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“World Reels from Normal Rate of Death”

A look at the massive over-reaction to normal life & death, and people's willingness to be duped.

Originally written May 2020, updated in March 2021

When I first heard the term ‘social distancing’, my immediate thought was what a cold and steely phrase, and frankly, how terrifying. And then came ‘lockdown’, more frightening still. I am sure I was not alone in feeling like I had woken up in strange world. But what astonished me most was the readiness with which so many people simply accepted this removal of liberty as something with which they must comply, without questioning why, and without demanding facts first. The willingness of so many to have their worlds turned upside down, their jobs halted, their liberty controlled, with nothing but the bare minimum in the way of fact, and on nothing more than the mainstream media’s screaming headlines, is nothing short of chilling. ‘Social Distance’, at its core, is exactly the practice which societies have been trying to eradicate over the past ten years, or more. Many elderly people have, for years, suffered from a sort of social distancing, born out of circumstances; some are widowed, some may have families living some distance away, some may have no family left. It has been widely acknowledged that this loneliness and isolation has a catastrophic impact for elderly people. Charities like Campaign to End Loneliness and Re-engage exist solely to raise awareness of this issue, and operate schemes to bring older, isolated people into society, so they do not feel ignored. There has been a rise in ‘intergenerational care homes’ where nurseries are run on the same site as care homes for the elderly, and all socialise together – studies have even revealed this to be successful in not just combatting loneliness, but in slowing mental decline too, according to Age UK. Likewise, we have been made aware of the dangers of isolation and loneliness for young single people, and teens, where often social media replaces real ‘face time’ and actual contact with others. Again, this can have devastating effects, and we know of the surge in suicide rates over recent years as life has become more isolated, and again, we have seen gargantuan efforts by charities to raise awareness of these issues to effect change in outcomes. And now, apparently, within a few short weeks, all this care and inclusion, all the hard work that has been done to build a more inclusive and friendly society, has come to a grinding halt. We are told by our governments and our media of a deadly virus, and, for the first time in history, healthy people, rather than just the sick, are being quarantined. And the vast majority question nothing. The joy of human contact, so important in life, so vital, is now presented to us as dangerous, even selfish. We are to fear getting close to others, scorn those who dare to get within two meters of us, and our entire country, along with many others, can no longer enjoy the simple pleasures of our free lives. No social activities can take place, no pubs, restaurants, gyms, cinemas, can now offer us the much needed and deserved downtime from our work lives. Schools are closed, with children left frightened, confused, and missing their friends, at a time in their lives when peers are everything. Even places of worship must not allow people to practice their religion together. And the vast majority question nothing. We are now told how often we can leave our homes, and for what purpose, and we are even told that staying away from our elderly relatives is an act of love and care. Our lives have been turned upside down, and new laws with frightening powers have been rushed through, in order to keep us in our place, and prevent us from exercising our freedoms. And the vast majority question nothing. We are told that this virus is to be feared, and that we all must ‘play our part’; we are told ‘we are all in this together’. However, the truth is that there is something we should fear far more than this virus. The toll from this lockdown will be far greater than the deaths from Covid19. And some of this will not be calculable in numbers. How many victims of a domestic abuser will suffer increased abuses in their homes, how many children will suffer abuse at the hands of an abusive parent? These types of abuses, if not fatal, will have a lasting and damaging impact on these victims, a lifetime of pain and anxiety. The streets of London, to name but one city, are now ‘home’ to hundreds of ex-hospitality industry employees, who have been let go from their agency jobs, and are unable to pay their rents. These unfortunates are between the cracks, ineligible, as agency workers, for the (so-called) government assistance, without access to places to shower or hygienically go to the toilet, their only sustenance the food distributed by a band of remarkable charity volunteers (Price 2020). Then there are the deaths that will occur, not from this virus, but from this lockdown. How many people will die from suicide, bereft and frightened of being alone? And how many elderly people are feeling more isolated than ever, how many dementia patients are there who cannot possibly understand why they are not being visited by their family members? How many elderly people will die alone, without the warm hand of a loved one, without seeing the faces of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren one last time. New rules mean that relatives are no longer permitted to visit loved ones in hospital. If their loved one is dying, they may be admitted, but in full personal protection gear, likely a terrifying sight for the elderly loved one, close to death. And still then, if a family member does choose to do this, they are then themselves forced to isolate for 14 days – totally impractical for many. Businesses around the world have been forced to shut and furlough their staff. We can only guess at the long-term effect this will have on these hard-working business owners, employees, and their families. How many businesses will not survive this catastrophic shut down? And as always, it is the small independents that will suffer most. The huge corporations will be just fine, thank you. Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s, Waitrose, Morrisons? Business has never been better. Demand is at its highest for years as people stock up, with us all forced to stay in our homes. Amazon? Demand at an all-time high, since we cannot go and buy anything in the shops. And all the while, small independent businesses are bereft, terrified of what the future holds for them, and trying to make sense of how to access the ‘help’ that the government has offered, which, as time goes on, is being revealed to be woefully inadequate, or in many cases non-existent. Our modern societies have been built for the few, not the many, and those few keep the bulk of the wealth to themselves, and wish it to remain that way, with as little interference from us mere minions as possible. They do not wish to have us question their money-making scams, nor the draconian rules which they impose on us in order to keep their power, and creating a climate of fear and ‘social distance’ works perfectly for these agendas. Fear is a natural human emotion, but this so-called pandemic has proved how easily it can be manipulated. Turning the population into a mass of frightened individuals, isolated from friends and family, creates division, and ensures that momentum cannot be built for a backlash. Just look at how easily some sections of society have turned into ‘informers’, taking to Facebook and Twitter to shame others for their supposed flouting of rules. I have lost count of the number of posts I have seen on Facebook, decrying in pious self-righteousness how a neighbour has been out more times than allowed, or has participated in some other perceived wrongdoing. I feel for those poor souls who venture out for a pleasant afternoon walk (the only leisure activity not taken away from us – yet) only to be shamed on social media so-called ‘community’ groups for daring to do so, by someone who is also taking an afternoon stroll! The hypocrisy is mind-blowing, and anything further from a neighbourly spirit one would be hard pressed to imagine. The sharing of ‘I’m staying home for the NHS’ type of memes is rife all over social media – a repellent newspaper-style cartoon, shows an elderly couple inside their house, looking out of a window. “The children haven’t visited for so long,” laments the wife, “I know, they must really love us,” replies the husband – how blatant the attempt to instil guilt and shame into anyone who does not agree with the measures or who questions the official narrative. Particularly nauseating is the ‘fake-ness’ displayed each week, on the designated day (Thursday) and time (8pm) for us all to clap on our doorsteps to cheer the NHS ‘heroes’. This apparently spontaneous show of affection for our health system and its workers is anything but; it is, rather, a prescribed and manipulative farce, intended to make anyone who does not participate feel marginalised, even ashamed, so that they may give in and toe the party line the next week. The false sense of self-congratulation people undoubtably experience as they clap on their doorstep, “all in this together”, is all utterly fake – how many of those same people were first in line at the checkouts, stockpiling hand gel, toilet roll and pasta at the beginning of all this, leaving nothing left on the shelves for those unable to afford to do the same. And there is a further group whose hypocrisy is just as vile, if not more so - the ‘Press’. Day after day, the mainstream press has had their giant wooden spoons in the cauldron of fear, stirring, and helping to maximise the panic-mongering. Ever increasing headlines, each one more damning than its predecessor – the message clear – WE ARE ALL DOOMED – unless, of course, we adhere to the draconian rules. For months we have been bombarded by tyrannical headlines, warning of the continuing crisis, urging us to STAY AT HOME. Their headlines and stories are baseless, and just a small amount of research reveals the extent to which these stories are exaggerated, even fabricated. Footage run on Sky News on 22nd March of an overwhelmed ICU ward, reported that it was showing the “Main hospital in Bergamo, Lombardy”. Three days later, on 25th March, CBS This Morning in America ran the exact same footage with the quote “It’s all hands on deck in America’s hospitals”. And yet, these so-called reliable sources are the go-to for most people for their information and supposed facts. No doubt these same ‘journalists’ will be first in line to ‘report’ on the flurry of suicides when such tragedies sadly become apparent, with no hint of irony at the fact that their scare-mongering was to blame in the first place. I don’t have any definite answers as to why so many governments around the world have bought into this giant scam, whether by mistake or malice, (although the enormous coincidence of Bill Gates organising EVENT 201 in October 2019, simulating a Coronavirus pandemic and instructing world leaders in measures to take in such an event, including social distancing and lockdowns, does pique my interest, as does his interest in vaccines – compulsory vaccines?) but I am reminded of a story I read to my daughter when she was small, “Why the Owl Behaves as it Does”, by Ted Hughes. Owl, deemed by the other birds as the wisest amongst them, fools all the other birds into believing that the light of daytime is actually a deadly darkness, and warns them:

“There is only one thing to do if you want to keep alive. You must close your eyes as tight as you can as soon as the dark of the day beings to turn grey. You must keep them closed until I awake you at grey dawn. One peep at the dark, and you are dead birds.”

Just as we are told we must simply do as we are told, or we face death, or the death of our loved ones, so Owl exerted a similar power. And the story continues:

“All that bright day they stood in groups under the brambles, their eyes tightly closed. Some of them were too frightened to fall asleep. Not one of them dared to open an eye. One look at that darkness, Owl had said, and you are dead birds.”

Are the vast majority not guilty right now of behaving like these poor birds? Owl has motives for keeping the other birds in the dark – they are now easy prey:

“Owl dozed happily in the dark hollow of a tree. His trick was working perfectly. He was very pleased with himself.” “In this way, Owl grew fat and contented, while the other birds grew wretched.”

It is our right to question authority; we are, after all, a democracy. It is vital to open our eyes, and see the reality around us, but the authorities will try everything in their power to make sure we do not, just like Owl:

“If only one little bird had peeped, for only one second, with only one eye, he would have seen that there was no such thing as deadly darkness. He would have seen the sun, and the countryside he knew so well. But Owl made sure that none ever did.”

Some of the birds finally do begin to question Owl, and his reaction is unsurprising, for he is a power-hungry leader of the other birds:

“Owl was worried. He wanted to keep the birds in his power.”

I choose to be one of those birds, one that questions why we have to do as Owl says, one that questions why our world has been turned upside down, without any scientific evidence that we are suffering a virus any more deadly than seasonal flu. With a population in fear, the scene is set for anyone who dares question the official line to be ridiculed, labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’. Worse than this, anyone who dares question the official narrative is shouted down and told they are cruel, uncaring, cold. Even when confronted with facts, and even when those facts are given by highly respected clinicians (Dr. Vernon Coleman; Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil; Dr. Andrew Kaufman; Dr. Dan Erickson; Dr. Artin Massihi) the vast majority stick their fingers in their ears, and shout ‘how dare you’ at anyone who has no wish to clap on their doorstep, and who chooses fact over fluff. And it is this behaviour that keeps the population in the power of the authorities controlling us. In fact, I am always sceptical when a topic becomes this toxic. When simply asking a question about something provokes these kinds of vitriolic responses, I go on hyper-alert – it tells me there is definitely something here that someone wishes to remain hidden.

This is not a ‘pandemic’. This is a covert operation of human conditioning, on a global scale. Now that we have had this lockdown imposed upon us, there will no doubt be a further need for the ‘emergency measures’ to be rolled out again, a second time, a third time, any number of times, whenever they cry ‘pandemic’. And people will comply because that is what they have been conditioned to do. It is the most disgusting and unethical display of global governmental power to date, and like sheep, the majority are falling for it.

How quickly people forget, wrapped up in their own bubbles of fear. Why does it seem inconceivable to most that our governments would tell us outright lies, and behave in such unscrupulous ways, when governments worldwide have been caught out many times before? There is now not a shadow of doubt that Tony Blair’s government willingly, eagerly lied to us regarding the supposed knowledge of Saddam Hussein’s ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ (WMD), so they could wage an illegal war and have the country’s backing. The reality was that there never were any WMDs, and Blair and his crooked band knew it. The Chilcot Enquiry (2016) confirms this, and yet Tony Blair still turns up regularly in our media, like the proverbial bad penny, pontificating on issues of the day, despite this confirmation of his criminal conduct throughout his period in office. The ‘WMD’ episode is linked by some very credible people with some extremely shady events – this is beyond the scope of this piece, but for further reading, examine the events surrounding the death of Dr. David Kelly.

Back to the ‘Covid19’ panic, though, and to further insult our intelligence, the proof that this is no pandemic is available to anyone with an internet connection, hidden in plain sight. Using the Office of National Statistics data, it is easy to see that this is no more than a sleight of hand trick, using spurious death certificate recording methods and manipulation of the statistics to fool us all into submission.

In the UK, some rather frightening emergency legislation received royal ascent on 25th March, legislation which affords new powers to police officers amongst other liberty-stripping measures, and which also changes the way in which doctors are recording cause of death (The Coronavirus Bill, 2020). They are now recording all deaths where there is even a mere suspicion of the patient having this virus down to Covid19, regardless of whether there has been a positive test taken, and irrespective of any other health conditions or illnesses the person may have been suffering with at the time of death. But even with this disgraceful practice in place, we still see that the terrifying number of deaths being rammed down our throats as being Covid19 deaths, and therefore by implication as being in excess of usual rates of death, just don’t make sense against the official narrative – someone’s cooking the books.

