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You ARE Being Lied To - Propaganda In Action

A look at the mass manipulation of the public being played out across the globe with fear at its heart.

Written: February 2021

Life is becoming more and more dystopian, with further measures and restrictions creeping in every day, under the blanket of ‘Covid19’ necessity. A brief amount of digging below the fear-fest of headlines, however, reveals that something is seriously amiss. There is a clear discrepancy between the real story, and the one we are being fed – the one being used to strip away our rights and freedoms, and keep us under house arrest. But how did this happen, and how have so many people willingly given up these rights and freedoms, in blind compliance to this totalitarian regime, on nothing more than the word of some questionable politicians and fear-mongering mass media? In one short year, our lives have been transformed, and the masses are cowering in their homes, away from friends and family, begging for a hurried-through, untested, vaccine to deliver them from the evils of a virus no deadlier than seasonal flu (see for yourself on the Government’s website, it was downgraded on March 19th, and was “no longer considered to be a high consequence infections disease (HCID) in the UK”

How far down the rabbit hole we are is evident in the bizarre celebratory atmosphere surrounding the administration of the experimental mRNA Covid vaccine. Those receiving it have been taking to their social media accounts to praise vaccine centres and staff, and enthuse about the ‘brilliant service’ they received, as if they had just been to an opening of a new restaurant. Healthcare workers have been “sharing jubilant photographs of themselves getting the vaccine jab with the hashtag #covidvaccine”, according to the Independent. And we are even reading reports of a strange new phenomenon, ‘vaccine envy’, people who are feeling jealousy towards those before themselves in the line for the vaccine. What seems to have escaped these vaccine-craving masses, is that this atmosphere of euphoria has been manufactured. It has been a massive propaganda exercise, designed and orchestrated to elicit these totally disproportionate feelings of elation surrounding the vaccine, and this behaviour is exactly what is expected of them, directed from above by ‘Big Brother’. Proudly sporting ‘I’ve had my Covid vaccination’ stickers, like children who have been brave at the dentist, people seem to be trapped in a kind of collective psychosis.

Rather than exhibiting a logical suspicion about what exactly is being injected into them (allegedly protecting them from a virus which the numbers show us has an over 99% survival rate) in what is essentially a massive medical experiment, people have been persuaded that they are longing for this magic potion, and that it is a badge of honour to have been ‘jabbed’. A clinical trial of the vaccines in the US began in April 2020, and will run for two years, while the rollout is happening. Anyone therefore receiving the jab in that timeframe is clearly part of the experiment. So much for ‘informed consent’. The manufacturers themselves admit that they have conducted no tests for any potential effects on fertility, to name just one of the issues. If you are unlucky, and the vaccine does cause you serious harm, you will have no recourse, however, as the companies responsible have all been granted immunity from liability. But these facts apparently do not trouble those caught up in the hype. Disturbingly a new clinical trial of one of the Covid vaccines on children as young as six is about to begin, with parents presumably willingly offering up their children as guinea pigs, a very sinister scenario indeed. Parents seem to have taken leave of their senses where this ‘pandemic’ is concerned, and are subjecting their children to all sorts of practices that would previously have been viewed as absurd, perhaps even abusive. PCR tests, lateral flow tests, lockdowns, isolation. The list goes on.

How has such trust been bestowed in these vaccine manufacturers, when each of these enormous, highly profitable pharmaceutical companies have previously been involved in huge lawsuits, resulting in their being liable for tens of billions in pay outs, for offences including fraud? Many have knowingly marketed dangerous products and falsified clinical trial data to show more favourable, less deadly, outcomes. But, despite this, in the madness of the world since Covid, these companies are now exalted, hailed as saviours for rushing through ten years’ worth of work into six months. The risks of doing so have been buried beneath the triumphant celebrations the politicians (through the media) instead wish you to focus on, and the masses have jumped on board and acted their assigned role with gusto.

To understand where we are now, we have to look a long way back. I could go a long, long way back, to the 1960s, when the CIA invented the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ to describe and ridicule those who had questions about certain events. It was a way to stop any awkward and difficult questions being asked. They used psychological methods to produce a collective feeling amongst a population, of laughing at others for holding differing views from those of the mainstream. However, we won’t go back quite that far for now, as I think our current problem, while probably rooted in these older times, could have had a cut off at the pass, could have been stopped in its tracks, were it not for some carefully orchestrated moves by the increasingly global governments.

