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True Colours?

Written May 2024

Question: When is a coincidence not a coincidence? Answer: When it’s anything to do with The Royals.


Today we saw the big reveal of a portrait of the one some insist on calling King Charles III, apparently the first such commemoration since his coronation. (Personally, I beg to differ. @bobscartoons produced a far more accurate one in November last year.) The official portrait is a riot of red, Charlie’s face emerges from a background of blood-like chaos, and a monarch butterfly hovers just above his right shoulder. While the uninitiated may see nothing amiss with the depiction of their esteemed Royal Master, those of us who are not asleep at the wheel or wearing blinkers have been left more than a little alarmed by the piece, and the profusion of demonic and sinister symbolism it unashamedly displays.  


If the painting had been a standalone, freakish one off, it would perhaps have slipped under the radar, and been chalked up as one of King ‘my-best-mate-was-Jimmy-Savile’ Charles’s slightly odd missteps. However, it instead comes on the coat tails of some other rather strange royal events, which have left the family and the entire brand of HRH under an extremely ominous cloud. Unless you have been ensconced on an idyllic internet-free island for the last six months, you will be acutely aware that there have been fewer sightings of Princess Kate since 25th December than there have been of Elvis Presley (now there’s a true King). So where is she? In an uncanny coincidence, we have been fed news of an unspecified cancer diagnosis, apparently discovered following ‘planned’ surgery for another vaguely described health condition. Kate’s health woes come on the back of news of Charles’s own (also unspecified) cancer diagnosis. The Princess’s diagnosis is being touted as the reason for her unprecedented absence from the public scene. And while one could understand a cessation of official duties, it cannot be ignored that there has not been a single, solitary sighting of her, out for a stroll with her mum or sister, or doing a school run. So where is Kate?


While two cancer diagnoses in one family are certainly not unheard of, for two so close together in the most prominent family in the Kingdom, whose healthcare provision, one presumes, is second to none, is, well, unusual. And the oddities do not end there. In response to questions being asked as regards to Kate’s whereabouts, both in the media and amongst curious, well-meaning members of the public, a photograph emerged in the media in early March of a Range Rover allegedly carrying the Princess and her mother, driving somewhere in Windsor. The ‘Princess’, hidden behind dark sunglasses and the tint of the windscreen, looked somewhat more rotund than her usual svelte self, and speculation immediately arose that it was not, in fact, her. While conjecture continued, a week later, on March 10th, the Palace chose (or were forced?) to release a photograph of the Princess with her children, to commemorate mothering Sunday, a photograph that would not have seemed out of place in a Jaeger advertising campaign, all unremarkable-but-clearly-pricey clothes, very British garden, and toothy grins from the kids. All well and good. The problem, however, arose when it was immediately apparent that the photograph was Photoshopped, and heavily so. Withdrawn even by the news agency who had released the snap, ironically slapped by what is known in the industry as a ‘kill notice’, any credibility the photograph was supposed to promote went up in flames, and the question, ‘where is Kate?’ raged on with renewed gusto. A tweet allegedly penned by Kate herself the following day apologised for any confusion the photograph had caused, and attempted to explain it away as the Princess’s own amateur photoshopping gone awry. Many did not buy the excuse, however. For a family with an entire team of PR gurus, something just did not sit right.    


Fast forward another week, and, with the question ‘where is Kate?’ still unanswered, the public were treated to some utter slapstick, as on March 18th The Sun released mobile phone video footage supposedly showing the Prince and Princess happily browsing and purchasing a selection of high-end groceries, on an impromptu shopping trip to the local opulent farm shop. The footage had apparently been given to The Sun by a fellow customer, but the trouble was, the two posing as the happy Royal shoppers would not even have been given the gig at a Lookie-Likie agency, let alone be passed off credibly as the most famous couple in the world. Another curious aspect was the fact that just one, solitary person captured the pair, in a ludicrously grainy few second video, on his phone. We can only wonder where the rest of the shoppers were that day. Perhaps all their iPhones, capable of snapping high resolution shot after shot, and video after video of the couple, were all simultaneously in for repair, or something.


