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Fear Misplaced

Written April 2023

Several things have happened these past couple of weeks that have cemented my long-held certainty that our world is run by some sick and deviant people, paedophiles, in fact, and I am going to take this as an opportunity to lay it bare to those who are yet to see. If you have young children, I implore you to lift the wool from your eyes, and see the peril your children are in. The most benign seeming areas of our society are brimming with messaging that is warping our minds and messing with our sense of morality. If this sounds far fetched to you, please read on. It is happening, and it is snowballing. Your fear should not be directed at a seasonal flu – it should be directed at the powerful deviants who are running the show.

Let’s begin with Channel 4, who last week aired the first episode of a new series titled ‘Naked Education’. In publicity for the show Channel 4 have endeavoured to make the premise sound laudable. It aims, they say, to celebrate ‘diversity and body positivity’. The reality, however, is that the programme is pure Savile-esque. Under the guise of helping teenagers understand the broad array of body shapes that exist in this world, and making them feel good about themselves, a broad demographic of adults strip stark naked in front of the said teens, and let it all hang out. Call me old fashioned, but this sounds a lot like abuse to me, or at the very least an attempt to legitimise indecent exposure. There is a reason we treat the dirty old flasher in the park, who exposes his sorry looking genitals to kids, as a criminal. It is uncomfortable viewing, and although Channel 4 executives, and some of those took part, have insisted that the children found it enlightening and beneficial, the awkward laughing exhibited by at least one of the kids to me, with my psychology hat on, seemed more akin to severe embarrassment and discomfort. Embarrassment and discomfort are normal reactions for a teenager confronted in this way, and in fact, it is these reactions which act as a warning to them to remove themselves from the situation. It is why a child will know to run away from the flasher, or to tell their parents if a teacher gets over-friendly. By reinforcing the idea to them that they should NOT feel this way takes away that in-built safeguarding feature, and leaves them vulnerable to not recognising inappropriate behaviour should they be unfortunate enough to experience it.

Channel 4’s schedule is awash with poor quality reality shows, most of which sound like they were conceived in the Alan Partridge School of Programming, so another one added to the list is not a surprise. However, there is a troubling aspect to this latest offering which feeds into a wider problem, the erosion of parental ability to monitor what children are exposed to (excuse the pun). And, in lockstep with this erosion of parental influence, external entities and institutions, like schools, colleges, social media companies and television production companies have ramped up the inappropriate material aimed at and foisted upon children in all areas of their lives. There is a push to ‘normalise’ some really disturbing practices, and to have them metamorphosise to become socially acceptable. Drag shows where male performers with sexually explicit names twerk at the crowds, while donning raunchy women’s outfits, are no longer the exclusive arena of amusing adult entertainment, but have become fodder for library story hours for babies and toddlers. Graphic depictions of sexual acts are no longer restricted to pornography, but are now acceptable content for books written for middle schoolers, and even educational curriculums. Seedy, ‘Readers’ Wives’ style porn of old, hitherto kept in the deepest recesses of the participants’ private lives, has become ‘Only Fans’, where wives, mothers, actors, anyone, in fact, unashamedly film themselves, and broadcast the footage proudly to anyone who will watch, and pay. And, of course, the rare and troubling mental illness of body dysphoria is no longer treated with therapy, but is ‘affirmed’ and taken to the extremes of allowing children to have healthy body parts removed.

And speaking of gender confusion, this week, Sam Smith took to the stage for their (I’ll play the game, for the purposes of hopefully remaining uncensored) Gloria tour, where the singer made their (eyeroll) way through a bizarre, satanic, raunchy set, which saw them prancing around the stage in various versions of bondage gear and states of undress, thrusting their not insubstantial flesh at every opportunity towards the crowd, mimicking sex acts, and apparently thoroughly enjoying themself (doesn’t make any sense, but then neither would themselves, a definite plural – help, anyone?). Footage of the show resembles the bondage club scene from the shocking film Irreversible from 2002 (which if you haven’t seen, is a great film, but quite disturbing – be warned). If fetish clubs are your bag, and you are a consenting adult, fair play, knock yourself out. The problem, however, is that Smith’s show is not age-restricted, nor billed as a pornographic performance, and he has a large fanbase of children who are therefore being subjected to an extremely adult display of sex and debauchery.