A good example of the beginning of our more recent problem can be found in the rise of the movement that succeeded in marginalising any who had doubts or questions about the safety of vaccines, and labelling them as ‘anti-vaxxers’, dangerous and stupid people who should never, under any circumstances, have their views heard. It matters not that many of these ‘anti-vaxxers’ are extremely intelligent, rational human beings, and comprise in their numbers many scientists and doctors, who simply became aware of some worrying problems with vaccines, and who questioned the honesty of governments, who have, undeniably lied about the efficacy of such vaccines, and, more troublingly, the level of injury, harm, and even death, that many vaccines are known to cause. The fact that in the UK alone, the government have paid out well over £70million in damages payments for vaccine injuries since 1978, seems not to trouble those who relish the admonishment of so-called ‘anti-vaxxers’. Indeed, they put their fingers in their ears and screw their eyes up tight when presented with such facts. They then laugh, point fingers, and ridicule the ones who raise the concerns, and encourage others to laugh also, thus ensuring a ‘nothing to see here’ mentality which veils the problem, and allows the murky and inconvenient facts to sink back into the mud, where they cannot be seen. It seemingly does not occur to those who are fully bought-into the routine ridicule of those who dare to question the official line, that their conduct exhibits a large degree of such distasteful behaviours as those associated with group, or mob, mentality bullying.

The strategy is a simple one: normalise this kind of bullying and ridicule, and control the narrative of those it should be aimed at. Governments employ legions of psychologists to implement these tactics – the UK Government uses the ‘Behavioural Insights Team’, known colloquially as the ‘nudge unit’, to do exactly what it says on the tin – nudge the public into doing their bidding. The majority seem unaware that this is what is happening to them, many are probably unaware that such a unit exists, and instead see themselves as good, obedient citizens, toeing a line for the greater good.

One particularly effective way the UK government manage to achieve this normalisation of bullying is via the BBC. Whilst allegedly impartial, the BBC operates more like a state-run television channel, churning out the government line, complicit in the propagation of this bullying. Take their supposed comedy offering, ‘Live at the Apollo’, which, in its festive December edition 2019 featured the comedy act Flo & Joan, performing a piece unambiguously named ‘Song for Anti-Vaxxers’. Repeated this year, (2020, the year of the roll-out of the Covid 19 vaccination, I am sure, is no coincidence), they use the tenuous link, that Christmas is a time for children, to launch into the song, which is three-and-a-half minutes of pure ridicule, aimed at those who choose not to vaccinate their children. The two women take delight in their lyrics, linking ‘anti-vaxxers’ to ‘flat-earthers’, and making jovial quips about parents essentially being responsible for the death of their children, should they choose not to vaccinate. (Ironically, Flo & Joan make no mention of the very real numbers of those who have died from being vaccinated). The piece exhibits precious little finesse, and even less subtlety. Fans of Flo & Joan, clearly consisting of ‘pro-vaxxers’ of the most fanatical kind, have taken to their keyboards to post comments under the YouTube post of this performance, proudly dropping remarks such as “I am LIVING for this! (Unlike the children of anti-vaxxers)”, “Just like anti-vax kids, this video will never get old”, and “sadly no point sending to any anti-vax / conspiracy theory village idiots…you can’t debate with idiots”. The fact that those on the ‘pro-vax’ side of the debate feel perfectly within their rights to make such vile comments towards a group of people with an opposite view to their own precisely illustrates the point I am making – that the deliberate, systematic marginalisation of anyone with an alternative view to the government-approved one is endemic, and is killing free-or-critical-thought, and democracy. Those bullies who feel they have free reign to abuse someone who holds a different opinion have been enabled, even encouraged, by the deliberate ‘nudging’ of the government behaviour specialists, and consequently feel no shame in allowing their inner bully to rise to the surface and pour venom on the views of others, but in fact instead feel superior and intelligent. And how ironic that one commentator mentioned ‘debate’, when it seems that debate is exactly what ‘pro-vaxxers’ will not do. On 23rd September 2020, BBC Reporter Emma Barnett in her programme on BBC 5 Live, revealed that “As a matter of editorial policy, we [the BBC] don’t debate with anti-vaxxers, whether they’re right or wrong, we actually don’t do that”. What a stunning admission this was, perfectly highlighting the sheer impossibility of getting airtime for information that goes against the establishment, no matter how well evidenced and researched. God forbid that listeners and viewers might make up their own minds when presented with both sides of a debate! How patronising, that the BBC should, with such certainty of their own ‘rightness’, decide what the public should, and should not, see and hear. It is not a debate if just one side is presented.

