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Promoting Perverts

Written June 2024

The cult of trans continues apace, and the hardcore extremists, so desperate to keep it rolling, get ever more aggressive towards those exposing them. Just this week, actor David “trans ally” Tennant wished for a woman who disagreed with his views to “not exist” and for her to “shut up”. Such a progressive man. The skinny Scot has also been pictured, sad little trans flag in one hand, and wearing a t-shirt bearing the slogan “YOU WILL HAVE TO GO THROUGH ME” emblazoned in the iconic trans colours – has anyone wondered why those colours are baby blue and baby pink, by the way? While the very many perverted, burly, hairy, autogynephilic men who want access to women’s and girls’ spaces would very easily “go through you”, David, I know it is not they to whom you are referring. No, you are instead aiming your message at mum’s defending their children, and female politicians who wish to protect the rights of women and girls. Such gallantry.


Tennant is apparently appalled at Kemi Badenoch’s efforts to ensure trans women – or as non-delusional folk call them, men – are kept out of female only spaces. Presumably, Tennant would prefer the UK to follow in the footsteps of Canada. For, so progressive is the law in Canada, that a 50-year-old perverted man now has regular, unfettered access to little girls as young as 11, and is permitted to watch them change in swimming pool changing rooms, as well as get naked himself in front of the poor young things. Oh, and he competes against them in their competitions too, for good measure.  Nicholas Cepeda, you see, identifies as a teenage girl, despite being 50 years old and the owner of a penis and testicles. The truth, of course, is that Cepeda does not “identify as” a teenage girl any more than I identify as a supermodel. Cepeda, rather, gets a sexual kick out of looking at teenage girls, and frankly, should be allowed nowhere near them. According to Canadian law, however, he is not a pervert, or a dangerous sex offender. Instead, he is granted his wish, and is playing out his child sex offences unhindered, in full view of and with full permission from the authorities.  


While some small credit can be given to the Daily Mail who ran a piece about this in December 2023, disappointingly and to its shame, the entire article was spent referring to the sex pest as “she” and as “Melody Wiseheart”, the name this fiend has bestowed upon himself. (Another pointer, as if it were needed, that ‘trans women’ are fetishist men are the ridiculous, ultra girly names they bequeath themselves – like Sophie Molly, who wants to be taken seriously as a politician. Lol.)  


So, when Tennant, and the very many other celebrity trans “allies” of his ilk, signal what they deem to be their virtue, I would urge them to rethink exactly what it is they are supporting. They are not simply “being kind”. They are not merely lending their support for people to live “their true selves”. They are, in fact, endorsing men like Cepeda in the wholesale trouncing of the boundaries that exist to protect women and girls from predators like him. They are sanctioning the abuse of women and girls. They are placing the needs and wants of predatory perverts over and above the safety and dignity of women and girls. I am talking to all of you: David Tennant; Emma Bunton; Danii Minogue; Will Young; even Dr. Ranj got on that bandwagon – yes, the questionable TV Dr. who was paid to promote deadly Covid vaccines. That one. And many more. Check yourselves, to quote a phrase they themselves are so fond of spouting to us rational people.


The trans issue will be a defining one of our time, and, in 20 years, when the damage and devastation is all too clear, you will be judged. Those who endorsed the promotion of predatory men into women’s and girls’ spaces, as well as the medical mutilation of children in the name of affirming a catastrophic mental disorder will not fare well. Of that I am absolutely certain.       

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