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Absurdity - no longer the stuff of comedy

Written September 2023

Here we go again. Another example of the fetishism and mockery that is grown men putting on dresses and declaring themselves ‘women’. In this case, children’s education is being seriously undermined, all for the sake of appeasing this nasty, disingenuous individual, who sought, and indeed has succeeded, in advancing further the dangerous march of the extreme trans lobbyists.

This time it is the unsavoury and, frankly, unsightly Kayla Lemieux, a Canadian ‘teacher’ who displays his autogynephilic fetish with his students by insisting on sporting a pair of prosthetic Z cup breasts while ‘teaching’ his class. (For those Blackadder fans amongst you, the phrase “au contraire” comes instantly to mind – sadly there is nothing to laugh about in this real-life case.) Lemieux’s particular brand of autogynephilia I would argue incorporates paedophilia, since he apparently only wears the gigantic ‘breasts’ when he can flaunt them to the children in his class. After being suspended from one school, another has seen fit to employ him, and has gone to the trouble of implementing new safety measures in the school due to fears of protests against his appointment. So, the entire school must change their entry and exit procedures, doors will now be locked during the school day, and parents will need to pre-schedule appointments before coming onto campus. All so that a pervert can get his rocks off. Nothing to see here.

It is the growing number of cases like these which illustrate the far-reaching scale of the problem. This powerful movement has succeeded in silencing truth and logic, and has consequently paved the way for some very dangerous men to play out their perverted fantasies in real life, and thanks to the lobbyists having captured virtually all our institutions, woe betide any who criticise. It is absolute insanity that children should be confronted with blatant sexual fetish behaviour in any situation, let alone while they are at school. But this is exactly what the trans lobbyists seem to enjoy the most. Promoting and celebrating displays of sexual fantasy, of the most bizarre kind, to children wherever possible. It is why drag queens reading to children has become normalised, and it is why books which describe graphic sexual practices, many of which most adults may not have ever heard of, are now on the shelves of school libraries and on the curriculums in PSHE lessons. And to denounce the practice is, in this upside-down world, deemed phobic and hateful. Those who champion these activities have either been manipulated and duped into viewing their support as kindness, or if I were being less generous, have some questionable morals and ‘tastes’ themselves.

There are so many facets of the trans issue, many of which I have written previously about. But what is consistent is that it is women and children who are paying the heaviest price. Children must endure the perversion of grown men pretending to be women seemly everywhere they turn. They cannot escape it. And, on another side of the issue is the tragedy of those children who are hooked in by the propaganda, and whose insecurities are exploited to the frightening conclusion that they end up questioning their own gender. In the worst cases, many of these confused children are on pathways of irreversible ‘treatments’, aided and abetted by so-called medical professionals, who appear to have disregarded their Hippocratic Oath.

And women are suffering too. We are being erased, from sport, from private spaces, and from the exclusivity of motherhood. Autogynephilic men want it all. And in a blow to both women and children, this week hailed news of a successful womb transplant in a woman. Rather than being celebrated as offering hope to childless women, however, this breakthrough was immediately mooted as hope for ‘trans women’, i.e., biological men, who may, thanks to this procedure, one day get to carry a child. This possibility wholly ignores the fact that women’s bodies are more than just a womb, that in fact, almost every part of our bodies are primed to react and play their part in the physical process of growing and carrying a baby. We have already learned of men taking cocktails of drugs so that they can ‘lactate’. These practises, designed to allow men to poorly replicate femininity, are so reductive of what it means to be a woman. And, proving yet again that it is these perverted men who come first, the implications, both physical and mental, on the children who may be born to these men and ‘breastfed’ by them do not feature in the story. Where will this disgusting madness end?

We are in a dangerous place indeed when the truth becomes illegal to speak, and absurdity reigns. What is desperately needed is a return to putting children first, safeguarding them in a true sense, not in this mixed up, reversed version that is currently playing out. We must stop allowing a bullying mob of fantasists to confuse our children, so that they cannot tell if up is down, if man is woman, or if woman is man. We must stop this mockery of womanhood. Rules, laws and social etiquettes which have been foisted upon us, deceitfully in the name of kindness and inclusion, must be scrapped, and honesty and truth needs to take back its rightful place.

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