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How to Validate Propaganda and Alienate People: a guide for the perpetually obedient

A look at the dumbing down of 'journalism' in mainstream media.

Written: December 2021

Another name has been added today to the long list of charlatans who are masquerading as ‘journalists’, but who, given their disgusting propagandising, should not be allowed to use the title. Marina Hyde, an obsequious sycophant of the most militant kind, has today published a piece in The Guardian (yes, I know, not a surprise) in which she obediently churns out the government line on Covid, and, ensuring to use plenty of ‘buzz words’, such as ‘refuseniks’, attempts to ridicule and belittle any person who chooses not to don the oppressive and dehumanising prop that is the ‘face covering’.

An article on any subject written and worded in this particularly spitefully way would probably not have seen the light of day just two short years ago. Alas, since then, a vast proportion of people (including swarms of ‘journalists’ in the mainstream press) have quite literally lost their collective, group-think minds. Common sense is now in critically short supply – unlike the goods which the hacks in the mainstream insist are scarce (petrol, turkeys, toys).

Marina, whose headline sets the tone by calling non-mask-wearers ‘babies’, proceeds by accusing them of throwing their proverbial toys out their proverbial prams. She goes on to state that ‘145,000 [Britons] have thus far perished from Covid’. Indeed, she should be praised for her first-rate journalistic ability. I mean, the way she plucked that figure from the government’s Coronavirus Data website was brilliant. However, she fails to qualify this ludicrous statement with the fact that this is in fact the number who, according to ‘official’ (and therefore highly suspect, in my opinion) data, have died within 28 days of a positive test. This is a scandalously deceitful system of recording, which means that a person completely asymptomatic of Covid but who tested positive, and who is then, say, hit by a bus two weeks later, is listed as a Covid death. No doubt the talented Ms. Hyde is not a stupid woman, so is likely fully aware of this enormous discrepancy, and that the real number of deaths from Covid is in fact a fraction of this vast number. Attempting to find the true number of people who have died from Covid rather than with Covid is a time-consuming and thankless task, complicated hugely by the fact that doctors did not even need proof of infection, just a mere suspicion of it, in order to list Covid as a cause of death. Very odd, too, that flu disappeared off the face of the earth, apparently, while Covid was / is in town. Many diligent researchers have made Freedom of Information requests to various hospital trusts asking the very question of how many have died of Covid being the sole cause of death, and the answers have consistently been evasive and unhelpful. However, given that the Covid survival rate is over 99%, and that there has been NO unusual excess mortality, we can safely say we are being lied to by Marina and others of her ilk.

Our masked-crusader continues her litany of hate towards the non-masking community, (who apparently want nothing more than to ‘sample the pre-Christmas enticements of JD Sports’), by going all Enid Blyton, and insisting that, to these people, she simply must say: “DO BUCK UP”. You’re not winning any friends, here, Marina, with your passive-aggressive implications that this is a class divide issue. You make continual inferences throughout the piece that it is superior, upper class folk like yourself who will happily mask up and shut up, while it is us JD Sports-shopping hillbillies who simply swan around with our naked faces – gosh, how dare we! Apparently, we ‘cannot cope with having to take a relatively minor public health measure for the greater good’. Well, Marina, as it is you who spends much of your article making tenuous WW2 comparisons, we simply must say to this to you: Nazi-esque slogans like ‘the greater good’ do nothing to sway us round to your fascist and militant thinking. And, until someone provides us with risk-assessments about the possible detrimental effects of masks, or indeed any evidence at all that they work in preventing infection, frankly, you can jog on.

Marina is not finished with the nasty playground slurs yet, however. Any person who dares to vocalise an objection at being commanded to cover their face is, according to the esteemed Ms. Hyde, a person who ‘wets their pants and goes full online Braveheart’. Oh, and for good measure, she also refers to any dissenters to the Covid Regime as ‘poppy-shaggers’, a particularly offensive and childish smear, and quite bizarre, given that she spends much of the article talking about the stoicism and strength of Britons who lived through the Blitz. Ironically it is the Covid Regime compliant, such as herself, that she asserts are showing comparable strength to these past heroes. I think you may be on shaky ground there, Marina. And I doubt you’ll find many war heroes of any age appreciative of the term ‘poppy-shagger’.

To cap off her superior upper-class credentials, Marina also makes a snipe about the supermarket that non-mask-wearing plebs frequent, derogatorily quipping about their pleasure at shopping in Asda. Presumably, she’s more of a Waitrose kind of gal. Marina reckons it must have been ‘more of a pisser’ to experience post-war rationing than it is to load your trolley in Asda. Well, I daresay it was, Marina. Did you learn the word ‘pisser’ from one of us, by the way? I wouldn’t imagine it gets bandied about much in your circles.

The irony in the article is inescapable. While she tries desperately to paint those who do not agree with mask mandates as tantrum-throwing toddlers, Marina achieves, in my opinion, the total opposite. It is she, with her juvenile name-calling, who appears to be the one throwing the tantrum. Her message, it seems, is clear: if you don’t agree with her, and you don’t comply with tyrannical rules, she will shout and scream and sneer and strop. Well, I hate to break it to you, Marina, but my mum taught me a very useful lesson to deal with playground bullies: ‘sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.’ So there.

It seems that this hapless Guardian hack is indeed aptly named, she really is less Jekyll, and more Hyde.

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