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Children - Lambs to the Pharmaceutical Slaughter

Written March 2023

In the 1950s and early 60s, it is estimated that around 100,000 babies worldwide were affected after their mothers were prescribed thalidomide as an anti-sickness medication during pregnancy. This number includes tens of thousands of babies who never made it to full term, and many too who were sadly still born. Around 10,000 were born and survived, but with serious birth defects. Chemie Grünenthal, the pharmaceutical company who made and marketed the drug, knew early after its rollout that it caused severe birth defects, including in the child of an employee whose wife had taken the drug. But using cover up and conspiracy, they sought to hide what they knew, and did not pull the drug from market. Revenue was clearly a priority over the welfare of children, and they would go to extraordinary lengths to protect those profits. Sadly, the thalidomide scandal was not a one-off tragedy. There have been too many to list in full here, and no doubt there will continue to be more, but some are particularly notable, like thalidomide, and stand out for the targeting of children, lambs led to the slaughter by the pharmaceutical industry masquerading as saviours.

In 1988, for example, the UK government began an MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccination programme for all children, using a product which was produced by SmithKline Beecham, and which had, unbeknownst to the British public, been withdrawn that same month from the Canadian market where it had, under a different brand name, been in use for a year. The reason for its withdrawal from the Canadian market? It had been acknowledged to be the cause of a huge meningitis outbreak. Despite this, the product was rolled out in the UK, where it was used for four years before the British authorities finally admitted that it was, unsurprisingly, causing an epidemic of meningitis here too, and withdrew it from the market. You may think that the product would be deemed an epic failure, and destroyed, but you would be wrong. Instead, they sent the product to developing countries, such as Brazil, where the product caused, you guessed it, meningitis epidemics. The MMR scandal does not, however, end there. The SmithKline product was simply replaced in the UK in following years, by different products at varying times, manufactured by other pharmaceutical companies.

Reports began to come in to the JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccine and Immunisation) around 1997 of developmental and communication issues in children immediately following MMR vaccination, but nothing was done at that time. It was over a year later that Dr Andrew Wakefield, a respected paediatric gastroenterologist, after receiving similar reports from mothers of some of his patients, raised his concerns of MMR safety to his immediate authorities. In turn the Lancet published the now infamous paper that Dr Wakefield authored with some colleagues, in which they stated their belief that children should still be vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella, but in the form of single vaccines, until further study could be carried out on the combined MMR. At the time of withdrawal of the preceding meningitis-causing product, doctors had identified the issue of age of exposure with the vaccine, in other words, the younger the age of the child receiving the vaccine, the more likely they would develop meningitis. Dr Wakefield and his colleagues felt that there may be a similar issue with the current MMR and the causing of autism spectrum disorder. The rest, as they say, is history.

The authorities in both the UK and the US went hard for Dr Wakefield. They used every weapon in their not unsubstantial arsenal to discredit and smear him, until to this day, the very mention of his name sends some into apoplectic rage and name calling. Our old friends, the mainstream media, did the bidding of those who wanted him silenced, and his career was destroyed. Dr Wakefield has bravely battled to clear his name, and it is worth watching the film Vaxxed (here: to see just how far the pharmaceutical companies would go to keep their data, which revealed that they had knowledge of the damage this vaccine was causing, from public sight. Lies and manipulation on a criminal scale.

A similar scandal has arisen around the HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine, which has injured and killed many children worldwide, but which is still billed as ‘safe and effective’. Purported to protect girls, and latterly boys, against certain cancers and genital wart viruses, there are some very worrying facts surrounding this vaccine that parents should be made aware of, but simply are not. In the US alone, cases of premature ovarian failure rose from 1.4 per year prior to the rollout of HPV, to 22.2 per year thereafter. Other reported problems on a significant scale have involved chronic pain conditions, autoimmune conditions, and Guillain-Barré Syndrome, to name just a few.

There are those who trumpet the line ‘there’s always going to be those exceptional cases where someone will die’ when vaccine deaths or injury occur – well three responses to that. Firstly, if it were you or your child who happened to be one of the unlucky ones, I feel sure you would be less blasé about such occurrences. Secondly, the numbers for some vaccines, including MMR, HPV, and Covid for that matter, are probably higher than you are aware, and some time researching would serve you well. Thirdly, all risk should be assessed against the ratio to benefit. If the vaccine was unnecessary in the first place, then why put your child at ANY risk? HPV for example, is present in a huge swathe of the population, and presents absolutely no problems, and in 9 out of 10 cases, it will go away of its own accord within two years, with the affected person probably unaware they were even carrying it. There are over 150 strains, of which the vaccine only protects against a few, and HPV is not the only risk of cervical cancer, the main purported reason for having the shot.