He is, of course, not alone in staging concerts fit for fetishists. Back in 2014, Lady Gaga commissioned a ‘vomit artist’ (something I was unaware of until I saw this reported) to swallow a green paint-like mixture during a stage performance, then stick her fingers down her throat and vomit all over Gaga as she continued to perform. The footage is more than a little disturbing. I am sure there are many more artists we could add to the list, but the point is, the likes of Lady Gaga and Sam Smith are not metal bands or heavy rock groups, whose audiences know exactly what they are in for when they attend a live performance. These are pop acts, who made their names appealing to young kids and teenagers through melodic pop songs, and the fetishised caricatures they have morphed into for these performances is completely inappropriate for many of the target audience.

This week also saw us confronted with footage of a disgusting and blatant paedophilic act by the Dalai Lama (honestly, every sentence I write these days feels like we have entered the twilight zone). The supposed spiritual leader of the Tibetan people, and Buddhist Advocate for Peace and Freedom showed us that he is anything but, by leaning forward, kissing a young boy on the lips, then with tongue protruding, asking the child to ‘suck my tongue’. One can only imagine the horror the child must have felt when confronted with the sick scenario, especially as others around him simply laughed. (I’m sure I am not the only parent who imagined a wildly different reaction had it been my child he had confronted.) Of course, religious institutions are dripping with examples of paedophilic infiltration. You would have to have been living under a rock to be unaware of the deep-as-the-ocean pool of scandals involving vicars, priests, imams, rabbis, as well as teachers in religious schools of all faiths.

What can we take from these sorry displays of regularising sex to children? Perhaps the paedophiles at the top, of whom I spoke in the introduction, who infiltrate and indeed control all our public institutions, feel confident that the programme of normalisation which has been gradually played out on our societies has worked, and that we are at a point in time when the bar of acceptability is so low, that they can carry out their repulsive crimes in plain sight, and without consequence. Their numbers include members of the judiciary, schoolteachers, church figures, business figures, celebrities, politicians, police officers – their reach apparently knows no bounds, and they protect and deflect from those who commit these acts with impunity.

The origins of this morally corrupted society we are currently experiencing can be found as far back as the 1930s, when Alfred Kinsey began his work in ‘sexology’. Sexology might sound like the name of a trendy cocktail bar, but in fact, it is the term for a somewhat sketchy branch of science, concerned with the sexual behaviours of humans. While some of the work of sexologists has arguably brought about enlightenment around topics that are somewhat taboo, or at least, not for conversation at the dinner table, there have been some notorious characters, including Kinsey, who have worked in the field of sexology whose motives should be questioned, and for those in the field today, whose hard drives should be searched. In the same way that paedophiles have often been drawn towards positions that allow them access to children, as we have seen in religious establishments, children’s groups like the Cub Scouts, and schools, it is not a leap to imagine that the job of sexologist would appeal to those who might see it as a perfect opportunity to legitimise their own perverted interests.

Although the Hollywood movie biopic ‘Kinsey’ chose to portray Alfred Kinsey as a pioneer who carried out valuable research, this hides a far darker reality about the man and his true motives. Through the most dedicated and thorough research, Judith Reisman, PhD, revealed the shocking truth behind Kinsey’s so-called seminal work, Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male, originally published in 1948, which was the catalyst for the sexual revolution that followed. Kinsey was meticulous in presenting the book as a serious scientific work, and it is full of data sets, presented in tables and reports. Presenting the results of his apparent research, Kinsey made the shocking claim that children are sexual from birth, and that they could achieve orgasm when stimulated by adults, the youngest of his test subjects apparently orgasming at just 5 months old. Alarm bells should have been ringing all over the place, not least with the publisher who agreed to publish the volume, but as is so often the case, Kinsey’s reputation as a man of science protected him from scrutiny, as did the fact that he knew some highly influential people in the academic world. Yet more evidence, then, that those at the top even then had some very questionable morals.

The brilliant Judith Reisman was appalled when she first became aware of Kinsey’s work in the 1960s, and dug deep, to discover that much of the data presented had in fact been harvested from paedophiles, both in and out of prison, who were recording, in apparent scientific detail, the reactions of children while they were being molested and raped. Kinsey even supplied the perpetrators with stopwatches, to accurately record timings of the children’s supposed ‘orgasms’. It might surprise you to learn that the institute founded by Kinsey, the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, still runs to this day, and bills itself as ‘a dynamic interdisciplinary research center and archival collection, world-renowned for research, historical preservation, and education programs exploring sex, sexuality, relationships, and well-being’. Furthermore, many of the resources and curriculums surrounding sex education across the world stem directly from the Kinsey Institute and Alfred Kinsey’s two volumes, Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male (1948) and the subsequent Sexual Behaviour in the Human Female (1953). No mention is made of the unscrupulous, criminal fashion in which he obtained his data, nor have his conclusions been properly challenged. His work and ludicrous paedophilic assertions are protected and upheld as scientific fact. Those at the head of the institution today protect Kinsey’s name vehemently, and at the same time refuse to allow the release of the masses of ‘research’ still in their archives, presumably afraid that it would be scrutinised and called out for exactly what it is – evidence of criminal, debased child abuse. Perhaps they are fearful of losing the millions of dollars which they still receive in funding from foundations such as the Rockefellers. Their current research, unsurprisingly, leans heavily towards LGBTQ+ topics, furthering the endless barrage of information on this ideology being churned out at a rate of knots.

