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Dr. Who-Does-He-Think-He-Is?

Written June 2024

So today we were treated to footage of David Tennant, once respected thespian, eradicating his position as middle-aged woman’s crush of choice. Believe it or not, there was an LGBTQ Awards ceremony this week – the mind boggles – where the Caledonian creep scooped the ‘Celebrity Ally’ award. Say no more. Clearly delighted to be bestowed with this prestigious gong, Tennant took to the podium to gush his gratitude and servitude to the misogynistic crowd of sycophants, whose sole purpose appears to be the furtherment of access for burly men in frocks and wigs into women’s and girl’s toilets and changing rooms. So, to really hammer home his support of these honourable objectives, the Dr. Who actor used his platform to very publicly tell a woman (a real one) who disagrees with his extreme trans-supportive views to ‘shut up’. Indeed, his acting skills appear to have escaped him during his entitled little rant, and the ‘shut up’ was said with some fervour and aggression. He also announced that the world would basically be a better place if said woman did not exist anymore! What a guy.


I’m no fan of politicians. However, I’m even less of a fan of rich, spoilt actors who believe themselves to be more important than they really are, telling women to keep their mouths shut lest it offend their own precious, pathetic little egos. Of course, Tennant long ago entered the elite class of celebrity who feel they are entitled to say exactly what they please, any time they please, and to whomever they please. But what has come across loud and clear from him this time is that he is on the defence. He is foot-stompingly angry that people are not fawning over and affirming his questionable parenting choices. For, like many of his celebrity pals, Tennant has a child who ‘identifies’ as ‘trans’ – quell surprise!


I do have a distinct sense that this particular issue is not going the way that the arrogant celebrity class had hoped. I mean, what are the chances that so many children in the wrong bodies would be born into glitterati families? As the world wakes up to the fact that ‘transgenderism’ is in fact a giant con, the kindness and understanding hitherto extended to people supposedly dealing with this mysterious condition is withering. As their demands have become greater, and less reasonable, people have rightly become irritated, and alarmed by the concessions that are expected, in the name of something that is blatantly nothing more than an ideology. A dangerous, damaging ideology at that (see my many previous writings on this). As the stories of de-transitioners become more widely known and understood, the harms inflicted on children are front and centre, boosted in no small part by the findings of the Cass Review.


Autogynephilic men and Munchausen parents (like Tennant) are running scared. They must now double down and insist on the existence of the trans child. If the trans child does not exist, then all that remains are the stark bollock naked middle aged fetishist men, and the parents who have sacrificed their own children to this ideology.


So do not be fooled by David Tennant and others of his ilk. This is end game. The jig is up, and they know it. Psychologically speaking, this is the most dangerous moment. When an abused partner (in this case, kind people who were duped) want to leave their aggressor (in this case, the Trans Radical Activists), they are at their most vulnerable. Tennant is proving the point. The anger and aggression are escalating. But break up you must. It is not kind to tell a child they are born in the wrong body. Nor that they can be something they can never be. Less still to enable brutish men ‘identifying as women’ into women’s protected spaces.


Tennant and others like him know they have been exposed. They are well and truly on the wrong side of history. I hope their children can forgive them. Baby Spice – there is still time to repent. Perhaps you ought to give it some thought.

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Thank you x

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1 Comment

george gough
george gough
Jun 28

The phrase, 'wrong (or right) side of history', may I suggest is nonsense. Both sides of any debate seem to use it and consequently it has little or no meaning. There is only history and its interpretation. The latter is often biased. Churchill said 'history is written by the victors'. Genghis Khan led the army of the Mongol Empire and it has been described as "the most notorious practitioners of genocide''. One estimate is that about 10 percent of the world's population was killed either during or immediately after the Mongol invasions. However, he was posthumously deified in Mongolia; indeed modern Mongolians recognise him as founding father of their nation. Some founding father.

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