Keep in mind that since 1978, the UK government have paid out well in excess of £70million in vaccine damage compensation. And this is likely a fraction of those that should be paid, given it is widely accepted that the reporting system for vaccine injury and death, as it is self-reporting, represents a huge undercounting of real cases. Many do not ever associate their injury to a vaccination, and so do not report, or worse still, are unaware that such a system exists. It is, unsurprisingly, not on the government’s priority list for promotion.

Vaccines are cash cows for pharmaceutical companies, they earn extortionate revenues from these products and thus keeping them on the schedules of as many healthcare systems around the world as possible is their ultimate goal. And you can rest assured that their profits are more important to them than yours, or your child’s health. Some of the real giants in pharmaceuticals have been involved in eye-watering law suits for their criminal misconduct, including fraud, for offenses as heinous as manipulating trial data and hiding adverse effects. Take a look at the multi-billion dollar pay outs by Pfizer in 2009, GlaxoSmithKline in 2012, and Johnson & Johnson in 2013. Trust these crooks at your peril.

And now we are thrust into another evil chapter in the pharmaceutical money grab, which is causing irreparable damage and confusing a generation - the trans issue. That sentence is likely to trigger the extreme branch of the trans community, and their militant trans allies (mostly middle-class white mums, oddly), who, if they are reading, at this point are no doubt bearing more than a passing resemblance to Yosemite Sam in one of his leaping rages. But this needs to be said. Children are having their bodies mutilated, and their minds warped, in the name of an ideology that is based on biological and scientific lies. Promoting the lie that boys can become girls, and girls can become boys, and transitioning children, beginning with hormone blocker medications, and cross sex hormones, culminating in surgery which is rarely completely successful, and which often leads to a long series of really very gruesome operations and treatments, turns these children into lucrative customers of the pharmaceutical industry for life.

We are in a bizarre world where those who state medical, biological, scientific facts, such as that a man cannot be a woman, have their YouTube channels taken down, and yet men dressed as women espousing that men can in fact be women, and that girls can be boys, and who target their videos at young teens, are not just uncensored but are indeed promoted. There has to be a motive behind this, and it is not altruism. Transitioning is brutal. There is no doubt at all that trans is an industry, and a highly lucrative one. Pharma companies are raking in enormous profits from the misery of parents who are witnessing their confused children go through brutal transitions, having healthy breasts removed via double mastectomy at the age of 15, and castration of testicles, penises converted into non-functioning ‘vaginas’. This is a scandal on an enormous scale, and yet many see themselves as merely accepting and kind for affirming the mental disorder of these poor children, and to speak out otherwise is to be labelled a transphobe, instead of a person calling out the horrific exploitation of vulnerable children.

There is a definite strategy being played out. An influential group of men, who say they now identify as women and have constructed personas as trans women (and sometimes 'girls'), have been allowed to grow huge followings on TikTok and YouTube, where they promote ideas of trans acceptance and trans rights to young, confused and impressionable teenagers. Those teenagers in turn are convinced and cajoled by these endless propaganda videos, that they have been born in the wrong bodies, and that they are able to ‘become’ the opposite sex. Moreover, they are certain that transitioning will solve all of their angst, and they will miraculously become happy, thriving individuals, ridded of the depression and confusion that dogs their current life. This group is heavily weighted to natal females wishing to become male, although there are also many natal males suffering the same. Egged on by others in the ‘community’, they share videos which seem desperate attempts to convince the viewer that they are trans, and it is hard not to wonder if they are also trying to convince themselves. They share tips on binding budding breasts, and on the best ways to convince a clinician to prescribe ‘T’ (testosterone injections). Not much convincing is necessary, in the US, where medical practitioners routinely prescribe the drug on a first visit, with zero psychological assessment, and without parental consent.

The sinister, grown men who have become these influencers, would, in a previous era, have simply nursed a secret fetish behind closed doors of wearing women’s clothes for sexual pleasure, a condition known as auto gynephilia. In these current, permissive and truth-denying times, however, this group have been emboldened to share their fetish with the world and call themselves trans. These old-time transvestites, in their new guise as ‘stunning and brave’ trans women, dress in women’s clothes and make up, but often still sport full facial hair, and promote dangerous, unscientific messaging, such as that there ‘is no such thing as a boy or a girl’, and that ‘your parents made a mistake’, and that ‘if your family don’t understand you, I’ll be your family’ – check out Jeffrey Marsh – a creepier person you would be hard pressed to find. There is more than a whiff of grooming in these videos, luring youngsters into their fold, and encouraging them to celebrate their ‘trans’ness, and distance themselves or even cut themselves off entirely from family who refuse to affirm their new identity.

