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Safe & Effective and Other Deceptions

Written February 2024

In March 2020, as we were plunged into ‘lockdown’, the concept was, for many of us, absolutely terrifying, and pregnant with tyrannical overtones. For others, it seems, it was a curiously cheerful prospect, a novelty, and one that would allow a kind of extended bank holiday feeling. Of course, it was well disguised by most as a sense of duty, and the shameless display of propaganda that was clapping and banging pots and pans on your doorstep for ‘our NHS’ was manna from heaven for those keen to demonstrate this virtue.


Now, four years on, those same sickeningly compliant people are making a dramatic show of a new kind. They are systematically understating, and even ignoring, the evidence that is daily coming to light of the serious and irreparable damage that was caused by the Covid response (damage, by the way, that was predicted by sceptics). Further, the equally devastating consequences of the Covid vaccine, including heart attacks, blood clots and fast onset cancers, are being touted as nothing more than coincidence. Worse still, they are refusing to acknowledge that it was all in the name of a lie. They were conned by the cruellest of swindlers, but they dare not admit it.


The truth, for so long the subject of derision and accusations of conspiracy, is slowly trickling into mainstream stories, albeit often diluted to soften its impact. But it is undeniably bubbling under the surface, where once it was hidden deep beneath. The number of sports professionals alone who have collapsed while training or playing is hugely alarming. Excess deaths are at the highest level since the second world war, but you would not know it, by watching the news. Those same channels that were wetting themselves with excitement when publishing daily the supposed numbers of plague – sorry, Covid – deaths, dare not touch the numbers being revealed as having died from ‘unexplained’ causes.


For those of my readers who generally think of me as a tin foil hat crackpot, I ask you to think of my next question and answer to yourself honestly. Since the vaccine rollout, how many people do you know, or have you heard of through friends of friends, who have developed strange conditions, often unusual for their age? How many people have you heard of having heart conditions; blood clots; fast developing cancers? Few people, I’m certain, have yet to hear of such cases. Something must be niggling in the back of peoples’ minds.


Yet, far from displaying anger at being lied to in the most heinous way, and suffering the most dire consequences, the compliant continue apace with their proclamations of certainty that the vaccine was, and remains, our saviour from the terror of Covid. It is bizarre to hear the justification that is parroted verbatim from ‘the telly’, that the vaccine was never intended to prevent you contracting Covid, despite the fact that there is footage of all those involved saying that this is exactly what it would do. It is, so they say, merely a method by which you will suffer a milder form of the sniffles – sorry, Covid – than us selfish and reckless types who remain un-jabbed. Strange, then, that it appears to be only the jabbed who are catching Covid. Hmm. I wonder what could be happening here. This week ‘Lord’ Alan Sugar posted a photograph of a positive PCR test (who is still testing?!), and announced that despite his 6 – yes 6!! – Pfizer injections, he has Covid for the second time. Proving that he is thicker than a whale omelette, he went on to announce ‘One will never know how much more ill I would have been had I not had the 6 jabs’. Lol.


Those poor people who have fallen prey and have been injured by the vaccines, but who have the intelligence, integrity, and humility to admit the mistake they made are some of the bravest people out there. Many have risked the backlash of the ignorant to speak out and try to warn others of their plight, and the potential risk of taking further jabs. They are demonised, and disbelieved. They have their characters attacked by the horrifically aggressive pro-vaxxers. All while suffering the debilitating conditions they have been left with.  


But as for those aggressive pro-vaxxers, at best, there was a misplaced pride in doing something for the greater good. Perhaps those who so willingly rolled up their sleeves at the drop of a hat now feel somewhat foolish, therefore, that they were so easily tricked into this game of Russian Roulette. All it took was the carrot of opportunity to signal ones’ virtue, and they simply could not resist. So, to admit now that they were deceived and misled would be too painful, and would make real the prospect that they may be at risk of becoming one of the growing injury statistics. Far easier to turn the aggression on the unvaccinated, and defend Big Pharma and shills like Dr. Sara Kayat, who will spout whatever drivel she is told to the This Morning viewers, as long as her paycheque keeps rolling in. The level of fury that drips from the tweets of those who bought into the scam is highly illuminating as to what is going on psychologically. ‘Don’t shoot the messenger’, so goes the proverb. Well, the ignorantly compliant pro-vaxxers are shooting with submachine guns at the truth tellers, and the ones who were not fooled. June Slater, truth-teller extraordinaire, was just this morning called a ‘lying low life scum bag’ for highlighting the many frightening conditions that have been inflicting people post-jab. One example amongst millions of such abuse.


Honestly, it is becoming exhausting to watch the Stokholm syndrome being exhibited by these delusional types. The level of energy they seem to expend on defending the pharmaceutical companies and government could power an entire country for years to come. The cognitive dissonance is mind blowing. Every case of injury or death presented to them prompts complete denial, and slurring of the victim. It is hard to imagine what it would take to break the spell. But then again, these are the folks who watched Matt Hancock ‘crying’ with emotion on the day of the vaccine rollout, and ‘cried’ along with him. There is no cure for stupid. Perhaps there will be a vaccine along soon, though. Pfizer are probably already on it.

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