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BBC Verify - a lesson in how to look guilty

Written July 2023

Late to the game as always, it seems that it has finally dawned on the BBC that they have lost their age-old status as a trusted source of news and information. Proving the complete and utter ignorance and arrogance of those who run the BBC, the organisation’s response to the dwindling public trust has not been to lower the licence fee or improve standards. Instead, they have chosen to insult their audience further, and launch a specified unit, BBC Verify, in a move which calls to mind an image of a small child, losing an argument, and thus announcing ‘I win, so there’, in a bid to curtail any further scrutiny. The unit is apparently dedicated to exposing disinformation, and fact checking dangerous conspiracy theories. I see. Well, given that us ‘conspiracy theorists’ are up on the scoreboard by, roughly speaking, 10-0, it is hard to know exactly why the BBC execs saw themselves as qualified to deliver on this bold new venture. Perhaps Neil Ferguson did some number crunching for them.

The crack team at BBC Verify is headed up by Marianna Spring, a childish individual who is relishing her elevation to almost Milk Monitor status, after being given the fancy new title of ‘BBC Disinformation and Social Media Correspondent’. Her role appears to involve hunting down anyone with a reasonably large platform, but whose message runs contrary to the official narrative (for this read: state propaganda) of which the BBC is so passionate about spreading. I was not privy to the job specification for this new role at the Beeb, but I imagine the ability to contort one’s face into a suitably anguished expression was a quality on the list of ‘essentials’. Marianna is, if anything, overqualified in this respect. She exhibits a remarkable talent for forming a perfect ‘triangle of sadness’ in the centre of her forehead, with her gymnastic eyebrows, in textbook representation of deep care and concern, as she confronts the individuals who have made it on to her kill list. Of course, that expression, to those with even the most elementary of people-reading skills, betrays the absolute opposite, and illustrates instead the deception of her mission. With tormented expression firmly in place, Marianna’s next move is to oh-so-innocently quiz her prey on their ghastly actions. Her condescending manner is like nails on a blackboard, and it is again testament to the arrogance of her esteemed employers that they imagined she would play well with the public.

Unsurprisingly, the existence of the BBC Verify unit was not deemed necessary prior to the Covid ‘pandemic’, an event which, while succeeding in highlighting how many unquestioning followers there are in the world, equally woke many to the fact that all was not as it seemed. And to the fact that organisations such as the BBC were complicit in propagating outright lies. So, it stands to reason that one of the targets in Spring’s crosshairs has been Darren Nesbit, the musician turned newspaper publisher, responsible for the production of the ever-popular print newspaper, The Light. Marianna has, it seems, avowed to hold Nesbit to account for his paper’s flagrant dissent from the party line. However, in a wise move, Nesbit, when agreeing to be interviewed by the BBC’s most angst reporter, did so on the condition that he be allowed to ask her some questions in return, and that his own people record the interview in its entirety. The full interview runs to just over three hours, and is worth a watch in full (available here). Nesbit, even without the journalistic training of young Spring, succeeds in exposing the truly insidious nature of the BBCs tactics, as they seek to enforce a kind of acceptable thinking on the public, and limit as far as possible any critical thinking. Her pursuit of Nesbit was a bit of an own goal, as it revealed more about Spring and the BBC than they might have liked, thanks to Nesbit’s terms. Predictably, Spring herself cherry picked moments from the interview to publish in her own article, but the full video reveals just how deceptive this is, and how much manipulation goes on behind the scenes.

Spring is clearly owned by the BBC, but happily so, taking full advantage of the free lunch one is guaranteed for obediently churning out the acceptable lines. Despite her cushy job, a favourite pastime of Spring, and others of her ilk, is to take to Twitter, and bemoan to the world how abused they are, and how much hate they must endure because of their righteous crusade for truth. In fact, what they are receiving is not hate, but simply pushback from people who are sick to death of the BBC’s jackboot on their backs, and its self-appointed responsibility for deciding which information people should be exposed to, and which they shouldn’t. The only purpose that BBC Verify serves is as a checklist of ‘official’ lies – if BBC Verify call something disinformation, then it is almost certainly true.

The BBC has for years been wilfully flouting the impartiality rules by which, as a publicly funded broadcaster, it is bound. It operates instead like a state propaganda machine, obediently churning out the government message on topics like Covid, gender ideology, the climate crisis, and the war in Ukraine. The truth is, the BBC has grown old and flabby, and long ago ceased flexing its journalistic muscles. Instead, it has become a snake pit of lazy, hypocritical vultures, greedily sucking enormous salaries, paid for with public money, while awaiting their invitation to appear on Strictly Come Dancing. With news last week of yet another of their top earning ‘talent’ being involved in yet another sex scandal, perhaps the BBC should set up another new unit. They could call it ‘BBC Pervert Alert’. Sadly, it is doubtful that there is anyone on staff with the integrity or stamina for what would surely be the frantically busy role of ‘BBC Pervert Alert Correspondent’.

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