Additionally, these biological males expect absolute acceptance as women, including the right to use women’s spaces, such as bathrooms and changing rooms, and participation in women’s sports, despite their clear and overwhelming physical advantages.

Perhaps even more frightening are the many vulnerable tiny children, just toddlers, whose parents decide that their offspring are, in fact, trans. These parents seem to be seeking praise and validation in their own sickly brand of videos, usually with soft music accompanying, where they explain to the world how their toddler son liked to wear his sister’s dresses, or that their preschool daughter prefers the company of boys at nursery. These very normal childish traits, which many, many children will go through, in the delusional and sick minds of these parents, mark these kids out as trans. These childish behaviours are pounced on as evidence, and used as reason to socially transition the child, who might just as well say they think they are a cat. The delight these parents appear to garner from sharing their videos is palpable. I only hope that one day, when this madness recedes, they will hang their heads in shame at the dangerous theatre they put their young children through. The best chance these children have is that they themselves find the strength to rebel as they get a little older, before they are pushed towards making any permanent and shocking bodily mutilations by their Munchausen-by-Proxy-suffering parents. Jazz Jennings’ mother comes to mind here – what a vile woman she is. One cannot help but pity Jazz, whose entire transition from boy to girl has been played out in the glare of the family’s own reality TV show, since the age of just six. It is worth noting, too, that Jazz, now in her early 20s, appears to be a depressed, confused individual, who has endured endless medical surgeries and procedures. I wonder what revenues the family have made from the show – a price worth a child’s happiness?

In stark contrast to the pantomime of trans activism we are being forced to endure, there are people who, quietly, and with dignity, have made a decision as an adult to appease their gender dysphoria, for that is what they acknowledge they suffer with, by transitioning, or simply by living as the opposite gender to their birth one, whether undergoing hormone treatment and surgeries or not. These people ask for no concessions from anyone else, nor for any laws to be changed. They have no expectations of society to flex and bend to fit to them, rather than to the vast majority. They simply live their lives alongside their fellow human beings, in a way that makes them happy. And the crucial distinction is that these people have come to their decision as adults, not through coercion and confusion, manipulated for profit.

Clearly, the ones who are suffering for this trend are the children – both the toddlers and very young children whose parents seem hell bent on proving something to the world about their liberal credentials, and the confused teens who are resorting to drastic, irreparable measures to fulfil an ideology they are being conned into believing, sometimes being rendered infertile in the process. The trend is driving the illness. Gender dysphoria was once a rare condition, treated by specialist mental health experts, but today it is rife, rearing its head in every school across the Western world. And, in a devastating regression, instead of treating this as a delicate mental illness, the medical world has abandoned its duties, and sided with the bullies, the extremists in the trans community who demand ‘affirmation’ for these poor young people, which in fact amounts to mutilation.

The fingerprints of Big Pharma are all over this issue, and they have, and continue to sacrifice the health, wellbeing and bodies of millions of children for profit. They endlessly scour for new areas of society in which they can implant themselves and sell products for a perceived ‘problem’. Given that many of the lawsuits against these unscrupulous corporate giants have involved illegal incentivising kickbacks to doctors and pharmacists in exchange for promoting their lucrative products, we should be suspicious indeed of the eagerness with which many in healthcare systems across the west have displayed in their sudden and full support of immediate invasive treatment of children presenting with this mental health issue. Perhaps following the breadcrumbs back to the source of this enthusiasm for drastic and irreversible procedures would reveal some interesting motives.

Children are notoriously fickle. Allowing them to lead and direct such a life altering pathway is the definition of insane. At an age when by nature, their maturity is insufficient in so many ways that we do not even allow them to get a tattoo in case they regret it, it can only be seen as madness personified that we should be permitting, indeed encouraging and affirming, a decision that could literally ruin their lives. If you have any doubt, please, please research the thousands and thousands of detransitioners who are bravely speaking out. The heartbreak of their stories is hard to hear, but hear it we must. Theirs are the stories that should be making the headlines, they are the brave souls who should be celebrated for their courage, against a bullying community who shun them, and it is they who can teach the brainwashed, if they were just prepared to listen.

Do not entrust your children to an industry that consistently fails to care for its customers, resulting in the most serious of outcomes. Profit motivates every move they make, and realising that fact could save so much heartache and loss. Research everything. Have faith in your own ability as a parent, who knows your child best. Protect your babies, the way a lioness protects her cubs, because Big Pharma are the hyenas who will prey on them. Do what is right for you and your child, not for corporate giants to whom you are nothing more than a stream of income, and who employ dishonesty and fraud as tactics to keep your money flowing into their coffers. It is the least our children deserve.

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