It is lamentable that those choosing to take a ‘pro-vaxx’ stance will not research the subject in depth, and instead take the soundbites from the BBC, or other such outlets, and allow this to inform their decision on what to believe. Conducting some research would serve these people well. While ‘pro-vaxxers’ would like to assert that the ‘anti-vaxxer’ movement is a product of over-zealous, modern-day parents who believe ‘too much of what they read on the internet’, the history of parental concern about vaccines and vaccine injury and death is a long one. The brilliant book ‘Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History’ by Suzanne Humphries, MD, reminds us that there were ‘anti-vaxxers’ as far back as vaccines have existed. The reason for this being that the problem of vaccines injuring and killing people is not a new one, so nor is the opposition that has arisen because of that simple and indisputable fact. In March 1885, a huge crowd of between 80-100,000 staged a demonstration in Leicester, to protest the law that the British government had enforced, requiring every child to be vaccinated against smallpox within three months of birth, with a conviction and possible prison sentence for non-compliance. After initial compliance with the law, it soon became apparent that the vaccination programme had failed to protect people, when a massive smallpox epidemic hit amongst vaccinated populations throughout England. Given that many children had died following their forced vaccine, and many others had become seriously ill, it is difficult to see why anyone would not sympathise with parents who were faced with a choice of either complying and injecting their precious child with a potentially deadly vaccine, even though it had proved ineffective, or receiving a prison sentence. There was huge support for the Leicester protestors, with figures such as the Mayor of Leicester and a member of the municipal council in prominent attendance. Banners such as “The Three Pillars of Vaccination – Fraud, Force, and Folly” were carried by protestors. The outcome was such a success that leaders of the city presented this resolution: “That the Compulsory Vaccination Acts, which make loving and conscientious parents criminals, subjecting them to fines, loss of goods, and imprisonment, propagate disease and inflict death, and under which five thousand of our fellow-townsmen are now being prosecuted, are a disgrace to the Statute Book, and ought to be abolished forthwith.” The town of Leicester went forward without compulsory smallpox vaccination, and therefore had only tiny numbers of vaccinated residents in the years following. Notably, they faired no worse, and often much better in future epidemics, than towns with high numbers of vaccinated people.

Another regularly used vaccine success story is that of polio, with many crediting the polio vaccine for the massive decline, if not outright eradication in some parts of the world, of polio. However, contrary to popular belief, it was likely not the introduction of vaccines that was the cause of the reduction in polio, as the numbers on record prove that the decline was already well on its way before the vaccine came along. “The Moth in the Iron Lung” by Forrest Maready, explains how the widespread use of heavy metal pesticides, namely lead arsenate, often sprayed with abandon across whole towns, and onto foods for consumption, coincided perfectly with these epidemics, and likely was the cause of the deadly incidents, not the polio virus itself. Alongside the fact that ingestion of these substances can cause symptoms often associated with polio, there is much evidence to suggest that prolonged exposure to these highly toxic substances allowed the previously harmless polio virus to breach natural barriers within the intestines of children, letting the virus penetrate the central nervous system at the spine, and cause the horrific paralysis that was associated with polio victims. When the pesticide programmes were scaled back, so the epidemics ebbed, years before the vaccine even came to market.

Fast forward to the modern age, and we learn that the ‘efforts’ of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a supposed charitable organisation which seems to have a more than unhealthy obsession with vaccines (and the profits achievable from them) have been responsible for a horrific 496,000 cases of paralysis by vaccine-strain polio – vaccine-strain polio! NOT natural polio virus. By 2018, three-quarters of global polio cases were from Gates’ vaccines – a fact that should astonish and horrify us all.