If the Palace had any intentions of quelling rumours surrounding the strange events, then their next move was a monumental failure. On 22nd March, a bizarre video was released which purported to show Kate, sat alone on a bench in the gardens of Windsor, delivering a message to ‘the people’, about her cancer diagnosis, and about her hopes for support and privacy at a difficult time. But curiouser and curiouser, the video had all the appearance of being AI generated. Some tech-savvy people studied the video closely and found many anomalies. The footage is masked in a hazy filter, and shows a drawn looking Kate, wearing a stripy sweater, now somewhat famous itself, speaking robotically, sat stock still and with not even a hair moving in the spring breeze. Many commented on the stillness of the background, too, where plants and grasses failed to register a passing breath of wind, despite it being just March. And if you are thinking that is too farfetched, remember how far they have come with Deep Fake technology – take a look here. In perhaps one further point of interest, the video was produced by BBC Studios, none the less, rather than the news arm of the BBC, as one might have expected.


Meanwhile, heir to the throne, Long Tall Willy, apart from pulling out of his godfather’s memorial service right at the last minute due to a ‘personal matter’, has otherwise been seen out and about, watching various sporting events, pulling pints in a pub (proving just how ‘down with the plebs’ he is), and laughing and joking at various dinner engagements. And all while the missus is apparently suffering gruelling cancer treatment without him by her side. She was ‘there in spirit’ at a recent engagement, apparently. I see.  


When put together against the backdrop of such a collection of ‘unfortunate’ events having befallen the royals of late – a family member taking his own life in February, King’s Guard horses covered in blood-coloured paint running amok through the streets of London – the coincidences are stacking up fast. Oh, and the 45-minute visit from the Man from Montecito to his cancer-stricken father, Charlie. An awfully long, and environmentally unfriendly private jet journey, one might think, for such a short visit. Why did he not spend more time?


And now, that painting. Replete with inescapable blood imagery, a monarch butterfly (notoriously the emblem of MK Ultra), not to mention the curious emergence of clear representations of Baphomet when the painting is reflected on itself, there is plenty of messaging going on here.  What was the artist’s brief, I wonder? Paint the monarch in his true colours? The artist chosen to memorialise him in this peculiar fashion is British painter Jonathan Yeo, whose portfolio contains some other notable (for all the wrong reasons) subjects, including Tony Blair, George Bush and Rupert Murdoch – none of whom would appear on my Christmas card list if I made one, since I tend not to favour greedy bloodthirsty liars and murderers.  


Charles makes no secret of his support for totalitarian, despotic organisations such as the WEF, and actively participates in their lavish conferences, where the rich and powerful congregate in luxurious, gluttonous splendour, while they decide on yet further controls, restrictions and bug recipes to impose on us mere mortals. He is at home in the company of men like George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and let us remember again his good friend, Jimmy Savile. They say that a man may be judged by the company he keeps. Say no more.


One thing is certain. Something very, very strange is going on within the House of Windsor. And surrounded as it is in symbolism and secrecy, Charles et al are not helping themselves to win favour with ‘the people’. But then again, I doubt this is their goal. If the painting is anything to go by, Charles is revealing much about his revulsion for ‘his people’, and really is showing his true colours. I personally do not count myself as one of Charles’s ‘subjects’. I prefer my own sovereignty over being beholden to a fiendish, power-hungry demon. But those who do participate in the pantomime of Royalty must, at the very least, be slightly suspicious by now. Although perhaps this is too optimistic, given that these are people who would camp in the pissing rain on the streets outside the palace, just for a mere glimpse of their beloved King. There really is no helping some people.


While I do not care much for the royals, I hope we see Kate soon. For real. Not in a faked photo or video, and not being played by unconvincing actors. After all, she is a young woman, with three children who despite their privelidge, need their mum.


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