Incidentally, Kinsey’s books are still widely available in all bookshops, including on Amazon, where they have gained some surprisingly positive reviews – perhaps there are some further hard drives that need searching. NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association, an obviously paedophilic organisation which incredibly still exists today, use Kinsey’s work as evidence for their depraved goals of ending ‘extreme oppression of men and boys in mutually consensual relationships’ – yes, you read that right.

If you still need further evidence that we are slipping into a world of depravity, try this on for size. In 2022, Johns Hopkins University hired a professor named Allyn Walker, who takes the position that ‘paedophile’ is too demonising a term for people who want to have sex with children. Instead, according to the esteemed professor, we should refer to them as ‘Minor Attracted People’, or ‘MAPs’. Professor Walker is, of course, trans. Who is surprised? This trans ideology runs like water through all avenues of the perverse landscape we are examining. The Prof is also author of a book on their (here we go again) pet subject, called ‘A Long, Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and their Pursuit of Dignity’. The mind boggles.

Johns Hopkins University seems to have a knack for hiring academics with perverted attitudes. It was this same establishment who employed John Money, from 1951 until his death in 2006, the man who arguably set the groundwork for the gender ideology being pushed today. Money was another of those suspiciously named scientists, a sexologist, who made it his life’s work to prove a theory he held which stated that gender was a social construct, and that, no matter the biology of the child’s gender, if they were nurtured as that of the opposite sex, they would be perfectly happy in that assigned role. Sounds a lot like what we see today, doesn’t it? In an awful and almost unbelievable twist of fate, Money was presented with an opportunity to test his theory, and to conduct a horrendous (although perfect, for him) experiment on an infant boy, named Bruce, one of a pair of twins, whose penis was tragically burnt off in a botched circumcision procedure. Money convinced the young parents of Bruce, who were obviously devastated by the accident and at a loss of how best to help their son, that they should change his name to that of a girl, dress him in girls clothes, and bring him up as a girl. The parents duly did as they were told, assured by Money that this was Bruce’s only hope. They renamed him Brenda, and began to raise him as a daughter. Money insisted on continued input in their case, and had follow up appointments with both Brenda and ‘her’ twin brother, Brian – a perfect control participant in Money’s study – at least once a year. As time went on, however, it became obvious that Brenda did not conform to ‘her’ feminine persona. ‘She’ was boisterous and rough, preferred boys’ toys, hated wearing dresses, and even wanted to pee standing up. Thinking they were doing the right thing, ‘her’ parents persisted. As Brenda grew older, the hideous Money had the child put on hormones to encourage the growth of female-like traits, and began discussing the surgery that would be needed to try to make the mutilated genitals appear more like those of a girl. Brenda, still completely unaware of ‘her’ true gender, staunchly resisted any suggestions and refused to discuss it, the descriptions of these sessions with Money are incredibly difficult to read. Money became forceful and aggressive with the child, and appeared angry that his experiment was not going as planned. Years later, Brenda learned the truth of what had happened, and, at the age of 18, immediately returned to his true sex, calling himself David.

Horrifically, David and his brother, Brian, finally admitted to their parents what had gone on in Money’s office at the annual consultations, and the truth was like the worst possible nightmare. Money’s anger and aggression with the children was not the worst of it. From the very youngest of ages, Money made the twins strip off their clothes, simulate sex acts with each other, acts which he photographed, showed them pornographic images and quizzed them about their reactions to them, and discussed perverted sexual practices with them. The children were obviously terrified and dreaded their visits. There can be no doubt at all that Money was a paedophile. Yet, as with Kinsey, his work was celebrated. Like Kinsey before him, Money falsified most of his data, and published papers on the twins study citing it as a resounding success, which he knew to be complete fabrication. Money became famous and wealthy, partly on the back of the boys’ story. He lectured around the world, always presenting the case as proof of his ridiculous theory.