It is impossible to discuss the vaccine subject without raising the MMR vaccine, and the appalling treatment of Dr. Andrew Wakefield. In 1998, Gastroenterologist Dr. Wakefield, co-authored a paper, with 12 other doctors, in which they stated the need for further research into the possibility that the MMR vaccine had a causal link with onset of autism symptoms. This followed a small amount of research, in which Dr. Wakefield had noticed many young patients presenting to him with gut disorders who were also displaying autistic symptoms, and many of these children’s parents were convinced that their children were damaged by the MMR vaccine. The parents were adamant, they had seen a shocking change, overnight, in the behaviour and condition of their children. Moved by these children and their parents, and choosing to listen to them, Dr. Wakefield began examining the possible link, and subsequently co-authored the article. He also made sure to state in the article that while he felt more research was needed on the combined Measles, Mumps & Rubella vaccine, he wholly recommended that parents continue to protect their children using the individual, or single dose, vaccines. Today, it is not even possible to mention the MMR controversy or Dr. Wakefield’s name, without someone shouting in your face, insisting that that Wakefield is a ‘disgraced doctor’, and that the causal link between vaccines and autism has been debunked time and time again. But herein lies the problem. The vitriol and instant shouting down that occurs at the mere mention of this subject has not come about because Dr. Wakefield was proven wrong. It has rather been a systematic, brutal, and career-ending propaganda campaign, funded and propagated by the might of the pharmaceutical industry, to ensure that Dr. Wakefield’s work receives no attention for its integrity, diligence and potential to save many children and their families from heartache, but instead receives attention for being ‘debunked’ and ‘discredited’. It was necessary that the campaign be particularly vile, and accuse Dr. Wakefield of damaging and harming children, in order that it be successful. The industry that stood to be destroyed by a potential issue with the vaccine could not risk him being taken seriously, and so set out to destroy him. The smear campaign worked, and Wakefield is for all intents and purposes, discredited.

When an outbreak of measles occurred in 2008, ten years after the ‘scandal’, Wakefield was plastered across mainstream media, touted as a baby-killer, blamed for the decline in vaccine uptake amongst parents who had been ‘spooked’ by his ‘false’ paper. What the media failed to report, however, is that for all those years, there had in fact been a very high uptake of single-dose vaccines for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. It was only after 1998, when the UK government withdrew the single dose option from the market, so parents were forced into either not vaccinating or giving their children the MMR, that vaccine uptake rates declined. The blame was not at Dr. Wakefield’s door, it was solely at the door of the UK government. They took the choice away from parents. And yet, rather than questioning the motives for this move by the government, the media went with the ‘disgraced doctor’ angle, and did it with a vengeance. In fact, the very notion of an ‘outbreak’ also warrants examination from a propaganda perspective too, as a brief look into the numbers reveals that there was no ‘outbreak’ at all, and in fact, there were fewer notifications of measles in 1998, and the same number of deaths (3) from measles, as the year before. We must, therefore, wonder what motives the mainstream media had for generating such a story.

We must be under no illusion. This kind of manipulation of public opinion is, by its very definition, propaganda, and it must be seen as such, if we are to understand exactly where we have ended up today. The vaccine issue is the finest example of this in action. It had long baffled me why the vaccine subject sparks such fierce and uncontrollable anger – but a brief look into the mind-boggling profits that these programmes generate for pharmaceutical companies, (and the ‘contributions’ these firms make towards governments and election campaigns, for example) helps to explain why there was so much effort put into this particular propaganda campaign. And why today, there are millions of people absolutely dripping with poison for anyone who questions vaccines, despite the fact that most of these people will have heard nothing of the facts on the other side of the fence, and will not bother to think critically, and do their own research.

