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A Gathering Storm

Written June 2023

The trans mania seems to get crazier by the day. While the rest of the world are waking up to the immense harm that is being carried out in the name of this false idea of inclusivity, the stalwarts continue to ignorantly toe the party line and insist that the number of detransitioners, those who regret their transition, is so small that it is not worth counting, and that drug and surgical transition is lifesaving for most trans people. But this argument is flawed on so many levels. The number of detransitioners is, in fact, alarmingly high, and growing all the time. A Reddit group of those affected by regret and desistance numbers over 47,0000 members, and clinics in the US and the UK are currently being sued by thousands of people who regret their transitions, and who feel they were not fully informed prior to their treatments and surgeries.

There is often a honeymoon period for transitioners, during which they may feel elated, a euphoria often artificially exaggerated by hormone medications which can produce such effects. It is during this phase that the trans community will be at its most supportive to the transitioner, celebrating their courage, telling them how beautiful they are, which further feeds the elation. However, this is just as often followed by a crashing come down, as realisation of the permanence of what they have done kicks in, and when normal life turns out to be no happier, easier, or joyous than it was before.

Imagine the year is 2042. A 28-year-old enters a doctor’s office, for yet another T prescription – testosterone, to the uninitiated. The doctor must also schedule a cardiogram, to check if the patient’s heart is still healthy, since the years of testosterone have increased the patient’s chances of heart disease or cardiac arrest significantly. The patient’s life has, since the age of 14, been one long round of medical treatments and surgeries, the result of the brutal, gruelling ‘treatment’ prescribed for the patient’s gender dysphoria. Or, as the proponents for this madness prefer to call it, gender affirming care, a phrase designed to sound much friendlier, and to mask the graphic nature of the procedures used in this so-called treatment. Mercifully, the patient chose at the time of transition not to go the route of creating a ‘penis’, a procedure known as phalloplasty. Phalloplasty is an intense and arduous body modification surgery, in which flesh, blood vessels and muscle are harvested from a forearm or thigh, and fashioned into something resembling a penis, before being surgically attached at the strategic place. It will never function like a real penis, and complication rates are alarmingly high. If the patient is lucky, they will be able to pass urine through the constructed organ. If they are unlucky, they will not, and will be left relying on a permanent catheter. Understandably, in this case, the patient did not opt for this, and instead lives with an engorged clitoris, four times its normal size, vaguely resembling a micro penis. The patient also lives with the consequences of vaginal atrophy, which occurred in the first few years of this patient’s ‘treatment’, caused by the huge doses of testosterone necessary for male characteristics to develop. This now causes the patient considerable pain and discomfort, the skin in the area is now so thin and sensitive. The patient is also rapidly losing hair, having developed male pattern baldness. Again, the result of the T. In the preceding year or so, the patient has begun to feel intense yearnings to be a mother. However, since the patient underwent a hysterectomy in their late teens, natural childbearing will be impossible. In any case, the patient would be unable to breastfeed their child, since they underwent a double mastectomy at the age of 15.

The patient had been born a girl, to her happy parents, a cherished and longed for child. Then, just at the age when she began to feel very common teenage confusion and anxiety, she was bombarded by media representation of ‘trans’ people, and was taught in school that sometimes, girls are actually boys, and boys are actually girls, and being born in the wrong body is what causes the teenage angst. A quick search on her social media soon led her to thousands upon thousands of others, who felt just like her. But they had found a magic solution. Becoming a boy. The corporations who dominate daily life showed enormous and overwhelming support to this newly formed ‘community’, celebrating them as stunning and brave, adjectives that had eluded this slightly awkward, gawky teenager. There were, she noticed, even flags displayed everywhere, in honour of these exotic-seeming people, who had found their tribe, and appeared to be living their best lives. How could this not have been immensely appealing to a lonely, disaffected teenager, who felt nothing but hopeless isolation, and the depressing certainty that they do not fit in anywhere else?

Upon hearing from their daughter that she thought she was, in fact, their son, the girl’s parents were scared. They had heard of a growing number of cases of trans teenagers, and were fearful when they were told by doctors, teachers, and others in the ‘community’ that their daughter was at an increased risk of suicide. They were told explicitly that it was better a ‘trans son than a dead daughter’. And so, they conceded. They affirmed their daughter’s transition, and guided her through the hormone treatments, the social transition, and the surgeries. They stuck by her, though it broke their hearts.

