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Pride? Have a Word.

Written June 2024

This week, a child was left fighting for her life in hospital, after being shot while dining outside at a restaurant with her family. You might be forgiven for thinking this was a synopsis of the latest episode of a long-running US cop show. Alas, it is not. This actually happened. In London. London’s Mayor, Sadist – sorry – Sadiq Khan, posted on X about the horrendous incident that took place in the city he is supposed to be responsible for, with typically insincere and generic platitudes, sending ‘thoughts and prayers’ to the family. Standard politician response, pulled straight from the archives. The rest of us are truly appalled that such a tragedy has played out on the streets of London, and pray that this poor little girl survives an ordeal that should never have taken place here.  


Violent crime runs absolutely rife in London, we hear of stabbings almost weekly. Shopkeepers are faced with daily blatant robbing from their shops, with zero police action taken on the perpetrators. Mobile phones are snatched from the hands of pedestrians. Oh, and the transport network has been on the verge of bankruptcy several times under his mayoralty, despite record journey prices. But, rather than working on strategies to bring down crime, and make the streets safer, or working to reduce transport costs for the millions who use the network, instead, Mayor Khan has pooled his limited talents to focus on crippling London’s inhabitants with multiple taxes for having the audacity to take their own cars of the driveway, and harebrained plans to tear down the beautiful trees that line Holland Park to install yet another cycle lane. (Thankfully these plans were rejected – although the consultation and plans alone no doubt cost the taxpayer millions.) And just to cement his woke credentials, have a guess at what Khan has busied himself with this week? Pride. That’s right. Pride. That all-singing, all-dancing shit show of perversion, that we must endure now for the entirety of June. To be fair, every month seems to be Pride month, these days, so quite how June will differentiate itself is anyone’s guess. Perhaps dressing in drag will be announced as compulsory for all, so that we may all know the ‘lived experience’ of a degenerate. Or will those who do not consider themselves either a part of the 2SLGBTQI…VEGANCAT++ community, or an ally, be rounded up and sent to Butlins for re-education? Either are entirely plausible in the bizarre world of 2024. What a time to be alive. Still, let’s not worry about the ghetto that London is fast becoming. After all, our esteemed mayor has a firm handle on matters, and ‘will always be a proud ally to LGBTQI+ Londoners’. Great. We will rest easy, then. We’ll just make sure to keep our valuables hidden while we stroll the streets of the Big Smoke.  


While it may appear that Khan and the many other politicians, NHS managers, educational institution leaders, police chiefs and council big wigs are all being crippled under the jackboot of trans ideology, what they are in fact revealing to the world is that misogyny and homophobia are alive and well. By supporting and promoting the trans dogma with such clear fervour, they have nailed their colours firmly to the mast of a movement whose manifesto screams hatred of women, gays and lesbians. The loudest, most demanding of those leading their charge come in the shape of bullying, women-hating autogynephilic men, demanding to be recognised as women. They demand access to our spaces, and participation in our sports. These porn-addled maniacs, larping in women’s underwear, and rebranding themselves with women’s names and cheap blonde wigs, write about the most appalling fantasies and post them on Twitter and in Reddit groups for all to see. Some admit to masturbating in women’s bathrooms, while simultaneously insisting that their ‘femininity’ is not a fetish. They insist that lesbian women should accept that some lesbians have penises, and label those who will not date them ‘bigots’ and ‘transphobic’. And they celebrate the prescribing of puberty blockers for young children, confused about their gender, so that they may be arrested in a state of pre-pubescence. All supported by Khan & Co.


Last year, Khan launched what immediately proved to be an ill-advised campaign, encouraging young male Londoners to call out their comedy-minded buddies with a ‘maaate’, if they dare to make a joke in any way involving women. The cringeworthy campaign, named ‘Have a Word: Say Maaate to a Mate’, while being a classic example of taxpayer cash being vomited away on politicians’ vanity projects, as matters of true importance are ignored and swept under the rug, was also a shameless attempt to place the issue of the erosion of women’s rights at the door of young men. The blame, of course, lies in the ridiculous ‘inclusivity’ of so-called trans women, whose demands are happily met by such men as Khan. The campaign was an attempt at sleight of hand that frankly backfired, and made Khan, not for the first time, a laughingstock. Perhaps a buddy of Khan’s should have ‘had a word’, and said, ‘maaate.


The campaign was yet another example of authoritarian overreach into the lives of Britain’s citizens, a blatant push to police language, and to encroach on private jokes and conversations, in true Orwellian style. Proving, however, just how out of touch these agencies are, it is unlikely that the campaign has achieved its hideous pursuit to sanitise the language between groups of lads, and thank goodness for that. Young men have been vilified for years now, accused of being toxic for their mere existence as masculine males. The last thing they need is an expensive and badly acted ad campaign to make them feel even worse. Thankfully, the ‘maaate’ campaign will no doubt quietly be consigned to the crowded annals of ‘ridiculous, patronising, condescending, bullshit campaigns, thought up and implemented by idiotic politicians and their floppy-haired spads’. Another nail in the coffin, however, for trust in politics.


Of course, we should all know by now that politics is, and has been for a very long time, mere pantomime. With the general election looming, it is mortifyingly embarrassing to hear the political journos, on LBC, BBC, Talk Radio, and GB News, tying themselves in knots to predict and pontificate, with the same excitement a drag queen feels at the doors of the children’s library. A general election is the Glastonbury of politics, and these dullards who make their livings talking about it are the losers, deluded that they are seeing something historic, like the audience watching 80-year-old Paul McCartney on the Pyramid stage. That the outcome is pre-determined by those way above the paygrade of the MPs or the PM appears not to have occurred to them. They are apparently blind to the puppeteers with their hands firmly up Keir Starmer’s arse.


If you still believe at this point that your vote at the ballot box will make a smidgen of difference to the plans of the one world government worshipers who currently control the entire game, I’m afraid, maaate, you need to have a little word with yourself. As the wonderful George Carlin once said, ‘it’s a BIG club, and you ain’t in it’. Despite the electorate’s concerns – about how they will manage to pay their bills; about unfettered immigration; about being dragged into wars against their wishes; about children having their puberty arrested for the satisfaction of perverts; about people who have been maimed and killed by vaccines they were told were ‘safe and effective’; about lockdowns and the erosion of freedom of thought – the mighty truck of greed and corruption masquerading as democracy motors on, trampling all over those valid worries, and pressing ahead with an agenda that benefits only the machine.


So, you can take your Pride month, and shove it. I refuse to celebrate a movement that has obliterated the rights of women, children, lesbians and gays, and that has made the most irrational and hateful demands. I refuse to be an ally to fetishists who take delight in the systematic demeaning and humiliation of women and girls. And I refuse to participate in a phony event of solidarity with a group of people hell bent on changing language and the meaning of biological reality, and forcing the world to take part in their self-obsessed pronoun twattery. Pride is a nonsense. A sham. A bandwagon for virtue signalling idiots, like politicians, to jump on, while the world burns with real, pressing problems that truly, savagely, and ruthlessly impact our lives. Problems, by the way, created and perpetuated by those same virtue signalling idiots.   


What we desperately need is a revolution. Who’s with me?

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