In 1937, Edward Filene, an American businessman and philanthropist, helped to establish the Institute for Propaganda Analysis, after finding himself concerned by the growing fascist movement and anti-Semitism in Europe. His wish was to make people aware of the dangers of propaganda and the negative ends it may be used for, and to encourage critical thinking. Sadly, and unsurprisingly, with the approach of the second world war, the institute was disbanded. It must undoubtably have been somewhat uncomfortable for the government in the USA to have an institution that, while highlighting the propaganda from the fascists and communists of this world, would also be highlighting their own use of the same techniques, and perhaps causing a public to ‘free-think’. It would seem there is nothing governments want less than a population of critical thinkers. (See slides at the end of this piece for a comparison of Filene's list of techniques for propaganda and the Covid situation today.)

And so, after years of winning propaganda campaigns such as the ‘anti-vaxxer’ one, by the time the ‘Covid crisis’ arrived, the stage was well and truly set for a climate of discord, and it was an easy task for that discord to take a firm hold. The propaganda machine, directed by government and perpetrated by the media that they control, went into overdrive, and critical thought did not stand a chance. From the beginning, news channels including the BBC, ITV and Sky News appeared to be deliberately ramping up the fear. Apparently abandoning any journalistic integrity, they have proved themselves charlatans, following the one official narrative, with ever more zeal, fuelling the fire of fear amongst the public. It is, in fact, almost as if it were a matter of ‘editorial policy’ to do so. By weaving into the language that the need for social distancing, facemasks, and the ‘new normal’ are obvious, and that any other opinion is held only by idiots (or ‘covidiots’, as the new fashion dictates), or ‘conspiracy theorists’, their sinister intentions are clear. Their messages filter into the psyche of the public, where these subliminal suggestions permeate and become the collective opinion.

When Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid launched what can only be described as an attack on Piers Corbyn during an interview on Good Morning Britain in September 2020, they were feeding the monster of blind acceptance that seems to have hypnotised so many, and were normalising the bullying and harassment of someone for daring to share truths which go against the narrative, no matter how intelligent and eloquent the commentator, and no matter how many provable facts he shared. The gusto with which they assailed Mr Corbyn was rather sickening, akin to watching a pack of hyenas encircling an antelope. And worse still, they roped in the dreadful Dr Hilary, and even the weathergirl to have a go too. The banner across the screen shouted, ‘DOUBTER AND DENIER PIERS CORBYN’, subliminally telling the viewer in no uncertain terms what they should be thinking of this guest, rather than allowing his words to inform the viewer’s judgement. If it were not so unpleasant the segment would be rather funny – with an air of smugness and superiority, Reid recites some statistics from the ‘official narrative’ as if these dispel the facts that Piers Corbyn is stating – the phrase ‘missing the point’ springs to mind.

The added extra spin driving the friction with the ‘Covid Crisis’ is the assertion that you cannot decide for yourself whether or not you wish to take the risk of ‘catching Covid’, as, according to the official narrative, by not following the rules you are ‘putting others at risk’. It is an immediate shut down to anyone who questions the measures, or indeed the narrative. ‘Don’t kill Granny’ is quite possibly the most appalling instruction ever to have been given to a public, designed purely to terrify, instil guilt, and force compliance. We can only wonder at the lasting damage such messages are inflicting on the minds of our children and young people, conditioning them to fear human contact, human affection, and fostering a sense of panic, dread and guilt. The constant messages, on television, radio advertisements, on social media, in supermarkets, on street billboards, on transport, warning of the need to keep away from others, to wash and gel your hands raw, are seriously undermining, inevitably chipping away, bit by bit, the sense of security that young people need in order to become confident and self-assured adults.

And, frighteningly, most are believing only the dreadful and endless propaganda. Even in the face of provable lies being churned out by the government, many are choosing not to see. For example, the number of deaths is frequently used to terrify the public and justify the draconian measures, and last week was reported to have reached a milestone of 100,000 in the UK. This sent many into a spiral of outrage, and there were increased incidents of bullying towards those not wearing masks, not social distancing, and questioning the sense of destroying our world. A closer look at the numbers, from data easily available, shows that it is another game of smoke-and-mirrors. 100,000 is the number of people who have died WITH Covid, not FROM Covid, and those dying WITH Covid may in fact have died FROM anything, but if they had received a positive PCR test result in the last 28 days, their death was recorded as a Covid death. Add to this the fact that, by the government’s own reluctant admission, the PCR tests are extremely unreliable, with an enormous rate of false positives, then the lie of the numbers becomes even more obvious.

