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Licence to Kill

Written December 2023

The Covid Inquiry in the UK is underway. Of course, we all know it is an unholy waste of time and money, and I have already heard too many apologists in the general public stating the usual tropes of ‘they were in a difficult situation’ or ‘nobody knew’ and ‘they followed the science’, making excuses for the corrupt and lying politicians and scientists giving their ‘evidence’. And so, I wanted to write a piece, addressed directly at those who continue to exhibit an extraordinary level of Stokholm syndrome, and who still appear deaf and blind to the tyrannical abuse that has been perpetrated upon us over the last three-and-a-half years. If you continue to allow these evil, narcissistic psychopaths to get away with what they willingly participated in, you are at best a fool, and at worst cruel and heartless, and no better a person than any of those monsters.

The Covid ‘pandemic’ responses implemented by governments made zero sense from the beginning. It only took a small amount of scratching at the surface to realise it was a power and wealth grabbing exercise, orchestrated by the million-and-billionaire classes. (You can read my many previous articles on the subject here: Lockdowns, and all that came with them, were inhumane, and caused pain and suffering to millions, an outcome that was easily predictable, but that many refused to believe or accept. However, perhaps the best illustration of the insanity which overtook so many can be found in the so-called Healthcare systems. Hospitals and care homes across the Western world became prisons during the ‘pandemic’, and the most barbaric cruelties were carried out within their walls. Thousands of elderly and vulnerable people, left to fend for themselves without the support and advocacy of their families, were literally put to death, their ends hastened by end-of-life drugs prescribed and administered by the truckload. While hospital and care home staff went to great lengths to ensure that families were denied access to their loved ones, systematic genocide took place.

If you think I am being overly dramatic, shame on you. Watch these devastated families tell their stories here: - still think ‘they’ have our best interests at heart? How many thousands of people met these dreadful, needless ends?

And, shockingly, it was not only the elderly who suffered these tragic ends. In a case which should be embedded in every single person’s mind, Sally Maaz was just 17 years old when she had the tragic misfortune to need hospital treatment for a serious lung infection. Sally had suffered with a lifelong, but hitherto well managed, heart condition. The hospital nazis at Mayo University Hospital in Ireland, where Sally attended for help, refused entry to her parents to be with their daughter, and what followed was a chain of events that is hard to fathom, but which culminated in Sally – a 17-year-old – being put onto a ‘palliative’ pathway. She passed away on a Covid ward, confused, alone, and frightened in the early hours of 24th April 2020.

The facts of Sally’s horrendous death are almost beyond belief. After refusing to administer her regular heart medication, Ramipril, upon which she relied, the hospital did administer an opioid called Palexia, which caused an extreme reaction of choking and vomiting in the poor child, who was known to be averse to opioids due to her heart condition. All the while, the Registrar insisted she be tested, again and again, for Covid. Despite the tests repeatedly returning ‘negative’, further Covid tests were carried out, until finally, a ‘positive’ result was allegedly found. Thereafter, she was moved to a Covid ward and fitted with a syringe driver containing Midazolam and Alfentanil, an end-of-life cocktail of drugs, essentially condemning her to death. It is heartbreaking to imagine the fear and trauma Sally experienced at the hands of those who should have been caring for her. Rest in peace, Sally.

The staff at Mayo University Hospital insisted at an inquest into Sally’s death that they followed the directives of then Chief Medical Officer for Ireland, Tony Holohan, and have subsequently been placed under a gag order by the General Manager of the hospital. Why? Matt Hancock, Tony Holohan’s UK equivalent, has as many questions to answer regarding his own protocols and directives – there is a reason he was ascribed the nickname Midazolam Matt. Sally’s story is a tragic warning that compliance in evil comes from some diverse and perhaps unexpected places, including so-called medical professionals. In the eye of the Covid storm it seemed that people from every facet of huge and unwieldy health organisations, from doctors’ receptionists to surgeons, were hell bent on ensuring that patients’ medical journeys were made all the more painful and torturous by enforcing an additional and unnecessary slew of rules and regulations. Patients faced the difficulty of trying to decipher the words of doctors, surgeons and nurses who insisted on talking to them from behind face masks they refused to remove. Patients were pressured into wearing masks themselves, no matter how uncomfortable it made them. And that was if one were lucky enough to get a face-to-face appointment. Appointments were regularly scheduled as ‘telephone appointments’, equally difficult for patients trying to understand doctors and nurses imparting complicated medical information via crackly mobile phone signal. Add to these issues the incessant Covid test swabbing, and a picture builds of the nightmare that were health and care services during that time. Hospital doctors and nurses had morphed into brutish prison guards, going to extraordinary lengths to keep pesky family members away from their incarcerated loved ones. Care homes operated in much the same way. Which begs the question: what exactly went on behind those locked ward doors? What we do know for certain is that huge amounts of ‘end of life’ drugs, such as Midazolam, were administered, and hastened the death of thousands upon thousands of elderly and vulnerable patients. We also know that those deaths were then used as statistics to boost the numbers of so-called Covid deaths, so the governments could continue to insist there was a pandemic, and perpetuate their despotic takeover of our lives. To necessitate such an outcome, families simply had to be kept out of the way. Nobody, it seemed, was safe from the threat of being deemed ‘vulnerable’, a word which became interchangeable with ‘dispensable’. As Sally Maaz’s family can sadly testify to.

Given the lies and deceptions that have already been revealed regarding the actions of those in charge, the safety and efficacy of the vaccines, and the source of the ‘virus’ itself, it is hard to see how any sane human can still find a shred of trust for those ‘in power’. But if you are finding yourself still inclined towards sympathy for Boris Johnston, Matt Hancock, Tony Holohan, Dominic Cummins, Jacinda Ardern, or any other cheating, robbing, lying politician or other official, for the ‘difficult decisions they had to make’, there’s a nice, cold glass of Kool-Aid waiting for you. Anthony Fauci is serving. Enjoy.

And please see Jacqui Deevoy’s brilliant work, including on the scandal of the deaths of those put on end-of-life pathways during the ‘pandemic’ here:

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