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Fear. Tyranny's Best Friend.

Written November 2023

Remember lockdown? I do. All too well. As a proud tin foil hat wearer, I called bullshit on the Covid narrative very early on, and was lucky to have a family who felt the same. While the rest of the world got drawn into the collective, group thinking fear fest, my fellow sceptics and I tried desperately, mostly to no avail, to get others to see that they were being played on an epic scale. Alas, fear is a powerful thing, and governments know it. In fact, it is the tool they use to manipulate and control the masses in all areas of life. The Government’s good friend, The Media, assists their efforts by compliantly propagating the latest fear mongering nonsense, and making sure it is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

The ever-present death toll tickers that television news channels plastered across their screens 24 hours a day during the supposed pandemic were all part of the plan. As were the headlines of doom on the front of newspapers. And the one-way systems in supermarkets. And the billboard posters with images of a dying man on a ventilator. And the television and radio adverts on a perpetual loop, warning of the deadly disease. And scaring children witless that they might ‘kill granny’. And the forced mask wearing. And the daily briefings by Boris and his two goblinous pet scientists. Each and every one of these moves was by design, to heighten the fear responses, and thus elicit compliance.

The end game, of course, was to ensure that the masses were so sufficiently terrified that they would compliantly roll up their sleeves and allow themselves to be injected with an experimental drug. And many did. Very many indeed. Directed like a Hollywood blockbuster, the Covid crisis reached its climatic finale when it was announced with great fanfare that, at breakneck speed, a magic elixir had been invented that would save the world! Sweet relief, a vaccine! And, who would have thought it, there would be a choice! Happy needle junkies would have a selection of mystery potions to choose from, since in an almost unbelievable turn of events, several pharmaceutical companies had all come up with solutions virtually simultaneously, just like that. Quite remarkable, really.

No longer the villains of massive fraud and malpractice suits of the past, Big Pharma were transformed into the heroes of the piece, releasing us from the vice-like grip of a pandemic. Matt Hancock (known in my circles as Midazolam Matt), the murderous Health Minister in the UK, exhibited his best acting skills on GMTV, as he pretended to cry with sheer emotion on the day that the first jabbing was to take place. He was, of course, dreadful. The duping delight could not have been more obvious, he could barely contain his laughter. And, sticking with the acting theme, the very first chap to receive a vaccine was named…wait for it, William Shakespeare. The modern-day Bard was second in line to a woman, Margaret Keeney, who was bestowed with the dubious honour of being the first person in the entire world to receive the poke. The propagandists really went into overdrive that day. Like a wheelchair-bound Rocky Balboa, fully masked old Margaret waved at the nursing staff who were lining the corridors applauding the nonagenarian, media-anointed hero. At ease, Captain Tom – old Maggie’s in the spotlight now. The level of theatrics was sickening, and worse still were the masses who simpered and fawned like mindless idiots, hoovering up every breadcrumb of propaganda thrown at them with ever-increasing enthusiasm.

A fairytale ending? Sadly not. The trust bestowed upon the Big Pharma giants, and their government partners in crime, has played out like a game of Russian Roulette. The Covid vaccines have proved to be anything but ‘safe and effective’, a claim that has been repeated time and time again. Heart conditions, cancers, a smorgasbord of auto-immune conditions, blood clots and strokes, have all increased since the Covid vaccine rollout. Even using government statistics, excess deaths in England alone, particularly amongst younger people, are now alarmingly high. Furthermore, with many people unaware that the vaccine is responsible for conditions they have developed since receiving the alleged ‘saviour’, it stands to reason that these already shocking numbers of death and injury are likely enormously undercounted. Miscarriages and stillbirths are also at an all-time high in countries with high uptake of vaccination. Yet, despite these frightening facts, the vaccines are still being pushed, noticeably now as a ‘seasonal’ shot alongside the flu vaccine for those over 65 or in so-called ‘vulnerable’ groups. Shockingly, this includes pregnant women.