There is a further startling trick that has been used in this state-sponsored data manipulation too. The ever-rising death toll has been kept as a running total, beginning from March 2020. In contrast, flu deaths, which have been frequently used as the benchmark to compare with Covid deaths, are measured for a ‘flu season’, generally running from October – March. This is a clear misrepresentation, and again, a subterfuge, a distortion of the facts presented to a terrified public.

When the true data is analysed without the hyperbole, we find that contrary to the picture of dread being perpetuated, we are, in fact, in nothing more than a bad flu-year. Whether the virus itself is of a different variety (i.e., a coronavirus or an influenza one) is irrelevant. Each year, influenza, and other respiratory conditions, sadly, but inevitably sweep through society, and the weaker members, such as very elderly people, die. That is an inexorable part of life. Each death is, of course, a tragedy for the family of the deceased. It is not, however, a tragedy for the nation, and a reason to shut down a whole economy, cancel all other medical treatments, disrupt our children’s education, and plunge millions into unemployment and misery. And we are, sadly, but inevitably, now going to see a rise in usual numbers of death, but due to the lockdowns, not the virus.

The message now appears to be that nobody should die, no matter how old they are, at least not from this particular respiratory disease. Stories abound of young people with cancers who are not being treated, and may die prematurely, suicides of people unable to cope with the loneliness and fear, yet the lockdown-loving masses are blind to this true tragedy, presumably deeming these as ‘acceptable’ deaths. Instead, they focus on the ‘need’ to save those in their 80s and 90s (already over the average age of death in the UK) from a respiratory illness, the like of which has taken the very elderly from us every year in history. When ‘Captain’ Tom Moore, the 100-year-old man who raised millions for the NHS by walking laps of his garden, died last week, there was a national outpouring of grief, and it seemed, outrage that this should happen to someone many had come to think of as a hero. Of course, his family have every reason to grieve, as we all do for the loss of a beloved family member. But it is in no way a tragedy or an outrage that a 100-year-old man should contract pneumonia and die. Fortunately for Captain Tom, he was surrounded by his family (unlike so many elderly people who were banned from seeing their loved ones), and by all accounts, died peacefully. The real tragedy is that his death has been used as a furthering of the propaganda campaign, and there was even a ‘clap for Captain Tom’, recycling this new (to the UK), and uncomfortable method of public sharedness. The implication that he had died from Covid, after doing so much to save others, was manna from heaven for the mainstream media, even though it should be remembered, he in fact died from pneumonia, an extremely common cause of death among the very elderly. Rest in peace, Captain Tom.

The whole country seems to have lost all perspective, unable to acknowledge the need for millions of men, women and children in the prime years of their lives, to enjoy a normal life, earning a living, running businesses, educating children, socialising with friends, and being close with their families. The propaganda campaign has succeeded to extraordinary and dizzy heights, mesmerising millions of people, and closing their eyes and ears to anything except Covid. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most fervent of lockdown proponents appear to be those who live in comfortable houses, with comfortable jobs, and comfortable bank accounts. It is seemingly not for these people to look around and see the devastation that is really being caused to their fellow human beings. Businesses closed means lives ruined for those business owners and their employees; schools closed means a shocking gap in education for a whole generation of children (but no doubt worse amongst the poorest families), not to mention the missed social interactions that are so essential to their development, as well as a diabolical hidden crisis for children for whom school is their ‘safe place’; missed non-Covid medical treatment, causing premature deaths from cancer, heart disease, diabetes (a number which will inevitably rise too, when the true picture of missed diagnoses start to be felt); the mental health crisis of people being left lonely, scared, and broke, prompting a frightening increase in suicides. But those comfortable folk who see nothing but Covid, feel justified in vilifying any who do not toe the line, and vent their rage at ‘selfish teenagers’ they may have seen in a group in town, or ‘stupid covidiots’ who didn’t move two meters away from them as if they were plague-ridden.

