent worldwide on promoting the pandemic with all the gusto of a marketing campaign for a Hollywood blockbuster. Without the belief, and the fear, the vaccine would not have sold. But sell it did. That this promotional drive was created and directed by those in government, in lockstep with organisations such as the WHO, makes the silence on the horrific injuries and deaths even more abhorrent. Watching Sunak and others turn themselves inside out to show their fake sorrow and horror at the treatment of the victims of the infected blood scandal must feel like utter treachery to the victims of the Covid jabs.


Time is a great healer, apparently. Perhaps. But what time does not heal is the lifelong suffering of those who have been injured or maimed, or the families of those who have died, because they were sold the massive, unadulterated lie of ‘safe and effective’. Governments and Big Pharma have been in bed together for many years, and millions have been victims of this greedy, evil partnership. The Covid vaccine victims must be heard, and must be compensated, for lives lost, or irrevocably changed. They must not be made to wait decades for acknowledgement and compensation. These victims are people who were previously healthy, and who took the poison shots because they believed they were doing the ‘right thing’. They were coerced and lied to by those they should have been able to trust, and they deserve to see those responsible punished. An apology from a podium by a useful idiot 30 years hence simply will not cut it. Fight for action now. Let’s not let them get away with it again.

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