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Autogynephiles & Munchausen Mums - Partners in Crime

Written May 2024

Since the publication of the Cass Review, many who had previously remained silent on the trans issue have found their voice and are joining the chorus of criticism of the so-called ‘treatment’ children have been subjected to in the name of this horrific and damaging ideology. There are, unsurprisingly, an army of Cass-deniers, however, who are vehemently opposing the measured and careful findings of the report. Predictably, the troop of autogynephilic men larping as women are front and centre of this pack, followed closely behind by those parents of the Jeanette Jennings variety, who have been suspiciously happy to ‘trans’ their children and use them for publicity and financial gain, or in some cases, for social kudos. Both of these groups are furious at the publication of a report that essentially leaves their carefully embroidered tapestry in shreds. They each desperately require the existence of the ‘trans child’ in order to validate their own positions, and Cass is a serious fly in the ointment. The AGP males need the trans child to exist so that the fetish they have been allowed to live out in real life is not revealed as such, but is instead seen as the brave and courageous act of living as one’s true self. And the overly enthusiastic affirming parents need the trans child to exist, because if they do not, then the horror of what they are doing to their children is revealed as abuse, and not, as they want us to believe, kindness and acceptance. Both groups are using children, and sacrificing them at the altar of their own needs.


Unsurprisingly, serial tantrum-throwing annoying person, India Willoughby, has been a prolific critic of Cass. ‘Trans people are going to die as a direct result of the Cass Report’, so goes one hyperbolic tweet, alongside the hashtag #CassKillsKids. Fred(a) Wallace of fishnet fame has denounced the Cass Review as a political document, rather than a medical one. Amelia Hansford, a journalist for Pink News (an oxymoron, I know) told BBC Radio 4 that the recommendations in the Review are wrong, and that puberty blockers must continue to be prescribed to children, insisting some children ‘need them’. And trans Big Brother contestant, Hallie Clarke, exhibited an extraordinary lack of intellectual prowess by telling BBC News (there they are again) that psychological assessment of children who identify as trans would make them feel ‘underminded [sic]’. Hallie’s own innate knowledge of being a woman, despite being born with a penis and testicles, was solidified by choosing a blonde wig and a Hannah Montana birthday cake aged five. Some might see this as flimsy evidence, but not so the trans enthusiasts. Indeed X (formerly Twitter) is awash with grown men in frocks letting rip with rage at Professor Cass, and those who support her review, and more generally at women who are passionate about protecting women’s and girls’ rights and spaces. Enabled and emboldened by the acceptance extended to them by institutions and politicians, threats of murder and rape are commonplace from men pretending to be women, aimed at so-called TERFs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists), with JK Rowling taking more than one for the team. She is universally hated by these men, for using her huge platform to make clear her views that trans women are NOT women. Significantly, these vile men cannot help but reveal the misogynistic fantasies entrenched within them, as they openly post videos and messages spouting the desire to punch TERFs in the face, and even to stab them.


This misogyny is inherent in the movement, and is unbelievably easy to find. Pulitzer Prize winning author, Andrea Long Chu, who openly admits that ‘yes ,sissy porn did make me trans’, gives us this lovely definition of femaleness: ‘getting fucked makes you female, because fucked is what a female is.' The words of wisdom keep coming, as Chu helpfully informs us that ‘at bottom everyone is a sissy. The arsehole is a universal vagina through which femaleness can always be accessed.’ I honestly do not know which of the hundreds of pretend genders Chu identifies as – is porn-addled pervert one? Other gifted trans writers have shared their own beautiful thoughts on femininity and womanhood, too. Like Alok Vaid-Menon, enthusiastic trans activist extraordinaire, who brushes aside our fear of men in women’s bathrooms where they might ‘abuse little girls’, and tells us that ‘little girls are also kinky.’ I see. And then we have Grace Lavery, another of these brave warriors, who gives us a tour of the Freudian nightmare inside his head: ‘There is something about being treated like shit by men that feels like affirmation itself, like a cry of delight from the deepest cavern of my breast.’ As all of these examples prove, these men just want acceptance. We can rest assured that it is not a fetish. Dear God, it is not a fetish. And if you think it appears to fit the exact definition of a fetish, you are a bigot and a transphobe.


One might think that a movement dominated by such hatred and violence would repel women. And it should. Any woman who champions a cause which protects and promotes such men is a traitor to her sex, but there are plenty of them. Not least of these are the mothers so keen to trans their own children.  


