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No Thinking Allowed

Written March 2023

In last week’s budget, the Government announced with great fanfare that they would be extending the provision of free childcare to all children over the age of 9 months, for up to 30 hours per week. Hailed as a boon for working parents, it was one of the few budgetary measures that was celebrated by ordinary people, as opposed to the rich fat cats, who are set to benefit in a myriad of ways. Something about this supposed windfall, however, seems off, and it should perhaps not be received with such an optimistic tone. What the measure does, in fact, is simply mean that millions more parents will feel pressured to return to work while their children are still in their infancy. Which in turn means that these children will be playing out much of their hugely important developmental months and years as the supervised charges of staff in facilities, rather than at home with a parent in a loving, nurturing, one-to-one home environment. And, to extrapolate further, the indoctrination which is rife in our educational systems will begin even earlier, arguably before a strong parental bond has formed, leaving children at the mercy of the state to influence their thinking, behaviour, and views on all kinds of matters.

In recent years, academic institutions in the UK and the USA have become hotbeds of ideological thinking, disseminated from faculty to student body. Social Justice appears to be at the very top of all learning, its spidery veins running through all areas of the syllabuses and curriculums, as evidenced by some recent events and how they have played out.

As the UK geared up for the Brexit referendum in June 2016, a smear campaign against anyone wishing to vote ‘leave’ was remarkably successful, and admitting to being a ‘leave’ voter became analogous to confessing a proclivity for coats made from dalmatian fur. While government guidance states that teachers must act appropriately, in terms of behaviour and expression of views, it appears that this is only if your view falls foul of the ‘accepted’ one. Calvin Robinson, a British broadcaster and political commentator, was a teacher during this time, and has spoken extensively of the abuse that was directed towards him in the staff room for being outspoken about his stance as a ‘leaver’. He was alone in his view, and was ostracised by the rest of the faculty, and told by the Head not to speak to his students about his view. Conversely, every other member of the faculty shared the ‘remain’ view, and were therefore not given any such instruction, despite their openly bringing these views to the classrooms.

Similarly, the green agenda. Anyone who does not subscribe to the theory, and it is only a theory, that we are in peril from man-made climate change is attacked, and is accused of being anti-science. Mainstream media such as the BBC and LBC churn out the line that 97% of scientists agree that there is a man-made climate crisis. Following this lead, our children are bombarded with fear mongering scare stories about the world ending, animals dying, and oceans rising. However, what they are not telling our children is that the 97% figure is based upon mathematical trickery (I’ll be generous and refrain from using the word fraud). The single study this figure is based on, when the numbers are crunched more honestly, brings the figure to 32.6% - a huge difference. You can see more on this here:

Then there was Covid. It is now being acknowledged, even by some mainstream outlets, that during Covid many prominent and eminent scientists, doctors, and academics, whose views did not align with that of the government’s messaging, were silenced and censored. Those distinguished people, and any ordinary people who raised concerns about the legitimacy of the position being taken across the world, were labelled ‘Covidiots’, and ‘Covid deniers’, and painted as extremists who wanted to ‘kill granny’. In reality, it is these very people who are now being proven right, and leaked WhatsApp messages, peer-reviewed papers on mask-wearing, ‘Partygate’, and the alarming excess death figures unrelated to Covid are bearing out that truth. While children were having their education ruined, their development stunted, and the fear of God put into them that they might pass germs they didn’t know they had onto their beloved grandparents and kill them, teachers espoused via Zoom lessons the necessity of all of this. They toed the party line. When schools reopened, children were bullied into wearing masks, having invasive testing several times a week, and even, alarmingly to taking the experimental vaccine. While the economy collapsed around us, parents lost jobs and businesses, became depressed, and desperately tried to keep children engaged with online school. But those of us who opposed what was happening were not permitted to say so.

And now we are being forced to allow the schools to further indoctrinate our children, and accept only one side of yet another debate, no matter what their parents view is, and no matter how reasoned and principled those parents’ views are. Our children are being taught that there are more than two genders, and are being instructed on topics such as masturbation in primary school, and some pretty extreme sexual practices by the time they reach secondary age. You can read about this further here:

So, we are in a place where only the permitted view is acceptable. The prescribed view that is being promoted via our governments, councils, schools, universities, the media, Hollywood, the music industry – in fact, everywhere. And if you don’t subscribe, you are out, labelled as one of those nasty people, the ones who are phobic, racist, or a denier. This is a most undemocratic situation, and yet those pushing these agendas and ideologies, and those who purport themselves their ‘allies’, see themselves as the liberals, and the nasty people as fascist. The irony is palpable.

Educational settings have encountered backlash from parents, as the current generation of parents were not force-fed these ideologies, so who have not been indoctrinated and brainwashed into the ways of ‘acceptable thinking’. There are, of course, those of this generation who do support these agendas (I call them the #istandwiththenextbigthing posse). But a significant number do not, and are contesting these ideas, and are challenging those policy makers and authorities who are promoting them. Which is where the new ‘free’ childcare comes in. Two generations from now, everyone will be taught from such a young age what is acceptable thinking, that there will be far fewer dissenters, far fewer who challenge the acceptable ideas. Like the babies in Huxley’s Brave New World, who are conditioned from birth via recorded phrases and rhymes which promote ‘correct thinking’, children will be told so often that there are more than two genders, or that the planet is dying because of humans, or that they must take a vaccine for their safety and that of others, that they will unquestioningly believe.

We are sleepwalking, not into a brave new world, but into a terrifyingly sterile and barren one.

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