As illustrated above, up until the end of March, death rates were completely normal (significantly lower, in fact, than the equivalent figures for 2018) when compared with the last three years. The UK went into lockdown on 23rd March, so how is it that the increase in morbidity rate appears only AFTER lockdown? This strongly suggests that lockdown is the cause, not the prevention, of this excess mortality.

The impact of this lockdown, not the virus, is now sadly becoming apparent, revealed by the number of deaths in April. The impact is to mental and physical health, and is causing deaths. With many non-Covid19 related health services suspended, including cancer treatments, Lai et al (2020) report of an up to 66% fall in admissions for chemotherapy. A surge in calls to the Samaritans has led to their stating that the Coronavirus crisis is the “biggest challenge Samaritans has ever faced” (, 2020), suggesting that when data becomes available, suicide rates will most certainly have increased. Dr. Jeff Barke, a medical practitioner in Orange County with 30 years’ experience, suggests that suicide rates there are the highest than any time since the great depression, and quotes data from Ontario in Canada, where 30 people to date have died who were due to undergo cardiac surgery, which was called off, deemed non-essential. And these to name but two of the many areas where deaths will now be increasing. This is the real crisis, and it is likely to get worse. All breast screening services, for example, are suspended, reducing the number of early diagnoses for breast cancer, and the list goes on.

So, we must wake up, open our eyes, and ask the questions. When you look at all these events with a different filter, one not clouded by abject fear, it is possible to sort through the web of lies, and to find the truth. Although we are persistently told by our government that our approach is being ‘led by the science’, all of the evidence above is proof that this is plainly a lie. The science tells us that the opposite is true. Lockdowns are not a scientific method for virus control, and quarantining healthy people simply ensures we are all immuno-weakened when lockdown ends, queuing it up nicely for events to fit in with the narrative of the feared ‘second wave’. Immunity amongst the population needs to be allowed to build, the same as it does each year with all manner of viruses, included influenza, and the common cold (Dr. Dan Erickson; Dr. Artin Massihi). This virus is no different, and is not killing masses of people, indiscriminately.

Every death, of course, whenever it occurs, is a personal tragedy for the family involved. But to wrap every death in the cloak of Covid19 perpetuates the fear mongering that has engulfed our world this year. The pain and anguish that families of the deceased experience at each loss is immense; grief always is. But to mask the true cause of death may surely deepen that pain if families are given false belief that the death was somehow avoidable, when the reality is that a flu virus would as likely have taken their loved one away this winter anyway. Igniting anger in these vulnerable, grief-stricken people, that the death of their loved one is the fault of those not following the distancing rules, or governmental response, or a Chinese person who ate bat soup, is a cruelty. Those who should be angry are those losing loved ones to cancer, who’s treatment was cancelled, or the diabetic relative who could not access their clinic, or the stroke sufferer who felt they could not attend hospital because the service is too stretched to see them.

So, speak up, speak out – let us expose the mass-corruption that has infected our planet, disguised as a deadly virus from a bowl of bat soup. Let us be brave and courageous and take back the liberty being denied us. Facts, not fear, will be our saviour.

It’s easier to fool people, than it is to convince people they have been fooled.” Mark Twain

Update: March 2021

I wrote this original article in May 2020, and now revisit it in March 2021 – we are still in lockdown, and many are still believing the government and media lies. Here I show a table with more of those death figures, for comparison – evidence in black and white, this is not, and never was, a pandemic.

Apart from a slightly alarming rise in April of 2020 the figures are not dramatically excessive, and in fact correlate with 2020 being a normal year. And there has been much speculation on this April 2020 number. This was after we had locked down, so why this unusual spike? Perhaps it had something to do with the quite extraordinary strategy put in place, where thousands of elderly people, diagnosed with Covid-19 (or a respiratory illness, anyway), were ferried into care homes, rather than being kept in hospital for treatment, as happens usually every year with influenza. That is, these highly infectious elderly people were pushed into care homes brimming with other elderly, vulnerable people, where the said respiratory virus spread like wildfire, sadly taking the lives of these vulnerable people. The figures clearly show, once those particularly vulnerable people had sadly passed, the figures returned to normal. But the government and the media persisted with a strategy of pushing out death figures, without any context at all, and so spun a massive, encompassing web of fear. And context is everything, when talking about this kind of data. I mean, honestly, prior to the ‘pandemic’, I had no idea how many people normally die on average each day in the UK. It’s all about perspective – but the media are still reporting without that key ingredient. And now, we will probably see a creep upwards in these numbers, as the true cost of lives from cancelled surgeries, screenings, and treatments for other illnesses becomes apparent, along with sharp rises in suicides as the financial devastation of this manufactured crisis unfolds. Welcome to the real crisis – it has only just begun.

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