And now, at the age of 28, the trans man has realised the enormous error that has been made. The trans man realises he is actually she, the girl, now woman, as was the true biology of her birth. And she is angry. With herself, for falling prey to her teenage insecurities. With her parents, for falling prey to the propaganda instead of trusting their own parental instincts. With the education system, for teaching such anti-science as fact, with such happy fervour. With the doctors who ‘treated’ her, failing to adhere to the most vital tenet of their oath, to do no harm. And with the society that allowed the dangerous grip of trans ideology to take hold, and to ride rough shod over sense, compassion, and sanity. Her anger mixes with sadness, every time she looks in the mirror at the enormous scars which traverse her torso, in place of the healthy breasts that belong there.

Another patient that same week also enters the doctor’s office. This time, for an oestrogen prescription. This patient must be scheduled for a bone density exam, for the increased risk of brittle bones and breakages. This patient also takes anti-depressant medication for the depression, and anti-anxiety medication for the anxiety, both conditions that have been induced by the hormone replacement therapy which will be a lifelong necessity. This patient was born male, 22 years ago, but, when around the age of four, he showed an interest in playing with dolls, and trying on his sister’s sparkly clothes, his mother decided he must really be a girl. She had watched in fascination as others were so publicly experiencing this phenomenon, her social media was awash with accepting parents, reaping the rewards of praise and adoration at their brave acceptance. Her suspicions about her own son, then, were easily strengthened when her son announced that he hated football, and that he enjoyed singing and dancing. It was settled. The somewhat overbearing mother bamboozled her husband into playing along, with the usual tropes of accepting the child for ‘who they really are’, and the social transition was put into full swing. The parents approached their new challenge with an enthusiasm that bordered on gleefulness. The little boy was henceforth dressed entirely in the girliest of girls’ clothes, his hair left to grow long, and his name changed to a girl’s one. And the mother set about making endless YouTube and TikTok videos, full of self-congratulation of herself and her husband for their unquestioning acceptance of their child’s trans-ness, and celebration of their ‘daughter’, for ‘her’ bravery and pluck. Shamelessly, the child was presented to the world in these videos, not unlike a show pony, while questions were fired at him continually, on ‘how it made him feel’ to be called a boy. Although the questions confused him, the child felt a crushing pressure to say something, anything, to the relentless eye of the camera’s lens, always targeted on him, and, aware that mummy was happiest when he responded with ‘sad’, he complied, to please her. Likewise, when she asked, ‘how it made him feel’ to be called a girl, he learned quickly to respond with ‘happy’. Why wouldn’t he? Complying ensured that praise, celebration, and affection rained down on him in abundance. It made mummy so happy. He felt like he had passed mummy’s test, with flying colours.

Now that this person is a fully grown adult, the feelings of confusion and doubt have become unbearable. He can remember nothing else but the performance that was his life, does not remember what it felt like being treated as a little boy, does not remember a time when he was not being quizzed, dressed up, filmed dancing by his mother. He has a vague memory of reading adventure stories, and feeling like he was the boy in the story. He has memories of times throughout middle school and high school, when he felt attracted to girls. And he remembers growing tired of his mother’s constant ‘games’ of dress up, and her incessant direction, commanding him to twirl the pretty dress around for the camera.

He, too, is angry. His parents made a life-changing choice for him, and it was wrong. He knows, now, in his heart that he is a man, not a woman. But tragically, a full vaginoplasty was performed when the boy was a teenager. His testicles were removed, and a fake vagina was created using his penile tissue. The years since have consisted of painful daily dilations of the ‘vagina’, involving the insertion of a lubricated implement into the orifice, to prevent its healing over. There have also been several surgeries, to correct parts of the original surgeries that did not go well, and to treat urination issues, and bowel issues too, all caused by the hugely complex surgical procedures. And mum is no longer happy. In fact, the two no longer speak. When he eventually voiced his anger and regret, his mother became hurt, and insisted that the whole thing had been led by him, that she acted out of kindness and love. This made him even angrier.

These stories are composites, imagined from various true accounts I have read, of the deep, crushing regret that increasing numbers of transitioned people are feeling, now that they are into adulthood, and have processed the enormity of what they have done / had done to themselves. I hope they serve as a stark warning of what is now snowballing. Our society has failed, and we are hurtling into a future of broken humans living in a kind of purgatory, neither able to live as their biological reality, nor live with themselves as the gender they tried to become. Ruined bodies, endless pain, and constant surgeries and medication – this is the life of transitioners, who were, and continue to be, allowed to make such a life-changing decision, at an age when they cannot even consent to a tattoo.