In all aspects of the ‘crisis’, we are pushed into two opposing sides: anti-lockdown / pro-lockdown; anti-mask / pro-mask; anti-vax / pro-vax; anti-NHS / pro-NHS; no room for nuanced opinion here. The NHS one is particularly interesting. The government have used the notion of ‘protecting’ the NHS as a stick with which to beat us into submission. How selfish one must be, is the assertion, to risk spreading the virus (which you can apparently do, whether you are sick or not), and therefore burdening the NHS with patients, to the point that it cannot cope. Well, at the risk of stating the obvious, is the very purpose of the NHS not to treat sick people? If there is a crisis within the NHS, it is surely the fault of the unending government cuts over many years, and has little to do with an apparent new crisis. We have been bombarded with headlines every winter for the last 10 years or more about the NHS being overwhelmed and struggling for bed capacity. This year is no different.

Just to ensure the masses are fully brainwashed, however, we have also been subjected to a particularly militant form of propaganda, previously reserved for use by dictators in strict communist countries. We have been forced to endure the nauseating ‘clapping’ episodes, where, encouraged (or shamed) by ministers and over-enthusiastic virtue-signalling types, many took to their doorsteps at a set time each week, to ‘clap for the NHS heroes’ (this particular ‘clapping’ was the predecessor to the above-mentioned ‘clap for Captain Tom’). It is seemingly lost on many that this bears a remarkable resemblance to the North Korean ‘clap for the state’. The deification of a group of people for, well, doing their jobs, is, frankly, insulting. Of course, the job they do is a gruelling one, and they should be respected, as they always have been. But to raise them up to god-like proportions is madness, and the purpose of this is nothing more than to make everyone else feel guilty. And what should be obvious to all is that the clapping has been anything but a spontaneous act. It has not been a genuine, moving gesture to thank a group of people. It has been, rather, a prescribed, manipulative act, to move attention away from the government’s appalling stripping away of people’s liberties, and focus attention instead on a nice bit of feel-good virtue-signalling. A pure sleight-of-hand trick.

There has, since the beginning of this ‘crisis’, been a glut of social media posts shared by nurses and other hospital staff, apparently ‘overwhelmed’ on the wards. In one particular post in a local Facebook group, the individual, on the verge of tears, gave a ‘woe is me, how tired I am, how difficult it is to wear PPE all day’ tirade, and proceeded to admonish us mere mortal folk, us that are not anointed as saintly NHS workers, for bemoaning the loss of our ‘normal’ lives. Skipping to the comments below, we find the usual suspects: “We should all be ashamed of ourselves” professed one commentor! What??? Why??? This is the modern-day equivalent of medieval self-flagellation, and some appear to be, frankly, getting off on it. But it is this sort of behaviour, this desire many have to very publicly show their ‘goodness’, their ‘neighbourliness’, to ‘virtue-signal’, that has created such a toxic culture. It is rife in today’s online world. When someone goes onto their local Facebook group and asks a question such as “can someone tell me where I can donate a whole bag of clothes please”, usually followed up with a phrase such as “I’d really like them to go to someone who needs them”, they are not actually enquiring as to where they can donate the clothes – they likely know perfectly well where the local places where the need for donations exists. The purpose of the Facebook post is to pronounce to all “look at what a good person I am, I am donating my cast-offs to the needy”. Smug, is the word that springs to mind. How very first-world this smug bunch are, sitting around large houses, sipping expensive coffee, patting themselves on the back and drawing rainbows to stick on display in their windows, just to really hammer home their ‘goodly’ credentials.

This undue exaltation being heaped upon our healthcare workers reminded me of an article in a copy of the National Geographic from some time ago, which really stayed with me. The article relayed the hidden story of the bayakou, a group of people employed in Haiti to provide an essential health service – cleaning out latrines. Each latrine may serve several households, and each evening, the bayakou descend into these pits and manually scoop out the human waste. The job is absolutely vital, and no doubt their work saves lives, providing some level of cleanliness to an extremely poor sanitation system. The article was accompanied by a photograph of one of the bayakou, and it was the photograph which had first caught my attention. Standing proudly, Exilien Cenat is in his work clothes, covered in human excrement, yet he radiates dignity. His quiet, un-self-conscious pride is humbling; he asks us, the viewer, for nothing - not sympathy, nor pity. And it is dignity that I’m sorry to say is so lacking in the shameless self-pitying we have seen from many of our ‘key workers’. While they remind us that we should be ashamed of ourselves for questioning the need to close the world down, I would remind them that they could learn a valuable lesson from Exilien Cenat, of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, who quietly goes about his work providing essential health work, in conditions few of us in the western world can even contemplate. (I would wager that he has never found the time to post a Tik-Tok video of himself dancing between latrines.)