Vaccine injuries and deaths, however, are apparently not as newsworthy as alleged ‘Covid’ deaths. There is no ticker on the screen of Sky News or the BBC, no daily briefings with numbers of dead totted up each afternoon at 5pm. In fact, the usual suspects in the mainstream refuse to report on them at all. The issue is being ignored, even outright censored. Those in government refuse to discuss the matter, a fact that only strengthens the position of us sceptics that something is most definitely off. Why such resounding silence on something that should be a defining issue of our time?

A few weeks ago, a lone voice amongst these fingers-in-their-ears politicians, Andrew Bridgen, courageously stood in an almost empty chamber to deliver a well thought out speech on Trends in Excess Deaths. He included indisputable facts and figures, and his deep care and concern was clear to see. (Bridgen has, I understand, supported the Covid vaccine programme in the past, so many sceptics still find his switcheroo suspicious – I’m not sure where I stand on this as yet, but for now, and for the purposes of this piece, I am taking him at his word.) The fact that so few of Andrew Bridgen’s fellow Members of Parliament even bothered to show up that day is testament itself, at best to an indifference to the issue, and at worst (and in my opinion, more likely) a more troubling deliberate and calculated effort to shut down any discussion on excess deaths and the probable cause. The utter disregard and playing down of what should be a major concern was illustrated perfectly by Elliot Colburn MP for Carshalton & Wallington. In reply to a constituent who wrote asking if he would be attending Andrew Bridgen’s debate, Mr Colburn, who apparently needs reminding that he in fact works for his constituents, said that he was not ‘particularly enthusiastic’ to sit through a ‘baseless, bizarre and inaccurate load of conspiracy theory nonsense’ on the subject. He continued with a rant regarding the safety and effectiveness of the Covid vaccines, and concluded by stating a complete lie: ‘reports of serious side effects, such as allergic reactions, have been very rare’. I hope that the constituent who received this response seriously considers an official complaint against Colburn for the contemptuous conduct he exhibited to a member of the public he is supposed to represent with such a reply.

But why? Why does nobody in office care about the growing excess death rates in younger people? And why do the public, for the most part, not care either? Sadly, the answer is deceptively simple. The apathy exhibited towards this subject is caused by the very same emotion that had people walking one-way round supermarkets and imprisoning their children indoors – fear. Fear was the beginning of this shit-show, and it is the reason it continues apace, without challenge. Many of those who complied and rolled up their sleeves ‘for the common good’, are likely now fearful that they may become a statistic in this shocking trend. So, in a very human fashion, they are burying their heads and ignoring the elephant in the room.

The only positive thing to come out of the whole Covid affair is that, at least for some, it has highlighted the need to question ALL vaccines – you can read some more of my writing on this here. Unfortunately, however, there are still far too many who continue to put their trust in Big Pharma and governments, despite clear evidence that the eye-watering profits flowing into their coffers are at the expense of the health and wellbeing of their customers. This avoidance of truth and reality is allowing those with blood on their hands to evade punishment, in any form. The politicians, the ‘scientists’, the doctors, anyone, in fact, who parrots the words of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and all the other evil-doers, and those who action these villains’ murderous desires, are culpable and complicit in this enormous crime against humanity. They have sacrificed their souls by carrying out the devil’s work. The need for us, the people, to rise and reject the evil being perpetrated upon us has never been more urgent and essential.

Rise up, or forever be enslaved.

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1 Comment

Jolyon Williams
Jolyon Williams
Nov 19, 2023

I love the way that you write and state it as it is. I only managed to persuade one friend not to take the shot, otherwise everyone else was pretty much on board. However, moving to today, most of my friends and family, including my 84 year old mother, have since declined to have anymore boosters. Then recently, I heard that a good friend of mine who is aged 77 was going abroad next year and for insurance purposes was coerced into having another booster, just in case she caught covid whilst away. Unless jabbed, she would receive no medical help from the insurance company, if she caught covid. They explored other insurances but all said the same thing. No…

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