Tragically, after suffering so many years at the hands of the butcher doctor, the family endured the final heartbreak, as both twins committed suicide. Unable to come to terms with everything John Money had done to them, they each chose to end their lives. And yet, Money’s ‘work’ is cited as evidence for the trans mob, who unconvincingly try to argue that he was right, despite the tragic evidence to the contrary. They conveniently ignore the paedophilic ‘examinations’ he made of the children every year of their tragic lives, and the ultimate price the boys and their parents paid for Money’s lies.

Those challenging these ostensibly progressive outlooks (including myself) are currently being labelled as extreme right-wing conservatives. Women like myself are painted as 1950s-style housewives, called names like TERF – for the uninitiated, that stands for Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist – and men objecting to the current immorality are rebadged as toxic males, trying to eradicate trans people and gay people. The reality could not be further from the truth. We are mostly compassionate, concerned people, who care deeply about the safety of children, and of women. In fact, Alfred Kinsey and his colleagues responded with exactly the same insults to discredit or diminish the concerns of those few people who did speak out.

It is disturbing to see how many people find no issue with the incidents this article has been discussing. The Channel 4 show has received some complaints, but has also been praised as positive and enlightening. Sam Smith’s show has been lambasted by some, but described as ‘brilliant’ by others. Amazingly, even the Dalai Lama’s actions have not been entirely condemned and have been shaken off as a ‘cultural’ thing. And, while Amazon employees apparently have no problem with the company stocking and selling Kinsey’s filth, in a recent online employee meeting, employees reported feeling ‘traumatised’ by a children’s book, Johnny the Walrus, by Matt Walsh, which brilliantly exposes the lunacy of affirming the feelings of children who wish to ‘change gender’. Traumatised and triggered by a funny, warm, and yet important book, but not by one that documents ‘orgasms’ in children and babies, as recorded by paedophiles. The madness of the woke world today is sickening. I suggest these employees have a word with themselves.

There is a further interesting point of evidence which suggests that paedophiles and paedophilia is baked into the very heart of all institutions and establishments. Kinsey took full sexual histories of EVERYONE related to his research, including administrative staff, and encouraged and bullied them into engaging into sexual activity with himself and each other. He encouraged both hetero-and-homosexual sex, and sado-masochistic acts too. Kinsey videoed this sexual activity, and then used the threat of exposing it to wives and husbands to blackmail anyone who tried to criticise his work, or expose his methods of data collection as paedophilia. There are perhaps some interesting parallels with the Jeffrey Epstein affair. His island was completely wired for video and sound, and despite all the allegations of paedophilic activity happening there to date, not a single one of the hundreds of high profile people known to have visited the island and whose names appear on the flight logs of the notorious ‘Lolita Express’ has yet been investigated. If you draw any conclusion regarding Epstein’s ‘suicide’ other than massive f***ing cover up, I’m afraid we are unlikely to be friends. And if none of this is even enough to convince you of the vast web of such high-level corruption, you should be reminded of the Kincora Boys’ Home victims. In the early 1980s, several senior workers from the home were convicted of sexual abuse of the children in their care. However, there were compelling rumours that they were part of a paedophile ring linked to intelligence services. Ken Livingstone, the former Mayor of London and prominent Labour MP revealed in several interviews his certainty of the situation, when he stated that “MI5 weren't just aware of child abuse at Kincora Boys' Home – they were monitoring it. They were getting pictures of a judge in one case, politicians, a lot of the Establishment of Northern Ireland going in and abusing these boys.” He further revealed in a radio recording (you can listen here) that the intention was to use the footage to blackmail senior politicians and other figures.

So, be in no doubt. Pushing the trans ideology hard as we are seeing now, via censorship of alternative views, drag shows, online influencers, and even the educational systems, is just the latest in a long line of strategies intended to deliberately obfuscate society’s moral compass, and, using smoke and mirrors tactics, it is disguised as ‘inclusivity and acceptance’. Look beyond, and see the manipulation that is happening all around us. At every turn, our children are being bombarded with highly sexualised content, whilst also being left disorientated by hugely confusing messaging of hundreds of genders and sexualities, or no gender at all, and obsession with pronouns of the most obscure kind. It is no wonder that young peoples’ mental health is at an all-time low. This is psychological warfare, begun many years ago, but reaching a pinnacle in the current time. Years of educational indoctrination and brainwashing via television, films, music and social media has finally brought society to its knees, and undermined the role of parent to child, leaving this next generation completely vulnerable. We must remain strong in our opposition, to protect children from an otherwise inevitable adulthood of weakness, depression, and body mutilation, born out of the undermining of healthy mental development and societal wellness.

Perhaps it can all boil down to a simple truth, which too many apparently need reminding of: SEXUALISING CHILDREN IS ABUSE. STOP IT NOW.

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