Another troubling aspect of the ‘pandemic’ has been the willingness with which many have conformed and complied with rules that should be horrifying, and how they have done so without question. Given the massive manipulation that has been perpetrated on us by politicians and media outlets, the lack of outrage and critical thought that this assault has provoked in the majority is worrying. It can only lead to the conclusion that the years of government manipulation described earlier in this piece have indeed been successful, and have moulded a generation of people open to having their rights and liberties stripped away, without them even realising it is happening. In less than a full year, life has been reduced to nothing more than an existence.

“It’s only two weeks to flatten the curve” so went the first retort, to any who dared to complain about being essentially put under house arrest, and disallowed permission to see our own families and friends. Instead of being incensed at this move by the government, so many welcomed it. How many questioned the necessity of such an extreme measure? Isolating humans from one another is torture. Since Victorian times, the practice of solitary confinement has sent many a prisoner mad. The ‘Separate System’ was an engineered prison system which used that specific method to drive men insane.

“It’s only a mask!” so came the second retort, when some raised the legitimate concern of the problems with wearing masks. Human beings communicate all emotion through facial expression. Despite what some are claiming, there is little doubt that the moment we cover half our face, a change occurs, both in how we feel emotionally and how willing we are to speak, and in how confident we feel about hearing others and reading their cues. It has a dehumanising impact, and this has been understood throughout history. I refer again to Victorian prisons, where those tasked with punishing criminals in jails were fully aware of the power of covering someone’s face. It stripped prisoners of their individuality, stopped them from communicating with one another, and kept them subdued. As the science has shown that mask-wearing is totally ineffective to ward of the virus, what can possibly be the point in mandating the wearing of them? I suggest that it is two-fold, firstly for the same reasons Victorian penal institutions used them, to subdue us, and make us feel less individual. Secondly, as a very simple but forceful visual reminder to all that there is a pandemic, as there is little other evidence to support that notion.

How did so many people forget that governments do not ‘give’ us rights? Government’s purpose is to protect our rights, that is, rights that belong to us. Every time and place in the world that has allowed the gradual stripping away of rights, of liberty, every erosion of respect towards one group of people, no matter how slowly it creeps upon the people, has ended in disaster and tyranny. And so here we are, 2021 in Great Britain, regressing fast into some kind of dystopian nightmare. And all attempts to get the truth to be heard, to wake people up with facts, are being hampered by the giant boot of totalitarianism, including the hilariously named ‘fact-checkers’. The irony would be funny, if were not so depressing. The sleeping masses readily take the word of ‘fact-checkers’, at the BBC, or Facebook, or the dreadful propaganda sub-branch called Every time a truth is shared that is uncomfortable to the regime, and that proves they are lying, a ‘fact-checker’ pops up out of the woodwork and slaps a ‘false’ claim across it. The masses do not question who these ‘fact-checkers’ are, what credentials they hold, nor who they may serve.

The need to critically question the official line and to hold our government to account for what they are perpetrating has never been greater. It is time for real journalists to rise and prove themselves mightier than the pseudo-journalists who are enabling and perpetuating this fear-fest. And it is time for the masses to wake up and smell the coffee. Research for yourself – especially the frightening data that is starting to come in now regarding the experimental mRNA vaccines people are queuing round the block for. Look at the slides below, which I have compiled to show how every aspect of this manufactured crisis fits in perfectly with Edward Filene’s propaganda techniques. We are being played, and we are in grave danger. History has shown us time and time again that when a government makes a power-grab like this, they do not intend to loosen the reigns. They intend to keep tightening, until all dissent disappears. We must not let them do this to us, to our way of life. This is real. If it’s slogans that work for you, then there is surely none better than that of the brilliant Dr. Vernon Coleman: “Distrust the Government. Avoid Mass Media. Fight the Lies.”

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