A recent Reddit post that I was made aware of perfectly illustrates the mindset of these parents. The themes within these families are always so similar, and this particular post raised nearly all of the red flags one has come to recognise in such cases. The mother has taken to Reddit to spew her story in hope of ‘advice and support’, which we can confidently translate as ‘validation and praise for my wonderful and selfless love, support and affirmation for my mermaid child’. She jumps straight in with the revelation that her six-year-old son has come out as trans, after apparently showing signs since the age of three. She is not specific on what these ‘signs’ were. Perhaps the Jeanette Jennings defence, that he undid his onesie, which made her sure that he was trying to fashion the garment into a dress? Or the Susie Green justification, where the boy made the heinous mistake of playing with ‘girl toys’? Either way, mom has called it: her boy is really a girl, and mom is not for turning.


Like many of these parents, the mother in this tale of woe has an unhealthy obsession with counselling and therapy. She, her husband, and the alleged trans child were all in counselling prior to the ‘coming out’, for ‘unrelated reasons’, something she is grateful for, as it helped them to adjust to their ‘new normal’. If she had not already lost me at the group title ‘cisparenttranskid’, she had certainly lost me at this point. Anyone who uses the phrase ‘new normal’ needs a serious word with themselves. But I digress. It would be a safe bet that the ‘counsellor’, while happily trousering a fat bag of cash at each session, favours purple hair dye and includes her pronouns in her email signature.


There are two other children in the family, a girl of four, and a 12-year-old boy, tellingly the ‘stepson’, i.e. her husband’s son from another marriage. They have easily roped the four-year-old into using ‘preferred pronouns’ for her brother, and this therapy obsessed stepmum took the pre-emptive move of asking her stepson’s ‘bio mom’ to agree to counselling for the 12-year-old, presumably to gaslight the poor child into accepting his stepbrother as his stepsister with the minimum of fuss. ‘Bio mom’, to her credit, has refused to send her son to the re-education camp, which has infuriated Munchausen Mom no end. The next several paragraphs a filled with fury at the 12-year-old’s refusal to accept the situation, including the revelation that he has had the audacity to accuse his stepmum-from-hell of making the child trans. A most astute, and likely accurate observation from the 12-year-old, who appears to be the only ‘adult’ in the room.


Alas, far from being prompted into a bit of self-reflection, Munchausen Mom has doubled down, and proceeds to promote another favourite trope of the affirmational parent, spending an entire paragraph blaming the stepson for making the home an ‘unsafe place’ for the sparkling mermaid child. She also enforces the notion of endemic transphobia, stating her certainty of ‘the cruelty our daughter will surely experience’. Before signing off with a heartbreak emoji, this Susie Green wannabe states with conviction that the ‘only solution is therapy for everyone’, but that ‘bio mom’ will not agree. It is as clear as day that she has decided she no longer wants her stepson around, for he is shining a light on her abuse, and pissing on her parade.


The veil of care and compassion woven by such parents is as fragile as glass, and it is plain to see that the star of the show is always Mom. Dads do not get a free pass here – Jonathan Saccone Joly, we see you – but there are undoubtably fewer fathers at the forefront of this disgusting charade. There are, however, many weak fathers, who should know better, and who should protect their children from their overbearing mothers. Families are destroyed as these Munchausen Moms nudge their very young children towards ‘identifying as trans’, all to satisfy their own desire to be seen and celebrated as the best, most loving, accepting mother in the world. They go to extraordinary lengths in their quests, including dragging their other children into the delusion. The confusion must be immense for the siblings of these children. Not only are the parents dedicating disproportionate amounts of time, effort, and emotion on the rainbow child, but they are also being cajoled into ignoring their instincts. What is plainly a little boy is rebadged as a girl, or vice versa. And should they refuse, like our poor 12-year-old above, they are derided as mean and unaccepting, coaxed into therapy, as if it is they who are the problem.


Trans ideology has birthed this horrific folie à deux between Munchausen Moms and AGP males. Quite simply, they need one another, for validation, and as a shield from their true motives. It seems inconceivable to most parents that a mother, and in some cases father, would allow their child to live under the hideous delusion that they have been born in the wrong body. While most parents spend a lifetime trying their best to give children self-confidence and security that they are perfect as they are, these parents instead affirm the cruellest notion that they are a mistake, a mishap, and that they need to be fixed.


When spoken out loud, the trans activists’ dogma is the most obvious contradiction in the world: to be one’s authentic self, one must become the opposite, by means of medication and surgical alteration. In the future this period will be looked back upon with horror, and rightly so. Girls undergoing double mastectomy because they are frightened of puberty. Boys being castrated and having their penises butchered because they do not like ‘boy things’. All affirmed and cheered on by an army of sick adults, including parents, doctors, teachers, and politicians, who have failed them beyond words. Shame on all who have, and continue to, support this madness.  

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