Children learn trust, and build confidence when they receive protection, love and guidance from their parents – this is the very heart of unconditional love. Diabolically, what the trans movement has done is to hijack this unconditional love, and, by smoke and mirrors, turn it on its head, and convince many that encouraging the idea that a child was born in the wrong body is unconditional love, the absolute antithesis of the truth. True love is helping a child, who is struggling with their identity, to find peace and acceptance in their own body. True love is not imposing on a healthy child a life of monstrous surgeries, a butchered body, and endless medication.

While I have enormous sympathy for the parents whose teenage children are leading this process, having been drawn into the cult of transgenderism, the other type of parent, the ones who groom their tiny children, and then gleefully transition them, are some of the very worst people involved in this whole dystopian nightmare. They truly are the villains of the piece. Social media has enabled the trans ideology to thrive, and it has fed the monster of these parents’ narcissism. Purporting to be sharing the child’s unfaltering knowledge of their true self, from ages as young as two and three, what these parents are really doing is the very worst kind of virtue signalling. By declaring to the world that they are all-loving, all-accepting of their child’s ‘true self’, what they are, in fact, telling us, is that they are willing to shamelessly use their young child as a vehicle for a shot at fame. In the world of their dreams, the children, who have facilitated a life of public adoration and wonderment, are mere extras in the piece, it is the parent who takes the starring role. The child is a prop, used to elevate the parent to God-like status. The parents’ egos are fed by the adoration of those who praise them, and even by the criticism of those who see through them. The criticism is shamelessly used as sympathy-gaining, shared with supporters for yet further praise for their bravery and strength. The narcissism is hard to fathom. These videos are not about the children at all, they are about the parents’ need for validation, and constant praise and attention.

As an aside, one wonders what the non-trans children in such families feel about their overly celebrated sibling. Life can be no picnic as the dull ‘cis’ kid, living in the shadow of the mermaid child.

Trans-affected children are being left scarred, both emotionally and physically, heavily medicated, and, horrifically, infertile. How is it possible for a teenager to understand the magnitude of this decision? Which of us can truly say that we had a full understanding of what it feels like to yearn for a child, when we were not yet adults ourselves? Equally troubling, many transitioners find that they are unable to become sexually aroused, and indeed, it is fully recognised that a person who was pubertally blocked as a child, before puberty even began, will never achieve orgasm. At the very least, how can a child of such tender years ever understand the enormity of surrendering themselves to a life without this ability? The truth is, they cannot. And any parent who willingly makes these huge sacrifices, on their child’s behalf, is guilty, in my opinion, of immense and most serious child abuse.

I have written extensively on many aspects of this subject, and each time, try to remind my readers of the fact that transgenderism is not a defining characteristic of some people. It is a dangerous mental illness, and should be treated as such. Celebrating with flags and bunting, is insane. And the shameless corporate exploitation of this issue is, in my opinion, criminal. Think critically – would any of this have made sense to you 10, or 15 years ago? There is an agenda here, and the beneficiaries are not the vulnerable children, caught in the crosshairs of the pharmaceutical giants’ rifle.

I’ll end with the heart-breaking words of two regretful patients, both of whose stories on the Reddit thread brought me to tears – and theirs are far, far from isolated cases. After having a double mastectomy, and taking testosterone for over a year, one female-to-male 19-year-old is filled with remorse. And the second, a born male, who has now had his testicles removed, his face softened with surgery, and his voice surgically feminised. Encouraging and celebrating this shocking mutilation is barbaric. How on earth has our society come to this?

Over to these brave individuals, who have had the courage to admit their awful mistakes. May they find some peace.

“Everytime I look at my chest, or just become aware of the feeling of it, I start crying. I keep trying to convince myself that it wasn't fully a mistake, that maybe I still like some of the changes, but I feel like I'm lying to myself. I don't know what to do..”

“I have a wardrobe full of woman's clothes, women's IDs and passports and body/face/voice that doesn't pass as a man anymore. I feel trapped. It's a bit of a nightmare. I gave myself a panic attack thinking about it today. I consider my transition 'successful' in terms of what I originally set out to do, pass as a woman. But now that I've seemingly achieved that goal my brain suddenly doesn't want it anymore..”

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